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  1. Its called when a DL holds an OL and prevents him from getting to the second level. Not all the uncommon.
  2. For you it was but to the audience they were catering to, I am sure they loved it. Sucks for Jets fans but next year will be all about the Jets. This was not a traditional impartial announcing crew. They were hired to talk about the Giants team.
  3. It was a Giants home game, therefore their broadcasters. This happens every year in the preseason for this game. Last year was the Jets broadcasters and all they talked about were the Jets and all the Giants fans complained. It goes on a rotational basis.
  4. Johnson: "We need a bright offensive mind in here to take Darnold to the next level." Mac: "The head coach of the 31st ranked team in total offense just got fired from Miami and can probably bring his offensive coordinator with him. How about them?" Johnson: "HIRED"
  5. Raiders win I am pretty sure Jets move up to 2. Broncos lose weakens the Jets strength of schedule but the 49ers played the raiders so it would strengthen theirs also. I think we are close enough where we would flip.

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