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  1. Vote 80 I caught scum before they even posted. How good am I?
  2. Hell yeah! I'm not voting you next game.
  3. @Nynaeve Can be starlight and sit on my face
  4. Just because you asked nicely. Hopefully I can be love sausage
  5. JiF was cop. Said town guy was scum. Said scum guy was town. Love to see it.
  6. Someone call noldor tell him we lynched a scum and need him to write a scene
  7. But I'm legitimately town and I didn't lie about my monkey and try to walk it back.
  8. I'm town. Does that mean I played like sh*t?
  9. Why do you say it like you are aware it's true? Especially if you think he's a liar?
  10. I have no idea how 80 who gake claimed about his type of ape and is trying to walk it back and jif who is playing you all with a gambit are still alive. The only defense they have is bullish*t about the mod. The same bullsh*t about the mod by the way.
  11. Good thing those aren't the only two. Out of the two bonobos I'd vote 80. You see him lying about his monkey and jif trying to cover for him? Jif and 80 and let's win the game. I don't need to try and figure out the game. I have it solved. Catch up.
  12. If he wanted to correct a wrong he'd pay for your plastic surgery.
  13. I only got a fun fact in my first pm. Why you getting more fun facts. What'd you do to trigger it?
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