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  1. This would have been a good game to get Sam's confidence back
  2. You don't think Darnold has the potential to be at least as good as Joe Flacco?
  3. If they lose, they lose - Drago
  4. Sanchez had more reliable check downs
  5. yvj

    It won't matter.

    I've read incel posts with less pessimism than the opening post
  6. To be fair defense does tend to show up in the playoffs
  7. The talent on offense for these two teams is something else
  8. Yeah we don't but it's not like we didn't have the time or opportunity to build something respectable
  9. It should be considered Darnold pretty much fell into Macc's lap.
  10. We had these conversation about Geno and Sanchez in their 2+ years
  11. This is the main reason Jets have to clean house. Lack of talent, lack of adjustments on the part of coaching staff on both sides of the ball. Just for a quick example Rex/running game/defense carried Sanchez a couple of games. The line was not a detriment to the QB. Sam with his flaws (and yet he still he's got everything better than Sanchez) will end up shell shocked because there is no help/no confidence in the team. Edit: I almost forgot about the WRs that were brought in during the Sanchez era
  12. yvj

    Link for today's SNY.post?

    Bart is going off so it's great so far
  13. yvj

    On A Positive Note

    Too many Non-Darnold mistakes to keep Todd
  14. Jets needs to handle Darnold like Giants handled Eli

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