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  1. Do you think I should change my name to salad tosser. Also why is no lynch a better call than kicking some tires?
  2. You're willing to die for the 3rd best Mafia player spot behind pac and ape ?
  3. Good. It's about time you break out of your slump.
  4. Screwed how. With Zack we get the #1 pick and get our QB that way.
  5. The rule changes over the years make this less important of a position. Someone who can catch and not fumble and get the 6
  6. I'm thinking about changing my name to saladtosser
  7. I tend to leave my intellectual prowess dripping all over the place.
  8. He's trolling and people are falling for it. He has no obligation to tell the truth to anyone. He can say anything he wants to to anyone. You're not supposed treat everything athletes say as gospel truth. They're meatheads that have been millionaires since 21. They're dumb and out of touch.
  9. I think if OBJ is confident he still has air he should sign a deal with incentives. If he hits milestones he gets bank if not he doesn't.
  10. I'm so glad they took the lead out of fuel before I was old enough to be impacted.
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