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  1. Giants going out of their way to take away our number 1 pick chances. More like Big bullies if you ask me.
  2. If the team is garbage and we end up with a chance to pick him, pick him. I'd be reluctant to give up picks or assets for him but if the team is bad enough to be in position to select there is no reason no to do so.
  3. That's what kills me about this team. I understand the roster blows, but there is no aggression or passion on the team. I don't hate Sam but playing scared infuriates me it's very similar to the worst of the Sanchez era all over again.
  4. To be fair they were not all world last year. Adams was a probwler for sure. take a pro bowler off a mediocre defense and you'll get what you get.
  5. Tbh I refuse to eat crow on this until there is playoff success. With playoff success I'll add some chipotle sauce on that bird and wolf it down,
  6. Baker, Darnold and Rosen going through growing pains to say the least but Jackson and Allen are putting up MVP numbers. It's cruel but sports be like that sometimes.
  7. I lean to believing in Sam because I think he has talent. But look around the league the Cardinals made the right choice. I know this everyone knows, this, the Jets GM should have that in mind.
  8. I haven't bitched about him so this doesn't apply to me. Just saying there might be some credence to what is being said. Hopefully I am wrong.
  9. He chucked the pick because he panicked. But in the end stupid or scared is the same result.
  10. This the masochist thread I heard so much about?
  11. Bell was looking good receiving the ball so this is not a net benefit.
  12. We can blame both. Gase is supposed be an offensive guru but Sam is getting worse. Even if you think Sam wasn't top tier to begin with, regression is a coaching staff issue.

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