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  1. WOW did GSP put on an absolute clinic on Hughes. Might be the last we see of Hughes. I just dont see anyone in the same class as GSP right now. I think Serra is gonna get whipped on when he is healthy again.

    I wasnt overly impressed by either Silva or Liddell. Silva seems to have lost a step and it looks like they will push Chuck back into a title bout against Rampage next year after Forrest Griffen gets his shot. Overall an entertaining PPV

  2. One of the best cards of the year and alot more action than the yuck/love fest that will be the Pats/Giants game.

    Chuck Liddell vs Silva

    Hughes vs GSP

    Lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Agree should be a great fight night but i persoally think the Liddell Silva fight is a few years late. Both are a little past their prime. To bad PRIDE would never let this fight happen a few years ago when they were both on top of their game.

  3. Damn!!!!

    FOUR, thats right, FOUR West Coast trips,,only the freakin Jets,,the curse continues..

    The when's haven't been decided, but the who's and the where's have. With the standings solidifying around the league, the Jets will play a third-place schedule next year and now have a complete list of their opponents. Here they are:

    Home Games: New England, Buffalo, Miami, Denver, Kansas City, Arizona, St. Louis, Cincinnati.

    Away Games: New England, Buffalo, Miami, Oakland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Tennessee.

    On the good side, all our Home games are winnable..maybe even a Pats upset

    Well if you look at this seasons road games there werent any big road trips. The farthest the Jets played away was at Dallas. In fact the Jets traveled the shortest milege in the NFL this year. So i guess they have to make it up next year.

  4. I just wanted to know if any of you that are on the waitlist for season tickets recieved your waitlist fee notice yet? I know in years past it was generally asked for in september but i never recieved mine. Or did they cancle it this year becasue of the horrid play on the field? (i am only wishing)

  5. I hated going to games when Parcells was the coach. Bunch of phonies in the stands. I started going to the games at the tail end of the Joe Walton era.

    And I'm actually glad those days are back.

    I can't describe the pure, ecstatic, schadenfreude I experience at that moment when I hand the scalper a ten dollar bill for a mezanine seat.

    I know that I will never, ever have the opportunity to punch Woody Johnson in the throat, and feel the unadulturated joy of doing that, but I'll tell you what, f***ing a scalper in that inhuman parking lot comes pretty damn close.

    Somehow, some way, it all comes out in the wash.

    I have to agree with this one. It is ALOT cheaper for people like me that dont have seaon tickets to go to the games.

  6. ive seen the price of a ticket at 275 for the west virginia game.. i lucked out, and scored some free tix for the game vs. maryland this weekend.. cant wait for that one.. "i aint asian, but i love rice" go ru

    I have a guy that i work with that has season tickets and he generally stops going when the weather gets cold (older gentleman) and he was kind enough to give me the tickets for the WV game. I am also going to the maryland game and am going to be right on the sidelines! :cool: Should be a good time.

  7. I recieve Lawence Maroney and steve smtih

    I send Willie Parker and Edge James

    My other Rbs are Travis Henry and Julius Jones

    My other WR are Randy Moss Andre Johnson and Jericho Cotchery

    Std 10 team scoring, NO PPR

    I am a littel worried about maroney because of all the weapons the pats have and smith gets alot of injuries. We start 2 rb 3wr and 1 wr/rb flex. Any help would be apprieciated.

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