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  1. Heres my seat Section 108... PSL 6,000.. TICKETS 1,254.. Thanks Woody
  2. SORRY it took so long to post more comming. SORRY I dont know how to post them right in the thread. I cant figure it out
  3. Exactly. One of the worst things a human can do. Only sad thing is, if convicted his brothers money will lessen the sentance.
  4. Well he admitted Brett didn't want to play Xbox360.
  5. Good for him.. I still have a feeling he's going to be a good coach.. Best of luck.
  7. First time i've been on the board in a while, but im glad your feeling so good about our chances Sunday. And your not the only one, some of you are already giving up on the team. This thread has me feeling as ****ty as the game a lot of us sat through 2 weeks ago. We're going to win. Think positive guys.
  8. jetbo I need to know, do you sit close to section 312 in the uppers and wear a jetbo leather vest and rock green hair dude???
  9. Section 312 two seats and a parking pass.. Best offer wins.. But you have to be willing to meet me either tomorrow evening or Saturday for the tickets...... PM ME
  10. Oh and your going to have to meet me somewhere for the tickets! I live in Central Jersey shouldn't be a biggy..
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