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  1. Hilarious when he was running out to the field before the game started, a Pats fan was hanging something into the tunnel, he ripped it out of their hands, threw it down, stomped on it and then continued to run on the field. He's the man that does most of the dirty work and doesnt get the recognition he deserves.

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  2. It really is amazing how much crap the Jets get for releasing Woodhead. The entire league had a chance to pick him up on waivers and no one did until the Pats* with the very last waiver claim. He is a product of their system, plain and simple.

  3. Got my tickets last night, came out being around $180 after taxes and everything. First off, anybody going? And secondly, any advice on the commute, places to go or things I should be prepped for?

    Max, if you can please move this to a sticky or if you want to start an **Official Road Trip Thread** to the top that would be awesome

    Expect chowd fans not happy to see you. I went to the playoff game in '07 up there (which is where I found out about this site after tailgating with a bunch of people from here) and after a J-E-T-S chant a bunch of hot coals and a half full 2 liter bottle of coke came flying our way. Didnt expect much from the fans but burning hot coals is not cool. Enjoy the game and be safe.

  4. Schefter just reported that Nnamdi's contract has been voided and he is now a FA. Would be sick to have both him and Revis on the field next year.

    I know, I know bad timing with the Jets winning last night but just a thought for the offseason.

  5. Hey guys I understand your frustration completely. We watched the server all night and I was on the road when it went down, was driving back home. Otherwise the downtime would have been much shorter.

    It is unacceptable and I do apologize for it. We are going to move to a cloud environment in the offseason. That means we have the ability to scale up for peak volume. Until then we might restrict things more during game time, we can disable guest viewing during the game to keep things running smooth.

    We do take this seriously, the two dedicated servers that we have cost over $400 per month. All things told the site costs well over $500 per month. As far as I know the only real problems we had all season were tonight and the Patriots game. Trust me though, I am happy to see this kind of thread. If the Jets won a game like this and nobody wanted to come here, that's when I would be worried.

    Thanks everyone, I assure you we are always trying our best to keep things running smooth.

    Thanks for the response Max. Like I said, i love the site and i dont plan on going anywhere.

  6. It is a shame that after big Jets games, this site just cant handle the traffic. I think it is the best Jets forum on the internet but it sucks I have to go to some of the others because I cant log on this site.

    WIth that said, Go JETS. Please beat the piss out of the Pats*

  7. I expect a big game out of Jason Taylor..this is what he came here for...

    He came here for the paycheck since the Jets were the only team that would take his a$$..

    Interesting segment on sportcenter just now. A reporter spoke to Taylor this morning and Taylor said he found a pattern to Mannings snap count depending on down. So you're telling me that Taylor found something to use against Manning, so he tells the media and the media reports it. Now Manning can now go back and see what he can uncover and make an adjustment. Just add it to the pile of reasons why Jason Taylor is a POS.

  8. Pretty funy that A jets team that came into the year with all the hype in the world is probably the best value at 25-1 right now. The Colts are only a 3 point fave at home over us but they have twice as good odds as us to win it all......this line is ouuta whack!

    Im not much of a sports bettor but I would believe the line has to do with the Jets having to be on the road the entire playoffs and if they get passed Indy, there is a guarenteed matchup with Brady in Foxborough. The Jets are the only team with a guarenteed 2nd round matchup with them so that has to effect the odds. I would think atleast. I could definitely be way off the mark.

  9. Isn't Braylon a restricted free agent, thus it's beneficial to let him go and pick up some compensation in the meantime?

    Who knows what the new CBA will bring but under the old one a RFA is a player with 3 years of experience and a UFA is 4 or more. WIth Braylon having 6 years of experience at the end of the year, it is highly unlikely that he will be a RFA. No way the players will allow the owners to add on that many more years for UFA.

  10. 100% correct. The old place was an absolute dump. Remember though... there are people who still have fond memories of Shea Stadium being a good home for the NYJ.

    For a dump it performed its task alot better than this stadium. I go to the stadium to actually watch the game (I know, crazy) and in the old stadium, there wasnt a bad seat in the house. I sat all over the old place from the first row lower level to the last row of the upper level and never had a problem with views or access before or after the game. In the new place there are actually seats with restricted views. Are you kidding me? They spend 1.6 billion dollars and couldn't even get that right. You may call the old place a dump but it was functional while this place is a 1.6 billion dollar death trap.

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