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  1. What is with the Bengals? First they lose Rodgers who then winds up in Cleveland. Now they lose DRob. Seems to me that organization has no desire to fix the defense.
  2. I'll be at the Seattle game. Being I live out here now it's about a ten minute walk to Qwest field. If I have some extra cash, maybe I'll head down to the bay area and see the Raiders and 49ers games. Who knows though. My contract is up and I might take a FT job and FT jobs pay a lot less than contract rates.
  3. I don't get how this is a surprise. I said it before that Paul Allen and the Seahawks weren't going to let Trufant go. Not after letting Hutch go. People have been killing this team for that move since I moved out here. So I doubt they let one of their best defensive players walk. Either they were going to pay him more than anybody else could or they were going to franchise tag him. It would have been cool if the Jets could have signed him, but I gave up that hope a long time ago.
  4. It will be all about the money. Either they'll come for the money or they won't come at all. Very few players are going to listen to a coach who went 4-12. Yeah if it were Bill Parcells or BB maybe some players listen. People know they win. But Mangini has no track record of winning. So him selling the farm to a free agent just isn't going to vibe with most players. Unless a player is dumb or his agent is even dumber, nobody is going to believe the story of "we are only a few players away from being a contender" out of a coach coming off a 4-12 record in his second year.
  5. I don't get this theory about "free agency hasn't started yet" as an excuse. Last time I checked, Seattle isn't in a different league yet they went out and signed this guy. Seems they plan on starting him next season if all goes well and moving Rob Sims over to RG. Yeah a team who has made the playoffs 5 years in a row goes after a 30 year old guy and plans to start him, yet the Jets aren't even in discussions....It still is a wait and see but this crap about FA not starting as an excuse is just stupid. Like I said, it didn't seem to stop the Seahawks. Whether you lik
  6. Did you miss this season? The Jets went 4-12 and almost every game they were outscored in the second half. Sorry but it's not like the Jets played the Pats and Cowboys every week. This coaching staff did a terrible job. And I still don't get this theory. People claim the Jets talent sucked so bad, yet that same talent went 10-6. It wasn't the players it was all the coaching.... Ok..... Then in year 2 the Jets brought in a couple of good draft picks, their draft picks from season one had a year under their belt, they also brought in Thomas Jones, yet they went 4-12 but it
  7. Stop with the schedule crap. People use the excuse that the Ravens were good when the Jets played them, even though that team won like 4 or 5 games all year. Yet the same time nobody says the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles weren't exactly great when the Jets played them. Their SOS was so great cause they had two games against the Pats and one against the Cowboys. The rest of their schedule wasn't impressive at all. When you play the Dolphins twice, the Chiefs, the Ravens, the Bills, you can't really use the excuse that the schedule was tough. Using the schedule as an excuse
  8. Patience in the NFL means you are a consistent loser.... Yeah it might take a little longer than you hope, but using the schedule is lame cause they played the Fins and Bills 4 times, they played the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles when those teams were not good, they played a Browns team that couldn't stop anybody on defense.. Oh wait the Jets didn't exactly light up the scoreboard that day. The Titans were an ok team, but nothing to brag about and Vince Young took a step backwards. The Ravens won 4 games. THe Chiefs won 4 games. The reality is the only good teams they really played were
  9. Last time I checked, the Pats had the tuck rule, a terrible kickoff, and a puking QB to thank for their SB wins... The Giants have a fumble, and a Scott Norwood FG miss... Steelers had a ton of calls go their way... Like it or not, the Giants won the SB and anybody that says the AFC is far superior than the NFC is just missing the point. When a 18-0 team loses in the SB, you really can't claim the AFC is that much better. I mean look at the AFC East and AFC West..... Jets, Dolphins, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Bills aren't exactly good teams. The NFL has
  10. Avg at best is far better than players who shouldn't even be on the practice squad. And I'd rather have a stop gap for a couple of years over um.... Nothing.. Right now the Jets have nothing. Lets hope they make some moves this offseason, but a stop gap for a year or two is a whole lot better than Nothing.
  11. Choking would be the Pats blowing a 17-7 lead and losing 20-17. Choking would be Brady throwing 3 picks. Great a defensive back misses a pass. It happens in every game. Could he have caught it? Yes. Should he have caught it ? Yes.. But the should have could have goes both ways. If Eli hits Burress on that little scramble instead of overthrowing him, maybe he goes for 40 yards.. If Steve Smith makes that catch the Giants could have scored a TD or at least a FG. The if this and that theories just don't fly with choking. No, the Giants manhandled the Pats all game long.
  12. lol. That would be great except your metaphor really applies to the Giants.. They won the Super Bowl...maybe Eli lets it get to his head... Who knows.. I do hope it screws with the psyche of this Patriots team. Because like the Cowboys of yesteryear, the Patriots never lost. When they lost to the Broncos, it was because of this, that, and a bad call.. It was never because they lost. Against the Colts last year, it was because of this, that and everything else, it was never because they actually lost. There is nothing the Pats can say about yesterday. The Giants manhand
  13. I like their drafts, but for the most part, Mangold, Dbrick, and Revis are first round picks. Harris is a second rounder. Washington is good, but they don't use him enough and he's a special teams player. I like him but Justin Miller did just as good a job the other year.. So at this point, Washington isn't used enough to really say he's a great draft pick. They should use him more, but for whatever reason they don't. Smith is a part time player at this point. I have no problem with trading down. The Cowboys trade would be great with 2 first round picks, Barber, and a 2nd
  14. I don't know how many more times they could go to him. They did throw to him 11 times as it was. But he was lights out. I think the problem was Brady got smacked in the mouth over and over and people always cut up Petyon for not being good under pressure. Brady seemed to start to panic as the game went on. He had that one nice drive to take a 14-10 lead, but even with 29 seconds left and time outs, it was as if the Pats were shellshocked. What happened to mr. calm who leads teams down the field for a FG? Yesterday it seemed like they were just chucking it up and hoping. I said
  15. I don't hate on Chad like you seem to do so I won't call him a fraud. But maybe it's the deer in the headlights attitude or whatever it is, he had it. People claimed Eli had it until this seasons playoffs and after yesterday, nobody really can ever say that about Eli again. Even if he stinks in the postseason the rest of his career. Favre seems to live off of those couple of great years in the playoffs and has stunk in the postseason ever since. I don't know.. I wish I could say something better about Chad cause i wish the best for the guy, but if you look at his stats, it's almos
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