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  1. Rich Gunnell , WR, Boston College - left BC as their all time leading receiver, had a great career. - was Matt Ryan's favorite target the year they made it to number 2 in the rankings - had a great career capped of with an excellent bowl game vs USC.
  2. Jason Pierre Paul. not sure why everyone is so enamored with him. He put up 6 sacks this year, with George Selvie on the other side of him. Didnt see enough college production from him to see why he should be a top 15 pick.
  3. I dont want any part of Taylor Mays whatsoever. The guy may have the measurables but his on field production and abilities are nowhere near that. He may look good in underarmour, run fast, and bench alot but I think we have learned from the VG pick. I want Earl Thomas or Chad Jones.
  4. Hey would you like to join my Forums Site. I need more Members and Mods. JetsTitanForums.com

  5. The first thing I do when I start a Jets franchise is trade away Gholston instantly. dont want that bum on my team
  6. i view TJ as the other way around. he is a guy that needs to get around 20-25 carries a game in order to get his yards per carry average up because Jones has a lot of carries where he only gets 1 to 2 yards but then all of a sudden on his 19th carry he will break off a 40 to 50 yards run which will boost his stats up. This is why I dont think TJ will be effective as a 3rd Running back who only gets a few carries per game.
  7. Here is a little logic for you: When you draft players, you are essentially replacing your verterns with these "random ass rookies". we replaced Brett Favre with that random ass rookie Mark Sanchez. So yes, drafting a safety is a possible replacement for Kerry soft ass Rhodes
  8. does it really matter? im sure theres a lot of giants/non jets fans that voted for the colts. Heck theyre might even be a couple of Jets fans who although obviously want the jets to win arent very comfortable.
  9. gonna bump this up for anyone that may be interested.
  10. try and make it if you can. its gonna be a great time.
  11. Hey guys, my father(huge Jets fan and season ticket holder) is hosting a Jets Breakfast Brunch tailgate viewing party at his restaurant, Marlins Cafe in Point Pleasant Beach NJ, for the Jets vs Colts game on Sunday. THE BREAKFAST/BRUNCH from 12:30-1:30 is FREE WHERE: MARLINS CAFE - 1901 Ocean Avenue Point Pleasant NJ 08742 732-714-8035 WHEN: Sunday, January 20. 12:30 till end of game DETAILS: -BREAKFAST/BRUNCH- FREE - complimentary breakfast/brunch from 12:30 to 1:30 before the game starts - When the game starts there will be Pizza, Wing, and Beer Specials.
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