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  1. Maybe you two totally straight men should stop voting me.
  2. I'm a chimpanzee what do I know? If not you crusher
  3. But why would jif pull a silly gambit? Why not? It's fun. To prove he can and still not get lynched. You're overthinking things. Silly people.
  4. JiF is too good at this game. I want to one day be able to wave my scum peepee in everyone's face like this and not get lynched. Please teach me.
  5. That's not a case. I'm useless every game. Why now when it answers nothing. What do you gain from it as town?
  6. I'm cool voting jif/80/crusher.let me know what we're doing. See you tomorrow gay bois.
  7. Why would jif investigate 80? Seems a bit random.
  8. Would the move impact your pension?
  9. Bagels, bread, bakeries, Italian ingredients in general. Pizza. Its been a year outside NYC and its trash out here
  10. I must be terrible at this game.the crying about a deadline seems a good way to fake activity. Jiffylube is doing absolutely nothing. Maybe this game is just too high level for a noon like me. Let's all cry more about the deadline instead of making strong cases about drums. Maybe if we all take turns crying that'll help.
  11. You are allergic to actual content besides meta bs and deflections. Do you have a post restriction that prevents you from answering a question? Unvote vote spoot
  12. The Teleri are so much better. You're right.
  13. The one where I actually made a good point.
  14. I think you're playing oddly and I want to understand why. It could be you're scum. It could be you're bad at the game. Could be you're stuck in bed with covid and have too much free time. I'm asking the questions to get the answers. That was me pushing you to actually answer the questions instead of some bs deflection about Friday being in 3 days. Why not just answer the question? The play and the deflection isn't a great look imo.
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