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  1. Angry Jets fan upset that other angry Jets fans aren't angry enough - News at Eleven
  2. Btw what did the Jags do that makes them projected to be so much better than us?
  3. All things being equal (two guys who sucked) I reserve the right to choose the one who tells me what I want to hear.
  4. Jokes on them, the Jets are the #1 team in my heart.
  5. Wait a minute I thought the Jets were overhyped by the media? What happened?!
  6. Although I agree with Florio on theory I have a right to be delusional and regarding the Jets I will never waive that right.
  7. You can be technically right and fail at sportsmanship at the same time.
  8. I am a college football casual, someone explain to me, what in thier opinion is the the difference between JJ and Karl?
  9. I'm going to keep sleeping on this until I hear that he would be fine with coming to the Jets.
  10. Since when did ol Joe get his own podcast? Has Evan been on
  11. If it takes 3-4 years to become in the mix for the next 20 years like the Pats and Ravens I'll take it.
  12. Can I see the Jets winning games like they did against Tenn and Cincy, yes. Can I say the Jets as currently constructed are better than any other team in the division, nope. 5-7 wins IMO
  13. If DE goes 1, 2, 3....I mean there is a more than decent chance that is how it will go down
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