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  1. he looks like he was out before he caught it.
  2. maybe they hold them to 3, that would be nice. HAHAHA he dropped it
  3. I think you're just a conspiracy theory nut job, take your meds little girl.
  4. Just \stop typing now, You're just special. You want them to call a play where he tripped over his own foot? Just hit alt+f4 a bunch of times and stop crying like a little girl.
  5. did you know chuck norris destroyed the periodic table with the element of surprise?
  6. That interceptaverde commercial sucked.
  7. you think they're really gonna go for it on 4th so early in the game?
  8. he almost missed that, that would have been funny.
  9. Too many measurements, it's getting annoying. I'm keeping mine until the game is over
  10. if we can get him for a reasonable price. I agree with not getting in a bidding war. he did a nice job stopping Harrison though
  11. what the **** was that? 3 guys can't pick up the ball?
  12. I guess the colts run defense didn't care to make the trip to the stadium tonight. Maybe they're just late.
  13. hopefully choke, or fumble. maybe a sneak and a broken neck. Or a 35 yard run... ouch.
  14. im sure they have a sprinkler system, at least a really powerful ac or a big fan down there:)
  15. why do people hate manning so much? I'd love him if he embarrasses the pats.
  16. Arsis


    you base a picks worth on one season?
  17. If the bears D plays like it did this week there is.
  18. why all the rex bashing? he made some great throws on that touchdown drive. The saints D forced rex to beat them and he showed up and made some great throws.
  19. hopefully there is an outbreak of the plague in their locker room and the entire pats are forced to sit it out.
  20. pats lose by 3, saints lose in ot.
  21. so what you guys are saying is that we have nothing to complain about with chad?
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