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  1. What is with the Bengals? First they lose Rodgers who then winds up in Cleveland. Now they lose DRob. Seems to me that organization has no desire to fix the defense.
  2. I'll be at the Seattle game. Being I live out here now it's about a ten minute walk to Qwest field. If I have some extra cash, maybe I'll head down to the bay area and see the Raiders and 49ers games. Who knows though. My contract is up and I might take a FT job and FT jobs pay a lot less than contract rates.
  3. I don't get how this is a surprise. I said it before that Paul Allen and the Seahawks weren't going to let Trufant go. Not after letting Hutch go. People have been killing this team for that move since I moved out here. So I doubt they let one of their best defensive players walk. Either they were going to pay him more than anybody else could or they were going to franchise tag him. It would have been cool if the Jets could have signed him, but I gave up that hope a long time ago.
  4. It will be all about the money. Either they'll come for the money or they won't come at all. Very few players are going to listen to a coach who went 4-12. Yeah if it were Bill Parcells or BB maybe some players listen. People know they win. But Mangini has no track record of winning. So him selling the farm to a free agent just isn't going to vibe with most players. Unless a player is dumb or his agent is even dumber, nobody is going to believe the story of "we are only a few players away from being a contender" out of a coach coming off a 4-12 record in his second year. If they sign 4-5 big name Free agents, then maybe the 5th or 6th guy would believe it. But for the first two big name free agents, you can't really sell winning after going 4-12 and you've never even won a playoff game as a head coach.
  5. I don't get this theory about "free agency hasn't started yet" as an excuse. Last time I checked, Seattle isn't in a different league yet they went out and signed this guy. Seems they plan on starting him next season if all goes well and moving Rob Sims over to RG. Yeah a team who has made the playoffs 5 years in a row goes after a 30 year old guy and plans to start him, yet the Jets aren't even in discussions....It still is a wait and see but this crap about FA not starting as an excuse is just stupid. Like I said, it didn't seem to stop the Seahawks. Whether you like this guy or not he is better than what the Jets currently have. Yeah the guy has some ties to Seattle, but it doesn't seem the Jets had any interest. And if a playoff team plans on starting him, I'd say the Jets never even looking at him is a stupid move. If the Jets had some young talent, then why not. Right now they have nothing... And this guy could have come a lot cheaper than some free agents will. And he sure would have improved the OL. And last time I checked, they haven't exactly replaced their DC yet either.
  6. Did you miss this season? The Jets went 4-12 and almost every game they were outscored in the second half. Sorry but it's not like the Jets played the Pats and Cowboys every week. This coaching staff did a terrible job. And I still don't get this theory. People claim the Jets talent sucked so bad, yet that same talent went 10-6. It wasn't the players it was all the coaching.... Ok..... Then in year 2 the Jets brought in a couple of good draft picks, their draft picks from season one had a year under their belt, they also brought in Thomas Jones, yet they went 4-12 but it wasn't the coaches fault at all. I'm sorry but some people seem to be blind to reality. You can't say the Jets sucked so bad but went 10-6 because of the coaches and then the next season after bringing in a lot of their own players they wind up 4-12 and tell me it had nothing to do with the coaches. You really can't have it both ways. If the Jets players sucked so bad in 2006 but went 10-6 cause of coaching, then you have to accept the fact that the Jets front office sucked last season because in 2007 with that same coaching and various other players brought in, they went 4-12. 4-12 means you didn't do a good job. All I know is in 2005, the Jets and Packers both sucked. Both dumped their coaching staffs. In 2006, both teams seemed to be improving. But in 2007, the Jets went 4-12 again while the Packers lost an NFC Championship game in overtime. Seems one team knows how to improve while the other is still stuck in "hoping for tomorrow."
  7. Stop with the schedule crap. People use the excuse that the Ravens were good when the Jets played them, even though that team won like 4 or 5 games all year. Yet the same time nobody says the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles weren't exactly great when the Jets played them. Their SOS was so great cause they had two games against the Pats and one against the Cowboys. The rest of their schedule wasn't impressive at all. When you play the Dolphins twice, the Chiefs, the Ravens, the Bills, you can't really use the excuse that the schedule was tough. Using the schedule as an excuse is what losing teams do. If you don't finish 8-8 in the NFL in this day and age, your front office did a bad job and your coaches did a bad job. And like I said somewhere else, if they aren't vastly improve this year, what is the next excuse? It doesn't take 10 years to build a team. This is year 3 coming up, if they aren't vastly improved, this regime deserves to be gone. It's funny how people say they did a great job with no talent in Year One, yet in Year Two with a lot of their own talent they went 4-12. You really can't have it both ways.
  8. Patience in the NFL means you are a consistent loser.... Yeah it might take a little longer than you hope, but using the schedule is lame cause they played the Fins and Bills 4 times, they played the Redskins, Giants, and Eagles when those teams were not good, they played a Browns team that couldn't stop anybody on defense.. Oh wait the Jets didn't exactly light up the scoreboard that day. The Titans were an ok team, but nothing to brag about and Vince Young took a step backwards. The Ravens won 4 games. THe Chiefs won 4 games. The reality is the only good teams they really played were the Patriots twice and the Cowboys. The rest of their schedule should have led this team to a 7-9 or 8-8 season, not a 4-12 season. 4-12 means your front office did a bad job and your coaching staff did a bad job. The NFL has a lot of bad teams. So any team that doesn't go 7-9 or 8-8 is a team that didn't get the job done. Unless the Jets played the Pats, Colts, Chargers, Cowboys every week, it's not really considered a tough schedule. This will be Year 3 of this regime. If the Jets aren't vastly improved next year, you have to say there is no real plan. Winning teams don't take 5-10 years to actually get better.
  9. Last time I checked, the Pats had the tuck rule, a terrible kickoff, and a puking QB to thank for their SB wins... The Giants have a fumble, and a Scott Norwood FG miss... Steelers had a ton of calls go their way... Like it or not, the Giants won the SB and anybody that says the AFC is far superior than the NFC is just missing the point. When a 18-0 team loses in the SB, you really can't claim the AFC is that much better. I mean look at the AFC East and AFC West..... Jets, Dolphins, Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, Bills aren't exactly good teams. The NFL has a ton of bad teams in both leagues. THere are a couple of good teams and a couple of elite teams in the AFC. But at the end of the day you can't say the AFC is better if they lost the Super Bowl this year. Just like the Pats can't say they are the greatest team ever yet lost the super bowl. If you look back at the history of the NFL, there are plenty of teams who got the right bounces here and there to win. Sometimes being good and being lucky are what wins you championships. Go ask half the teams who have won over the years. The Catch was almost The Overthrow.
  10. Avg at best is far better than players who shouldn't even be on the practice squad. And I'd rather have a stop gap for a couple of years over um.... Nothing.. Right now the Jets have nothing. Lets hope they make some moves this offseason, but a stop gap for a year or two is a whole lot better than Nothing.
  11. Choking would be the Pats blowing a 17-7 lead and losing 20-17. Choking would be Brady throwing 3 picks. Great a defensive back misses a pass. It happens in every game. Could he have caught it? Yes. Should he have caught it ? Yes.. But the should have could have goes both ways. If Eli hits Burress on that little scramble instead of overthrowing him, maybe he goes for 40 yards.. If Steve Smith makes that catch the Giants could have scored a TD or at least a FG. The if this and that theories just don't fly with choking. No, the Giants manhandled the Pats all game long. You don't choke when you really are never the better team in a game. All season long, even in close games, it was like the Pats just knew they weren't going to lose. Yesterday, it was the Giants who just never felt like they were going to lose. The Pats didn't choke. They were just outplayed by a better team yesterday. They were outcoached. They were out hustled. If the Giants played the Pats again, the Pats might win.. But who knows. All I know is yesterday, the Giants were the better team, not the Pats. So while it is one of the biggest upsets in SB history, it's far from a choke job. Choking would mean the Pats had another excuse to lose. Sorry but there were no excuses. The Giants just were better yesterday.
  12. lol. That would be great except your metaphor really applies to the Giants.. They won the Super Bowl...maybe Eli lets it get to his head... Who knows.. I do hope it screws with the psyche of this Patriots team. Because like the Cowboys of yesteryear, the Patriots never lost. When they lost to the Broncos, it was because of this, that, and a bad call.. It was never because they lost. Against the Colts last year, it was because of this, that and everything else, it was never because they actually lost. There is nothing the Pats can say about yesterday. The Giants manhandled them. Brady didn't have an MVP game, but he didn't really have an MVP game in 3 out of his 4 super bowls now. Heck over the past few years he hasn't really had a great postseason either. That Jags game was his best, but other than that, he's thrown a lot of picks. After eveything is said and done, the Pats got outplayed, out hustled, and out coached. That might be a reason for BB to retire and Brady to start thinking about what the heck happened. Remember the 49ers were going on to probably win another super bowl years back. Rathman fumbles the ball, a guy who never fumbles, and the Giants get lucky and win that game and get lucky and win the SB.. But the 49ers were never the same again. Yeah they won like 4-5 years later, but it was a different team with a different QB. Maybe the Pats wind up like them without the new QB and win... A team who might make the playoffs but seems to find ways to lose in the playoffs. That invincibility factor is long gone. And even though they haven't won in a few years, the Pats still believed they could just show up, make a play, outcoach the other team, and win. Yesterday, it failed them. Heck, remember the Yanks going for their 4th World Series in a row. 1 out away from another WS title......Their ace on the mound in Rivera.... And a little dinky stupid hit that just got out of the infield changed everything. They haven't won a WS since. They've been back to the playoffs, but they sure ain't that same "we can't lose" team mentality anymore. Who knows if the Pats will feel this way or not, but that invincibilty where you always think you will get the call, get the great play, is long gone for the Pats now. They can't use excuses on turnovers or whatever else... They got outplayed.
  13. I like their drafts, but for the most part, Mangold, Dbrick, and Revis are first round picks. Harris is a second rounder. Washington is good, but they don't use him enough and he's a special teams player. I like him but Justin Miller did just as good a job the other year.. So at this point, Washington isn't used enough to really say he's a great draft pick. They should use him more, but for whatever reason they don't. Smith is a part time player at this point. I have no problem with trading down. The Cowboys trade would be great with 2 first round picks, Barber, and a 2nd round pick. BUt if they wind up getting the 22nd pick int the draft and a 3rd and 4th round pick... I would be worried because they really haven't proven that they can draft starters outside of the first round besides Harris.
  14. I don't know how many more times they could go to him. They did throw to him 11 times as it was. But he was lights out. I think the problem was Brady got smacked in the mouth over and over and people always cut up Petyon for not being good under pressure. Brady seemed to start to panic as the game went on. He had that one nice drive to take a 14-10 lead, but even with 29 seconds left and time outs, it was as if the Pats were shellshocked. What happened to mr. calm who leads teams down the field for a FG? Yesterday it seemed like they were just chucking it up and hoping. I said it before. It was like the first time Tyson got knocked down. The Giants took the Pats best shot and were still standing. No, they weren't only standing they knocked the Pats down again. YOu heard the players say "the QBs usually go down, we don't know how he got away.." It was the theory that if you knock a bully in the mouth, they will be too shellshocked to know what to do. And in the end, that's what it looked like. It was as if they expected the Giants to lay down and die like everybody else did this year. They expected the Giants to screw up or make a mistake like everybody else did this year and in their super bowl victories over the years. The Problem was, these Giants just never saw that invincibility. Kind of like when Buster Douglass just didn't give a crap who Mike Tyson was. I really don't know what else to say about yesterdays game. THe Giants defense probably played one of the best defensive efforts I've ever seen in a super bowl game. Yeah there were better defenses over the years, but nothing compares to the team they were playing, the way they played and everything else. Some people say the Pats /Rams was a bigger upset. I don't see it cause the Rams had a great offense, bad defense, and weren't undefeated. The Pats were 18-0... Nobody figured out how to beat them all year long. THey were winning games 40-10 for much of the season. People were calling them the champs back in June. The Giants just played lights out and that is that.. But i think it's more hope than anything else. The only way the Pats will be dismantled is if this hearing on spygate produces a ton of evidence and a few players, coaches, and BB wind up resigning, retiring, being suspended, or getting fired. Otherwise, why would I think the Pats are going to go 4-12 next year? That would be great and I hope it happens, but it's just not realistic to think it will cause they lost 17-14. The Yanks blew a 3-0 lead but have been in the playoffs every year since. Yeah they aren't winning in the playoffs, but that has more to do with the way this team seems to choke in the playoffs and has no real good starting pitching then because they lost that series..... Will losing a super bowl 17-14 kill the Pats? I hope it does, but did the Colts fold up and quit the year after they choked against the Steelers? No, they won the super bowl.
  15. I don't hate on Chad like you seem to do so I won't call him a fraud. But maybe it's the deer in the headlights attitude or whatever it is, he had it. People claimed Eli had it until this seasons playoffs and after yesterday, nobody really can ever say that about Eli again. Even if he stinks in the postseason the rest of his career. Favre seems to live off of those couple of great years in the playoffs and has stunk in the postseason ever since. I don't know.. I wish I could say something better about Chad cause i wish the best for the guy, but if you look at his stats, it's almost like once he turns the ball over, the Jets go from a 10-13 deficit into a 10-27 game. He is the opposite of a gunslinger. One mistake and he's done. And this theory that if you build a great team around him everything would be fine is nice, but the Pats and Giants proved that theory would never work in todays NFL. Heck last year the Pats and Colts proved it as well. Manning and Brady turned the ball over how many times in this years and last years postseason games? Yet both found ways to win games or at least have a chance to win a game. In the playoffs, the QB has to make some plays, even after bad plays or in a tight knock him down kind of game. Teams just don't win 40-10 in the playoffs anymore. In the end, just look at yesterdays game. The Pats were 18-0 and were considered one of the greatest teams in NFL history. THey had the top WRs, the top QB, and the best OL in the NFL. Brady rarely got looked at, yet alone touched or sacked. And even as many times as he got knocked down, the Pats still had a chance to win in the end. I really doubt any team Chad joins is going to be as good as the Pats on offense. And even then, does anybody really think the Pats win yesterday with Chad Pennington? Put it this way. If you put Chad on either the Giants or Patriots yesterday, it's almost a gurantee that the team he's on keeps it close for a half, and then in the 3rd and 4th quarters, a couple of bad mistakes and suddenly that 7-3 game either turns into a 21-3 route for the Pats or a 17-7 route for the Giants. We've seen it time and time again with Chad. It always seemed that when the Jets played the better teams, he choked or something. Then add a mistake or bad play and it just got worse. I like the guy, but saying you need the 85 Bears or the 84 49ers to win isnt' exactly a selling point for a QB.
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