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  1. You gotta figure the Browns were ready to eat a year for Watson. They don't care.
  2. "Waste another season" Only super bowl contenders don't have time to develop guys.
  3. Stop living in the past old man. We are only allowed a 5 year window to discuss important matters.
  4. Right, so under the assumption that none of us here can build a time machine so that we can go back and either sit him or not draft him altogether, the path forward is to work with the kid and give him the opportunities, support and time an Eli Manning and or a Drew Brees got (Brees in the context of getting the oppertunity to develop as a player/ individual ability.) Because he got drafted for his potential to be that kind of guy. It looks like the Jets are currently doing that and time will tell. But I guess it is more fun to angst over a process that is currently developing in real time. On a side note. I'm a little annoyed by one thing. Zach is a bust guys have no skin in the game tbh. If Zach busts they can flaunt their superior rationality over the ignorant fanatics. If Zach doesn't bust they can default to being a Jets fan. It's a win win and it's totally not fair.
  5. Since you're all here I assume you've been waiting for my two cents. I've consulted with my Tarot reader. Based on how the season ended and the spirits she predicted with a decent supporting cast Zach will Matt Stafford the league (pre superbowl). Personally I hope he becomes a top 5 QB but only time can tell.
  6. > People post video showing film of Zach's progress over the course of the year for discussion sake > LOL c'mon guys what's the point of discussing that, if he was a hall of fame QB I would have already decided he was LOL
  7. Clevland may win it all or be an absolute train wreck. Only time will tell.
  8. IMO Daniel Jones and Baker in the same way have the arm talent, talent wise they weren't projects or raw it was already there. The issue is that their mental game hasn't improved since their rookie season.
  9. The only positive I can dream up about this pick is that it was a good lesson on what not to do for Joe.
  10. You forgot the part where we go 17 - 0 and the superbowl parade goes through all five boroughs into Jersey and our momentum eventually carries us across the Mason Dixon line.
  11. Joe W. Namath is living that YOLO life in this very thread. I salute it.
  12. I wonder if the people who sincerely believe Zach is a bust as of now think that these kinds of articles/media pieces are gaslighting them. I'm not saying Zach is guaranteed to be good or that the media are prophets (Cowherd probably still loves Darnold) but it is kind of fascinating to me that there seems (media-wise ) to be lots of optimism regarding the Jets and for Zack a number of people, despite his rookie season, not projecting him as a developing into a Alex Smith type ok QB but potentially something more. I mean I hope it happens but things don't usually work out for me in life.
  13. I'm not a NFL historian, all I can like speak of is what I've seen. I've seen Sanchez, Hackenberg, Darnold, and Geno bust. In my most homeristic moments when/if they played well, I thought, "Ok maybe he could be a decent QB." I don't recall ever a moment of feeling "damn maybe he could be special." That makes a big difference to me. Of course, that may mean nothing in the long run. But at least I know I'm not seeing things as the guys mentioned in the podcast this very thread is about have seen it too. (P.S I'm not saying there are no negatives.)
  14. Zach Wilson is the only player I've ever seen have takes about him range from "special, Mahomes/Rodgers Top five ability" to "worst QB I've ever seen play with my own two eyes." It's really something. I've never seen someone simultaneously boom and bust
  15. I only believe optimism about the Jets when it comes for dyed in the wool homers. Anyone else I'm skeptical about to say least.
  16. I'm a Homer in good standing and I dug what I heard as I found it fair. None of the bad things they said about him were theoretically unfixable, and the positives were about things few qbs in the league have. I mean I guess the conversation about whether or not Mac Jones has already maxed out his potential could be stimulating to some but I like whiskey in my coffee.
  17. Angry Jets fan upset that other angry Jets fans aren't angry enough - News at Eleven
  18. Btw what did the Jags do that makes them projected to be so much better than us?
  19. All things being equal (two guys who sucked) I reserve the right to choose the one who tells me what I want to hear.
  20. Jokes on them, the Jets are the #1 team in my heart.
  21. Wait a minute I thought the Jets were overhyped by the media? What happened?!
  22. Although I agree with Florio on theory I have a right to be delusional and regarding the Jets I will never waive that right.
  23. You can be technically right and fail at sportsmanship at the same time.
  24. I am a college football casual, someone explain to me, what in thier opinion is the the difference between JJ and Karl?
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