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  1. That's where you screwed up. This may turn out to be one of Macc's better drafts but that's not saying much and it won't be something that will save his job if things go south.
  2. If the trade down parameters are not in place by now, how does it happen in 2 minutes
  3. ? Only three of those games at most you can sleep easy picking it as an L if you were a betting man
  4. Damn every one but the raiders has a story-line to spin even if its the traditional division rivalry game
  5. I'd be surprised if Miami allows him to walk
  6. It amuses me remembering how the concept of him being a "football guy" was used to exalt his virtues in the media way back then. You'd think and hope figuring out a way to make Sam's job easier is football objective #1 this season.
  7. Hypothetical AFC champ game Browns v Pats. Pats still the greater of two evils?
  8. Whew this is a hard pill to swallow
  9. A tale reminiscent of the classic story Frankenstein. The Jets create the monster and the Jets must slay the beast to end it's reign of terror. It has the potential to be one of the greatest 30 for 30 documentaries ever. Despite it's low probability of happening how would you want (your dream scenario) this fairy tale to play out?
  10. I understand your sentiment but plz don't ruin my childhood by associating the great Brett Hart with Tom Brady
  11. I don't see how anyone can say with confidence the Rams will win or should be favorites to win. With that said, I didn't think a Foles-led team could beat the Pats and well times makes fools of us all.
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