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  1. 8 minutes ago, Stark said:

    extra whiny this game, huh... kind of annoying

    yup.... and he's played in enough games to know this by now. don't assume for him. 


    how can you forget Arsis is playing he and 80 took over the last 2 pages...


    @jvill 51 can I have a 1 time special "2 votes" and vote 80 and Arsis to get this extracurricular "downvoting" nonsense to stop.





    This dude 80 goes nuts and people are talking sh*t about me for it.


    Man **** you guys.

  2. 3 minutes ago, Nynaeve said:

    Look guys... this chat is super but bagging beaver was pure dumb luck so aside from maybe stark... and kdels indirectly stirring us that way with his manic attack....we should mostly just be high fiving each other and leave it at that lol

    I think this might be v/v violence.... lets lynch ape or arsis

    I promise you that I'm town. So Ape over me if those are the only two choices

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