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  1. First point I'll grant you though I believe there is some nuance to that. But once we booted Darnold and hired Saleh for justifiable reasons, any QB we drafted would have faced the same issues you listed.
  2. So it's safe to say Wilson recovered from his sputtering?
  3. Haven't you read "The Secret" you have to speak it into existence.
  4. Same thing we did when Sanchez and Darnold busted
  5. Starting RB should have faith in the starting QB
  6. So the rebuttal is essentially (assuming we consider people can't tell the future) take what the draft gives you correct? With the cost being third-round draft picks, I've no issue with JD aiming for potentially elite rather than potentially serviceable (more often than not third round picks are not elite)
  7. I sense for some people Darnold was the first time they were given hope for this team. It's okay lads, time heals all wounds.
  8. Raiders for sure would have grabbed AVT
  9. Here's hoping Chris Simms continues his prophetic streak
  10. There is legitimate concern with consideration that the people they compare him to are QBs who sat for some time. That said I think we can see with the Becton pick Joe has no issue choosing high ceiling over safe.
  11. To this point, and I say this from the standpoint of the most casual of casual college football watchers, Chris Simms' analysis of the QBs, in contrast to some of the media football pundits, some of the posters on this board, and some of the Jets podcasters/youtubers I follow, has convinced me Wilson should be the pick.
  12. Maybe my perception is off but it seemed like a lot of people on the board liked Fields right up to the National Championship game after that the shift began. I was up for either one but then I took a sip of the Chris Simms Kool aid and his analysis of the players has been more convincing to me than any other media pundit I've heard to this date
  13. If this were a trial I'd say Chris Simms is making a well better case with his analysis in contrast to "muh eye test"
  14. Sam stays if plans A and B fall through, it is as simple as that.
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