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  1. People are literal idiots. By rooting for a win you're rooting against your team. Is that too abstract a concept for you? Is delayed gratification too complicated for you? You win now and you set the franchise back 15 years. You lose and get a possible franchise QB. You're literally stupid.
  2. If anyone wants a demonstration please pm me.
  3. I'm doing a story for the new york times about places racism hides on the internet. I'm getting so much to write about from here. I've learned 2 new anti-semetic slurs in the last month from this sitw
  4. I haven't watched a Jets game in 4 years. What's the point? You could give the Jets Joe Namath at QB and Barry Sanders at RB Jerry Rice at WR and the 2000 ravens defense and they'd still win 7 games.
  5. So over the last ten years you're up how much?
  6. My joke was funny. You're just cranky because the viagra stopped working 6 years ago.
  7. Please don't lump us actual Satan worshipers in with people who watch tmz.
  8. Why are we showing children's cock warmers on here?
  9. It's true. They're amazing. Works for covid and are very waterproof.
  10. Could just have me run it. You get the 2 in 1 special.
  11. I'm always up for a good pegging.

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