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  1. Josh will only go out due to injury or when the team is mathematically out of the playoffs
  2. We should apologize for not taking advantage of other teams bad play now?
  3. Josh "mixed bag" McCown does it again. Missed a wide open guy but still managed to get the TD Guess that's why he's gotten so many opportunities in the league
  4. It's clear Bowles is not the answer More than a QB perhaps a Coach who can adjust within the game is needed
  5. Cost us the game 1) The D and O line (rushing) 2) Refs 3) Coaching
  6. Welp we tried to go 0-16 but we just couldn't get the job done
  7. Some of you guys might have wanted the prestige of 0-16 with no guarantee of a franchise QB
  8. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Sad, 10 years ago he would have thrown for 600 and 7 TDS Time makes fools of us all
  9. Seriously if I were a college QB with confidence in my skills I would love the chance to pull a Lebron and bring a title to a longtime suffering franchsie. Can you imagine winning a SB as a NY jets franchise QB? Holy crap, at the very, very least you get Joe Namath status in NY. Jeter status. You'd never have to buy a drink in NY again. But maybe I'm just a romantic
  10. Someone let me know has there ever been a HoF QB who could have gone Top Five in the NFL draft but decided not to do and instead stayed another year in college to check the new class of female freshmen?
  11. Craig Carton "Resigns"

    Btw haven't listened to WFAN in a while Have Benigo and or Mike remarked on this situation at all?
  12. Somewhat related question: Is there anyway to stream the Jets games on the radio via mobile (for free)? I went out to run an errand on Sunday thinking I could stream the Jets games on the espn radio app but apparently that's not possible.