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  1. God damn Defense... Revis needs to pick that fumble up and return it for a TD.. HE SUCKS
  2. What is his excuse for letting ball after ball go through his hands? He gets paid to catch the ball. I could care less what school or type of offense he played in college. Catch the damn ball
  3. How bad is the Bills pass Def that they made Sanchez look so good?
  4. these ****en refs dont even know the damn rules.. How can you have illegal contact within 5 yards? If you want to call PI, fine, but illegal contact. Same sh*t with santonio before. Ball in the air, it is PI. MORONS
  5. but but but they let Buffalo back into the game...
  6. That might have been one of the worst passes I have ever seen... Fitz threw the ball and then turned to his sideline and walked off...
  7. 1 bad mistake by sanchez and maybe 2 missed throws but a great half by him and the offense. Didnt the bills sign a passrusher or something this year that was suppose to sack Sanchez a bunch of times. Game isnt over though... Have to keep the pressure on both sides of the ball...
  8. Tom Brady just got a little banged up... Bloody nose and shoulder driven into ground on sack
  9. Correct me if Im wrong but I believe the NFL expanded automatic replays to turnovers also so Rex didnt challenge that play.
  10. Off topic: You do know you can just use the quote feature right? Back on topic:
  11. Are you saying that the Bills are a tough game for the Pats because they lost to them last year for the first time since 2003 and are not for the Jets?
  12. Evan Silva ‏@evansilva Jason Smith trade is humorous. #Jets are gonna need to get a GM who knows something about football. No chance he's actually seen Smith play. Evan Silva ‏@evansilva Both Hunter & Smith's salaries are guaranteed. $4M for Smith. $2.45M for Hunter. So #Rams save $1.55M in trade. Deal makes sense for STL.
  13. Cant remember any particular games I have completely missed but the one game I regret not attending is the '02 Jets/Packers game. Luckily I was able to score some playoff tickets the next week, so it sort of made up for it.
  14. "after watching his tape" or "on film" by guys who watch highlight videos on youtube
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