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  1. thats all on Braylon... He could have broke that pass up...
  2. I wish this game was at home this week just to hear the booing.
  3. Agree 100%... this coward just made a 2 1/2 month old baby parentless.
  4. Interesting. Doesnt Wilson usually talk sh*t after he gets beat?
  5. Why does ESPN radio think it is necessary to put Joe on for an hour every week? Personally, I think he has lost a few marbles over the past few years. He just went on a rant on why Rex should have thrown the challange flag on Gronks 1st TD and that there is a misconception out there that all scoring plays are automatically reviewed. Don Legreca tried to tell him about how the rule changed for the past two years and Joe said that he was wrong and that only inside 2 min is the official upstairs allowed to call a review. Come on Joe, if you are going to go on a rant atleast get your facts straight.
  6. Im sorry I didnt type it fast enough for you... It was the right call whether he made the kick or not
  7. I have zero issue with Sanchez taking the sack. Better than throwing it away and saving NE a TO
  8. Has to be someone else because this guy that is playing today isnt tripping over his own feet...
  9. I didnt get to read the whole thread but has anyone said Sanchez sucks yet?
  10. He chased him down, yelling at him cause he thought the field goal was no good. The ref ignored him and Bill grab his arm and pulled him to get his attention.
  11. This week Goodell clearly made an emphasis on illegal contact but these morons clearly could not figure out the difference between PI and illegal contact. Also DHB gets his head pretty much knocked off with an vicious head to head contact and of course there was no flag. Are the real refs perfect. Hell no. But for the most part they are consistant and that is all I want.
  12. Thats funny, the same type of play earlier in the game was illegal contact...hmmmm, wierd.
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