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  1. I'm willing to bet the dolphins don't get more than 8 wins.
  2. We should send chadwick to NFL europe and leave him there.
  3. ur mom! lolol.. in all seriousness, probably jogging and weight lifting.
  4. Arsis

    Caption time

    I'm here to pump ::clap:: YOU up!
  5. It all depends on where you go to school if you should go out in public with this, and my second semester starts next monday.
  6. WOW.. just wow.. nothing else to say... I'm speechless
  7. what was the longwinded question? About losing the lead or about fatigue? Way too blindly defend someone for no reason.
  8. He should give up and kill himself. That way everyone wins.
  9. I don't know why people think that we can only improve one area of the team. When people talk about brining in a free agent or trading for Turner they bring up the d-line. Like we are unable to bring in more than one new player a year. It's just dumb. With the three high picks we have and all the cap room we should be able to fix a lot of holes this year.
  10. I think we should wait a few years before making any decisions on either back.
  11. okay, back on topic, I don't think we should get him. We already have 5-6 ****ty running backs on the roster already no need to add another scrub.
  12. Arsis


    I'll spell your name however the hell I want. P.S. you're a ****ty QB
  13. Arsis


    why would you ban vinny testerverde himself from a jets message board.
  14. I'm a huge yankee fan, but do they have the pitching to win it all?
  15. Arsis


    my IQ is only 5.. but on topic it would have been half decent if cindy and her back-up went down and vinny won the game. But that would have involved the pats winning so not that good of a story.
  16. like I said in the game thread. The Run D was just a little late.
  17. yeah a few weeks ago people were saying any afc that makes it would be at least a 10 point favorite.
  18. Arsis


    This sentence is proof of either heavy drug use or some form of mental retardation. Either way
  19. maybe the cubs will win it all this year. lolol
  20. Arsis


    so vinny is immortal? too much acid... wayy too much acid.
  21. Arsis


    Yeah brady did much better this year.
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