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  1. This is horrible. So Faulk gets in but the Martin does not. I guess it pays to work for NFL Network!

    You never thought of Curtis being the best running back in the league or atleast i didnt. Faulk was one of most dynamic players ever and deserved to be in on the first ballot.

  2. He is as talented and with as much potential as any Cornerback the league has ever seen.

    If he plays at this level another few years, say a minimum of 6-8 seasons, he could be among the greatest cornerbacks ever to play, alongside the likes of Dion Sanders and Darrel Greene.

    But he is expensive, and a second holdout is something we (fans) should be mentally prepared for, eventually. Money will be an issue again before his time in NY is over.

    You mean third.

  3. OC

    Pass rusher

    Free Safety

    Keep Edwards,Holmes,B Smith,Harris and Cromartie.

    Look to improve the defense with some speed at LB and better depth on the DL.

    It wont be close to possible to keep the players you want to keep and then get the other pieces you are referring to

  4. That article is Cimini at his worst drumming up something that is not even a real story. Here is the deal with Revis.

    He signed a 4 year contract that for cap purposes is actually a 7 year deal. The 25 million number that Cimini is referencing is his cash payout. He will earn 7 million in salary and he will get an 18 million dollar signing/option bonus. For cap purposes the 18 million will count 3 million towards the cap in each year. There is also some prorated money from his last deal in his cap number. His cap charge is about 11.3 million not 25 million.

    Just what in the world is Revis going to do to restructure to give relief the way Cimini insinuates? The maximum years for prorating bonus money is 6 years and that will not change in a new CBA. His deal already is set to absorb the max proration. It is already spread out over a long term deal. There is no longer term deal that the team could do to make it all better. Does he honestly think that a guy who complained and complained and complained about his deal, sat out all of camp and got hurt because of it is now going to pick up the phone and say "yeah Mike I need to help the team. Ill take a paycut and defer more money"? Its idiotic to even think that.

    The extension that is coming is Sanchez. He is set to earn nearly 15 million in cash and his cap charge is nearly 18 million. If there is a story to be found its just what do you give a young QB that has led a successful team but still has not proven that he is a superstar QB. Thats the story. Not whether or not the Jets try to get Revis back to the contract table.

    It's great to have a resource like yourself to sort through all the BS. Thank you for setting the record straight.

  5. I think Harris is overrated, personally. He's a good hitter and a smart player. Basically he's very good, which is how he's seen around the league, so I don't consider him underrated. Only way he's underrated is if he's super-elite, which he isn't. If he was in that stratosphere of ILB'ers he'd be able to cover a TE now and again, or go stride-for-stride with a RB out of the backfield or slot receiver for >2 yards. He's a keeper at his (2010 and prior) cheap dollars, but he ain't worth the kind of bucks he'll command as a FA. Not unless they cut ties with Bart Scott.

    100% agree on Harris. Good tackler but a huge liability in coverage. Personally would love to see if Westerman can fill the void. Probably will not be as good as Harris but for the price difference, might be worth the risk.

    Also just read that Revis will be making 25 mil next year. That dude needs to restructure

  6. Yes that is what I said, No not quite but Rex has the full load and utimately the D coordinator is responsible for the defensive play. I dont know who was making the defensive calls in the first half but they should have recognized it and changed to man sooner. If that be Rex's responsibility or Pettine's but as I said that is the responsibility of the D coordinator.

    Rex has called the def for the past 2 years. Pettine is just Rex's lackey

  7. I am NOT AT ALL blaming the refs for this loss. HOWEVER, I don't see how they ignored BACK TO BACK penalties in the Jets last drive. That is unacceptable! There was a late hit on Sanchez, followed by a helmet to helmet on Greene. Both of these actually would have changed the complexion of the game. I never want to hear a Steeler fan bitch about penalties again! (That is their way)

    If you are referring to the play where Greene and Farrior collided in the flats then there is no such penalty for helmet to helmet hits on a ball carrier.

  8. I'd take a real tight end. I take back what I said about Heath Miller- dude is a football player.

    Keller is atrocious.

    It really is amazing how bad keller is with the ball. The dude just trips and falls over everything.

  9. lmfao what a pussy!

    He was yapping at the sideline to Rex all ****in game and then drops a thrid down pass cause he heard footsteps. **** the Pats, they're in the rearview now.

    BTW- I didnt see Brady congratulate anyone, ****in bitch just walked straight into the locker room to cry like the baby he is. Loved the look on Brady's face all game, just wish he didnt have a chance to duck when Coleman got that sack. His back woulda been ****ED up.

    To be fair, in his post game interview, Sanchez did say Brady congratulated him after the game.

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