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  1. You know it might be a good thing that lots of people are overlooking Darnold. I hope he notices that and gets a chip on his shoulder.
  2. Upon further reflection. This schedule is rough.
  3. I'm not worried, I'm just curious what people think. Tbh I actually think its very possible they do better than last year,
  4. The schedule is out and it seems on paper to be one of the hardest in the league. How much do you think the schedule will be factored in retaining Gase?
  5. I'll say this. The teams with consistent established QBs will be problems no doubt. But I think its feasible the defense could take advantage of the questionable ones. We are facing enough questionable ones that (with average offense) things could happen.
  6. Gotta be able to sweep the Phins and at least split with the Pats
  7. Jets never have an easy schedule even when they do
  8. Why did the Eagles, Packers, and Bills pick a QB? Just in case
  9. From the YT highlight video posted in this thread it looked like he had a good ability to adjust to some bad throws. Is that fair to say or am I off base?
  10. Is it me or is there a pattern of "team captains?"
  11. "Sources Tell Us "I saw a lot of potential with him. The scouts want all the measurables to stack up but if a guy is explosive and can drop that shoulder around the corner, I can make him a rusher." -- Defensive coach for AFC team" G. Williams?
  12. Here's hoping it turns into a James Richard Garoppolo situation
  13. I don't know if makes sense to pay Hoyer to be a worse version mentor than Josh McCown

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