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  1. I'm torn. On one side I don't want to be vaporized. On the other knowing that a lot of people who should be vaporized are going to be makes me happy.
  2. Wilson had a very respectable 2nd half
  3. This dude 80 goes nuts and people are talking sh*t about me for it. Man **** you guys.
  4. Is anti town now? But when nyn and kdels are talking about not voting the beav because he might be a power role and I say that's anti town I get mocked.
  5. For real. Do you not have a life? This is a lot of effort for what amounts to nothing.
  6. He's on the list of peeps I'd be willing to vote today.
  7. I promise you that I'm town. So Ape over me if those are the only two choices
  8. 80 is trying to frame a very town Spoot and said he was going to downvot me to hell but blew his Wad after like 3 downvotes.
  9. I'm playing on a very broken phone. I was at the gym trying to keep up with a 6'3" 340lb dude who played DT for OU.
  10. Your point is that he took credit for something he actually did do but bragged about it in jetnation and that is a scum tell. Ape and jif would be scum every game if that was the standard. Why would scum vote beaver that early? No reason to do that. If you're town be better.
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