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  1. I'm just tired of the "young lion vs old lion" hype/narrative. Brady's lion days are over. Let's just watch this game and hope it's good
  2. Takes too long for Buffalo to make it down the field and possibly have to settle for a FG
  3. I'll just say this, a franchise QB, who is a top 5 qb in the league has malcontent privilege. A safety does not.
  4. I really thought this would be the game of the weekend.....
  5. Really expected Cle's offense to make this a more interesting game.
  6. SBs must not mean what they used to mean if winning one within the last 5 years isn't something worth considering.
  7. You've got to kick the tires on a SB winning coach.
  8. Steeler fans are spoiled. I don't know how to explain seahawks fans.
  9. All credit in the world to Josh Allen for getting the Bills a playoff win
  10. I don't understand this thought process . Are you telling me the Falcons, Lions, and Broncos are desperate teams but the Jets are in a position to pass on a QB in the first round?

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