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  1. And you're point being? You know what school Jerry Rice went to? How about Ben Roethlisberger? Randy Moss? There have been plenty of very very productive NFL players that didn't get noticed coming out of HS and played in small, lesser known conferences.

    Don't get me wrong, Im not saying Davis is going to be anywhere near that category of player at any point in his career. And I'm also not saying you have to like the pick. I, however, don't think its fair or all that reasonable to dislike the pick based solely on what type of recognition he got coming out of High School

    I get what you're saying and I completely agree but Randy Moss isnt the best example. He got kicked out of both Notre Dame and Florida St. before ending up at Marshall.

  2. Thanks. That is so sad. I mean seriously? This could totally happen. lol And those teams are pathetic. Thats the category we're in? Gross.

    I dont think the Jets win this Sunday, but I could totally see all those things happening.

    I'll forever remember this year as the season that got Tebowed.

    Agree 100% on losing to Miami. Whether the Jets won or lost last weekend, I have no faith in them beating the fish.

  3. Oh okay makes sense. Does the same apply for Oakland if they win and we do too? But cinci and tennessee loses?

    The only way for the Jets to get in is if they are tied with Cinci only. The Jets lose all tiebreakers when there is a third team involved. So the only way the Jets get in is both Cinci and Tenn Lose and either Denver and Oak lose.

  4. http://espn.go.com/n...ets-source-says

    The NFL is expected to fine New York Jets coach Rex Ryan between $75,000 and $100,000 for using profane language to a fan at halftime of last Sunday night's game against the New England Patriots, a league source told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell still wants to review the facts of the incident one more time before rendering a final verdict, but the fine will come in north of the $50,000 the Jets fined Ryan when he made an obscene gesture to fans at a mixed martial arts event in Miami during Super Bowl week in 2010 and will be at least $75,000.

    Ryan's brief exchange with the fan was caught on video and was making the rounds last week on the Internet.

    "Hey, Rex, Belichick is better than you," the fan screamed to Ryan, who was walking off the field and into the locker room tunnel with the rest of the team at MetLife Stadium.

    "Shut the f--- up," Ryan yelled back to the fan, who isn't seen in the video.

    Ryan apologized last Monday.

    "I was emotional, it was an emotional time," Ryan said. "I obviously made a mistake. I was full of emotion and just popped off. Obviously, I know I represent the National Football League, I know I represent the Jets, and I know it was a mistake. I apologize for it.

    "This is who I am ... I'm about as big a competitor as there is and, at that time, I was in no mood to hear anything, but I also understand I have to handle that better."

  5. Its a shame that Rex is tying his career to Snchz. I really like him as our HC and want him to be here for a long time. His faith in this sh*tty Qb is going to do him in.

    Rex also said that Gholston was the next Terrell Suggs and Rhodes the next Ed Reed. Up until they were gone.

    The difference is Rex didnt have his hand in drafting Rhodes or Gholston.

  6. Hes having a sophomore slump.

    You know, like the one Sanchez has been in for 3 years.

    Can you please explain to the rest of us, that clearly aren't up to your intellectual standards, how a player can have a sophomore slump in his first year?

  7. Why do people dislike him? I personally enjoy him being the leader and getting the crowd on their feet. Jets fans suck. They're quiet half the damn time. I remember some fag told me to sit down week cause I was standing up and "in his way."

    **** him.


    I remeber a few years ago when he got injured on the job and didnt attend a single game, the stadium was quiet for most of the games. There wasnt a single good Jets chant the entire year. Like Ghost said, Jets fan suck and for some reason we need him to get the stadium riled up. Otherwise, there would be no home field advantage at all. The only thing I dislike about him is sometimes his timming is off and he tries to get people going when the Jets are on offense.

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