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  1. Heres my seat Section 108... PSL 6,000.. TICKETS 1,254.. Thanks Woody
  2. SORRY it took so long to post more comming. SORRY I dont know how to post them right in the thread. I cant figure it out
  3. Exactly. One of the worst things a human can do. Only sad thing is, if convicted his brothers money will lessen the sentance.
  4. Well he admitted Brett didn't want to play Xbox360.
  5. Good for him.. I still have a feeling he's going to be a good coach.. Best of luck.
  7. First time i've been on the board in a while, but im glad your feeling so good about our chances Sunday. And your not the only one, some of you are already giving up on the team. This thread has me feeling as ****ty as the game a lot of us sat through 2 weeks ago. We're going to win. Think positive guys.
  8. jetbo I need to know, do you sit close to section 312 in the uppers and wear a jetbo leather vest and rock green hair dude???
  9. Section 312 two seats and a parking pass.. Best offer wins.. But you have to be willing to meet me either tomorrow evening or Saturday for the tickets...... PM ME
  10. Oh and your going to have to meet me somewhere for the tickets! I live in Central Jersey shouldn't be a biggy..
  11. I have 3 tickets section 133 (25 yardline) for the Jets Vs Redskins Preseason game. It's ROW Y which is either the first or the second row from the field (i'm not sure which one) , you could probably spit on the field either way. And with it I will also throw in a free parking pass, and it's not the general pass, it's for LOT 5... JUST MAKE SURE YOU USE THE RIGHTMOST LANE AT ENTRY TOLL PLAZA.. I'll also throw in 3 STADIUM CLUB PASSES.. Which means after the game you can go to the restruant and really ( I don't know what the hell else i'm just trying to get rid of these tickets for a friend to another Jets fan) bottom line is you'll have a good friggin time.. I'm Asking for 30 for each seat.. So that's only 90 for 3 tickets 133 Row Y, a Reserved Parking Pass, and 3 Stadium Club passes. If that's to much best offer will do.. First one to PM me with the 90 $ will get the tickets. If noone does, highest bidder wins..
  12. :smilies2_3some: I'm calling out of work and throwing a party.. ENJOY your nights my fellow JET FANS.. :penguin:
  14. My friend... I hope your kidding.. I asked two questions in the forum.. And you didn't answer either. :penguin::penguin:
  15. GG, if you could find someone to take my two tickets.. Perhaps 4H or someone.. I'll glady give you my parking pass.. I just don't want the tickets to go to waste.
  16. Long time no talk ****ers.. I'll be bck around more now, football seasons starting so the my girlfriend will let me use to computer finally.. But listen I have 2 serious questions. The go I bought my season tickets off of just gave me a whole bunch of crap for the pre season because he doesnt want to drive from Maryland. 1. I have 10 tickets he gave me for section 133 ROW Y.. My friends what the hell is row Y? Does this mean i'm going to be literally almost on the field? and 2. He gave me ten friggin stadium club passes. I've never had club passes before, what does that mean? And more importantly is it going to lead me to a bar. THANK YOU NATION. . TALK TO YOU ALL SOOOOOOON
  17. Prison Execution Hell God only has 3 stops left for these trash bags..
  18. I never personally liked the man. But i'm glad he's finally seeing how wrong he was about God. RIP Mr. Carlin.
  19. Thanks bro.. Your opinion means a lot to me. I swear.
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