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  1. I want them to lose two weeks ago.
  2. no, I hate the pats, and was never a big fan of vinny.
  3. when was the last time the jets had a truly great QB? Maybe when we get one we will stop complaining. Or maybe we will stop when we get one who can make a throw downfield?
  4. so we need a whole new defense? that shouldn't be a problem to get.
  5. yeah if he gets traded away and drives the price down for turner, that would be two victories for the jets
  6. I think we should try to get turner with one of our 2nd rounders. It would be stupid not to even try. With all of the picks and cap room we would still be able to improve the d-line pick up a good corner, improve the o-line and get a big blocking fb. I don't know about a first rounder but he looks like he is worth one of our second rounders. Who could we pick up who could possibly make that much of an impact on our team next year?
  7. If we get some kind of semi-consistent running game and improve our defense we have a good a shot as anyone else next year.
  8. I think you need to calm down with chad, he is the best option at qb right now. But he does have a lot of weaknesses. This past year he couldn't make those throws. Maybe a miracle happens and this offseason he finds arm strenght and can make them next year. Stranger things have happened, but I doubt it.
  9. I don't think we need too either, I think he is being a bit too pessimistic. I trust mangini and the FO to make the necessary changes/additions to keep the jets competetive.
  10. why do you put so many spaces between the lines of your text? Makes me not wanna read what you have to say. anyway on topic: At least the offense had some long drives today, even if they couldn't finish them off. The defense couldn't stop anyone at all. The offense need improvement but not as much as the defense. If we let teams have 3-4 6 minute TD drives it is not gonna matter how good our offense is.
  11. I think the free agents/draftees the jets get will improve them enough to go 10-6 with a harder schedule. How close did we come to beating the colts and bears this year. A few more quality guys and it will not matter who we play.
  12. Arsis

    Team MVP ?

    the jets gained something like 60 while the pats gained something like 159 yards on the groud. Big difference, no? on topic: O= coles, D= rhodes and ST= Miller
  13. we get it, you're in love with chad, he did a good job this year. But you seriously need to tone it down a bit
  14. he never said we were gonna sign them all. Just that they were worth a look.
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