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  1. The structure is not the problem as I have heard other successful organizations have the same structure. It is the person at the top of the structure that is the problem.
  2. The tiebreaker is strength of schedule. The team with the weaker strength is deemed to be a worse team because they had the same record but an easier schedule. Right now the Jags own that tiebreaker.
  3. And people say Douglas is all in on the tank. If he was, he would keep the worst corner in the NFL.
  4. Had zero issue with the way he handled the media. The reporters were baiting him for a soundbite and he refused to give in. If you dont want stupid answers, dont ask stupid questions.
  5. Solid team. Doing one myself I know it is tough to get everyone in the correct position. That defense is nasty. No offense would be able to move the ball. However, you have Dion listed twice and are missing a Seahawk representative. Warren Sapp, yes played inside but as a 3-tech, not a nose.
  6. These are all things I agree with you. Starting out, I initially had both Mean Joe and Earl Campbell in my lineups but eventually moved them out because of every team needing representation. I struggled with getting a few teams representation knowing there were much better players at those positions. In no way does my lineup represent the very best at every position and would probably change somethings if I wanted to take more time on it. Also, I have Jerry Rice in my lineup. Rice, Moss, and LT were 3 players that I felt were non negotiable along with Lombardi for coaches.
  7. This was tough once you get to the end of teams. Ed Reed was stretch on the Jets but it works. Trai Turner is a little suspect but I didnt want to take out any of my DE for Julius Peppers HC- Vince Lombardi, Packers OC- Sean Payton, Saints DC- Tom Landry, Cowboys QB- John Elway, Broncos RB- Barry Sanders, Lions FB- Larry Csonka, Dolphins WR- Randy Moss, Vikings WR- Jerry Rice, 49ers Slot- Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals TE- Rob Gronkowski, Patriots TE- Antonio Gates, Chargers LT- Anthony Munoz- Bengals RT- Tony Boseli, Jaguars L
  8. Romo was wrong. Once the TE shifted to the other side, the WR needed to step onto the LOS to cover the tackle.
  9. They killed a minute they will probably need in the end. We have seen this movie before and know how it ends.
  10. Its called when a DL holds an OL and prevents him from getting to the second level. Not all the uncommon.
  11. For you it was but to the audience they were catering to, I am sure they loved it. Sucks for Jets fans but next year will be all about the Jets. This was not a traditional impartial announcing crew. They were hired to talk about the Giants team.
  12. It was a Giants home game, therefore their broadcasters. This happens every year in the preseason for this game. Last year was the Jets broadcasters and all they talked about were the Jets and all the Giants fans complained. It goes on a rotational basis.
  13. Johnson: "We need a bright offensive mind in here to take Darnold to the next level." Mac: "The head coach of the 31st ranked team in total offense just got fired from Miami and can probably bring his offensive coordinator with him. How about them?" Johnson: "HIRED"
  14. Raiders win I am pretty sure Jets move up to 2. Broncos lose weakens the Jets strength of schedule but the 49ers played the raiders so it would strengthen theirs also. I think we are close enough where we would flip.
  15. 100% accurate. I was down there last June when it first opened and during the day there was easily 4 hour lines. We decided to see if we could get on line during magic hours and that cut it to about 1.5-2 hour line. Completely worth it. At that point you had to book fast passes months before hand for that ride so that wasn't an option for us. Avatar Flight of Passage is the single best ride I have been on anywhere. I would make it a priority to get on it.
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