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  1. Because I asked you a simple question ss to why you were playing the way you were. I didn't even say it was scummy. Was just asking for clarification as to your state of mind.
  2. I'm going to hold my dick either way as in my principle. I also don't buy your deflection. It's not a good look to be so desperate this way and only have some be meta reason about Friday being in 3 days.
  3. Seems a tad premature to be calling people dead weight, no? What's the rush?
  4. It was a question. You specifically made a post saying you wanted to vote me. Why vote for someone you didn't think was scum?
  5. Who do you think is scum? Besides the obvious Barry
  6. This dude still salty that I never called him back after he let me smash.
  7. Crusher is the only Jets bear I know of. Very cuddly.
  8. I'm dead? Awesome. Happy I got Barry and he was scum. I was gonna shoot noldor n3.
  9. If l'm alive I'm shooting you n3. I'm an Insomniac anyway. I usually don't sleep.
  10. I'm just using slang. Drums did not use any flavor for the kill. Just said I get one every other night.
  11. I'm cool with dying now. I got Barry and he was scum. I'm so good. Who should I shoot n3? I was thinking jif
  12. I shot Barry! I told you he was scum! Go me! Hahahahaha I'm so good it hurts.
  13. Don't be that hard on yourself that I caught you that easily.
  14. You. Doing a lot of work after the deadline. Very Sus.
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