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  1. Now I'm not saying you are far off the mark but do you think the offensive play calling to this point has facilitated Zach by playing towards his strengths? With consideration to how the Ravens, Pats and Bills intially handled their qbs.
  2. Baker has top QB talent. It is just one of those issues where a guy has to put it together
  3. Imo Baker and Zach are in some ways facing the same issues regarding the offensive system around them. The system does not cater to their strengths nor does it help minimize their weaknesses. The system should cater to the QB, not the other way around.
  4. Some sacks are because of Zach holding the ball too long. However, I'm sure this criticism would be constructive if it was coming from a guy who doesn't get manhandled in the trenches
  5. > Has better arm talent than all but one of all the QBs in the draft. Two of which were drafted in the first round > Shouldn't have been drafted in the first round That math makes sense.
  6. I'll give you week 2, but week 1 and 3, the team didn't really give Zach a chance.
  7. FWIW I'm no game film scholar. Also, after the second pick I was watching the game with one eye closed. All that said, it seemed to me it wasn't an issue of Zach being bamboozled and hoodwinked by Bill's "mad" genius, rather he literally thinks he can make any throw. It seems like he'll pass up on the easy plays to gamble on the highlight reel balls that worked in college. Now here is my question if my assessment is correct and he has at this point in time the mentality of a gambler who doesn't know when to fold them: is that just as bad as not being able to read defenses,is it worse? Or Is it
  8. Here is my rationalization, this "all gas no breaks" QB/Coach combination I figure will run into a few walls at high speed in this first year. Now if this is happening while we are playing "conservative" ball, it'll be worrisome. And if it is happening in second and or third years I'll be reaching for the bottle. So yes, I'm still excited.
  9. Have the Jets ever bounced back from a disaster game and had a great game? My frustration with this team is affecting my memory and I can't seem to recall good times any more. See, what really really bothered me most about today was knowing there is a long week ahead of me ruminating about this disaster. Add to that my uncertainty that next week will be better and I'm reaching for the hard liquor.
  10. Unless we are somehow miraculously withing playoff distance down the stretch, I think the odds are good he is out for the season.
  11. Action: Chuckle about the misfortune of another team on Jets forum Reaction: B-but we suck, remember how bad we are, don't forget the Jets are terrible too! It's all so tiresome.
  12. Why does it seem like Jets WRs are the only unit in the league who can't get wide open?
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