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  1. Why are people arguing like we can go back in time and do the draft over? The issue at present is what can be done with Leo and the options at default were let him go for nothing or sign him to a multi year deal. What people are celebrating is that none of those options came to fruition.
  2. Gase has brought nothing to the table
  3. Only explanation is that we have a bad team, bad 3rd qb and bad coach
  4. Bridgewater an average QB + a solid team = continued success until Brees returns
  5. Glad they interrupted the game with Giants breaking news
  6. Falcons and Rams still suffering from post traumatic pats super bowl syndome
  7. That's what really hurts about last decade with the Jets
  8. Watching some of these games on redzone has me starting to think maybe coaching, effective play-calling and schemes are actually important in football.
  9. Just be careful with your words next time. Too much Sam optimism isn't exactly in vogue right now
  10. I think the trade off of negating a Pats perfect season is worth the X >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Darnold comparisons for now.

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