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  1. Either way it's going on my mouth.
  2. Only the lolmets has someone just not show up.
  3. The floor is 4 cases of covid and the ceiling is 19 cases with a dead assistant coach.
  4. Are you saying that I have a shot with a 10 like you?
  5. Have you come in a time machine from 20 years ago before Dwayne Johnson spent the last 20 years being a gigantic action star, A list celebrity and highest paid actor? If it were a white actor would you belittle him so?
  6. Yeah man, not wanting to deal with racism and racist jokes makes me a child. I'm glad you're comfortable enough on this site to so blatantly and outwardly defend racism.
  7. For you! You narcissist. Your experience is not the end all. Be all on the world. There are people whose entire family died. Whose experience is more valid? Neither! They're both equally valid. That's the thing actual sociopaths like yourself can't seem to grasp. That people can have different experiences and those experiences are equally as valid. Herman Cain is dead. Eduardo Rodriguez might never play baseball again. You also might start throwing in a yearly checkup based on having covid because long term lung and brain damage are also symptoms in minor cases.
  8. Is this is savage thing or an HR thing. I want to make sure I bring the right mindset and tools to the encounter.
  9. I'm 3 inches taller. 50lbs heavier and am not an actual bitch. I'd love to find out.
  10. That's confidence. They're an injury, slump or two close games away from giving up a low teens pick. Imagine Russel goes down and they end up with a top 10 pick? That would be rough for them. Amazing for us.
  11. Dice's sworn enemy is some dude who played on DM and cheated or something. It wasn't me. He just wanted to pretend that it was too get me lynched. He also couldn't bother to check before accusing someone of cheating. My sworn emeny is myself.
  12. Arsis

    2020 NY Yankees

    They already canceling games because of covid. At least the Yankees will finish the season above .500
  13. But we traded Jamal Adams. Why is he talking about good players?
  14. You can't ever actually be in win now mode if you never fully commit to a rebuild. Woody and a large segment of the very stupid Jets fans would rather win 7-8 games every season than suck for 2-3 years while cleaning house and building a young talented roster. A coach or gm has two .500 seasons and gets fired when they literally just drafted a QB. It's ******* nonsense. It takes talent to win now. Talent the Jets will have trouble getting because of the ownership that listens to the dumb fans and sh*tty media.
  15. This dude is a straight up bitch. I'd love to fight the little guy.
  16. Transparent, gross and kind of pathetic. Title of your sex tape.
  17. I hope he's a complete bust in Seattle and is out of the league in 3 years.
  18. No because that's not how anything actually works in the real world. This was a professional trade done for professional reasons. We got our asking price and more. A reactionary trade would have gotten a 2nd and a 5th from the cowboys or something stupid.
  19. I'm back on my Meds. I'm good, thanks.

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