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  1. Nothing much. I work too much. Who knew promotions came with more work. Not enough time for dilfs
  2. Who doesn't love milf's. Only thing better than a milf is a dilf.
  3. Crusher is the only name I've given a sex animal
  4. I had in and out it was mid. I'm happy tesla is paying for it. Lmfaoo
  5. I'm at the San Francisco Airport with 4 hours to kill. What do you gay boys do in San Fran?
  6. I'm torn. On one side I don't want to be vaporized. On the other knowing that a lot of people who should be vaporized are going to be makes me happy.
  7. Wilson had a very respectable 2nd half
  8. This dude 80 goes nuts and people are talking sh*t about me for it. Man **** you guys.
  9. Is anti town now? But when nyn and kdels are talking about not voting the beav because he might be a power role and I say that's anti town I get mocked.
  10. For real. Do you not have a life? This is a lot of effort for what amounts to nothing.
  11. He's on the list of peeps I'd be willing to vote today.
  12. I promise you that I'm town. So Ape over me if those are the only two choices
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