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  1. When did Jet fans become so whiny? The Jets have sucked for 50 years now the Jets have been a laughingstock for 50 years. We still root for them. Who cares. Take a nap and get over it.
  2. I've ran support groups before what would you want to start one about?
  3. God, in all seriousness of you need someone to talk to or something I'm here for you. Please, don't kill yourself or anything like that.
  4. Aww, is it computer time? Thank you wife and her boyfriend for us! I'm glad you get to play mafia with the closest things you'll ever get to friends.
  5. Yeah, the name of the band is cradle of filth. They're absolutely terrible and I always hated them. They're overly edgy and their fans were try hard scene kids.
  6. That's a band shirt from a really really sh*tty "black metal" band. The band isn't even metal it's just try hard garbage that was semi popular in the early aughts.
  7. ^ awkward scum post ^ LOL
  8. Slayer - reign in blood Black sabbath - war pigs Queen - bohemian rhapsody
  9. I'm waiting for the expert Steph Curry and his cheating wife to chime in before I make my mind up.
  10. Vote Ape. Before his wife's boyfriend takes his computer away and he can't play anymore
  11. The trade that everyone is talking about and has been reported on for weeks. What'd we get?

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