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  1. I predict we make it further in the playoffs next year and win it in 2008.
  2. what the **** is wrong with you avatar? Jeez that is some creepy ****. I think the mvp should have been addai. Without all of those first downs keeping the bears D on the field that long their offense might have been able to show up.
  3. This is football, there shouldn't be any domes in the league at all. There should be mandatory rain for the superbowl. If it isn't raining, they should import some.
  4. I think the jets should invite marino to camp.. we'd have a better chance of winning that way.
  5. Arsis


    Agreed, he shouldn't have been mvp.
  6. I know how you feel, I've been up since 5am and I can't sleep and It's 11pm. It really sucks.
  7. good then we can pick him later on.. lol, like in the 6th round.
  8. couldn't a mod just post/lock the thread and then win?
  9. I dunno the raiders are pretty great on defense.
  10. the knicks should get oakley and starks out of retirement.
  11. and people wonder why English humor is mocked.
  12. the jets should trade a case of footballs and or baseballs and a 6-pack for moss. seems like a good deal all around to me.
  13. urlacher is a pansy.. wouldn't be too bad.
  14. I'm willing to bet the dolphins don't get more than 8 wins.
  15. We should send chadwick to NFL europe and leave him there.
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