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  1. how is it different that hes on the Pats?? the Jets had a chance to retain him and they didnt. it's just befuddling to see all the hate directed to the guy that did so much for, and represents what the Jets are.

    Jets fans will never root for the pats except under the strangest of conditions. Why would we waste salary cap space on someone who is old and sucky? He should have stayed on his couch instead of this ****. **** Vinny and the pats.

    P.S. He had one good year with the jets, stop acting like he single handedly saved the franchise from folding or something dramatic like that.

  2. Who would you draft? who would you bring in as a FA? how much would you be willing to pay for them? willing to trade anyone/for anyone? who? why? Lets see some armchair gming going on. See who comes closest to what the FO actually does or who makes better decisions.

  3. How? By pointing out how sad you are?

    It is funny, but one Jets fan sent me a PM and said tough loss. Yet, the rest of you act the way that should be embrassing.

    how is not liking a team and wanting them to lose embarrassing(correct spelling btw)? We don't like the pats and are happy they choked and proud of that.

  4. Today's players get tired easier and get injure far more often. Today's players also last about 10 years less than those in the past in their careers. Too much steroids, human growth hormones and everything else.

    Teams of the past would destroy the Pats..

    Brady is rarely pressured, and the COlts showed they can score on the Pats defense. Imagine what the 49ers or Cowboys or Steelers would do.

    first thing you said that I agree with.

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