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  1. Raiders win I am pretty sure Jets move up to 2. Broncos lose weakens the Jets strength of schedule but the 49ers played the raiders so it would strengthen theirs also. I think we are close enough where we would flip.
  2. 100% accurate. I was down there last June when it first opened and during the day there was easily 4 hour lines. We decided to see if we could get on line during magic hours and that cut it to about 1.5-2 hour line. Completely worth it. At that point you had to book fast passes months before hand for that ride so that wasn't an option for us. Avatar Flight of Passage is the single best ride I have been on anywhere. I would make it a priority to get on it.
  3. When there is a tie in draft order, the teams rotate every round. For example, the Jets dont pick 6th every round. They pick 5th in the 2nd then 8th in the 3rd. Same with Seahawks. 18th in the first, and 17th in the second. So it is 49th overall.
  4. Need 9ers to win also. We came in tied today based on SOS but since the Pats will have 1 more win than the rams if they win, 9ers would win tiebreaker
  5. Been listening to LP since I heard One Step Closer. Still remember picking up Hybrid Theory. One of the best concerts I have been too was Linkin Park with Chris Cornell opening up for them in 2008. Still remember Chester and Chris belting out Hunger Strike together on stage. Amazing talent. Crazy they are both gone now. RIP
  6. And yet here you are starting a thread on a Jets Board about the Mets.
  7. This is stupid. Why the **** do the Rams have to take so much time? They made the trade. The pick should have been in after 5 seconds
  8. Pats and Brady knew all along this was going to happen
  9. Paul Kuharsky ESPN Staff Writer The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams agreed to terms on a trade that would see Tennessee trade the number one overall pick, along with their fourth round (113 overall) and sixth round (177 overall) picks this year to the Rams, in exchange for the Rams first round pick (15), two second round (43 and 45) selections and third round (76) pick in 2016; along with the Rams first round pick and third round picks in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Titans now own nine selections in the 2016 Draft, including six of the top 76 picks in the draft.
  10. You would be willing to take a drastic pay cut because you were with a company for your entire career? I know I wouldn't be. The only reason Brick takes a pay cut is because his agent says he won't make more money than the Jets are offering on the open market. IMO, loyalty won't figure into his decision because it rarely does in sports and that goes both ways.
  11. Manning 3-1 vs Brady in ACFCG I think either NFC teams take it to Denver but I will be rooting for Manning
  12. It was an extra point not turn over on downs
  13. Give what a rest? Happy it wasn't called but imo it was PI. No biggie
  14. They are going to call this a catch and down by contact
  15. Why snap the ball with 14 seconds on the play clock?
  16. It is correct. The reason the Saints help the Colts out in the playoffs is because of the strength of victory tie breaker
  17. Jets Win, and either a KC or Denver lose, Jets get the 5th seed
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