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  1. Correction. Cumberland just running out of bounds instead of putting his foot in the ground and turning up field was the killer.
  2. Jumped backwards into the endzone while grabbing his balls
  3. Interesting TD celebration by Logan Ryan... Nothing but class
  4. isnt that unsportamanlike conduct for throwing a challange flag on an unreviewable play?
  5. holy sh*t. Are you tell me Harris got beat in coverage? Never seen that before.
  6. Well look at it this way, If you were still in Brooklyn, you still wouldnt be able to watch the Jets right now because Time Warner has cut channel 2. So you are not missing much...
  7. The stuff you spew is really entertaining. Keep up the good work!
  8. Any yet you thought it was a good hire. So you are saying at the time you were a Clueless. Incompetent. Fool? And if you say you were wrong about that hire, cant it be said you are also wrong about Idzik?
  9. you hear these a$$hole fans booing the pats? What a bunch of clowns...
  10. Well I guess you are rooting for the wrong team, cause Woody isnt going anywhere. Do I like Woody as an owner? No. But, the Jets are the team i root for, therefore, I will sit back and wait to see how this plays out before I jump to conclusions and say Woody hired the wrong guy. Me, you, nor the great Mike Franseca were in the interview and we have no idea about who is and who isnt qualified for the job. All we have is what is posted on the internet.
  11. So Gamble has been interviewed by a bunch of teams and not one has hired him? That should tell you something about him. Maybe the Jets were actually ahead of the curve with this hire?
  12. Fair enough. I was just talking about the guys he posted in the OP.
  13. If those guys are still under contract, Im pretty sure the only way they can go to a different team is if they get a promotion. Moving to a different team in the same position isnt allowed. Atleast is wasnt under the old CBA.
  14. I really hope Rex starts Sanchez just so the fans can express themselves in a proper manner.
  15. Please, for anybody that likes cruel and unusual punishment, that actually attends next weeks game and Sanchez touches the field, boo unmercifully for that POS.
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