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  1. Somone Please Post the Jets Draft Picks we have (left) 1st 2nd 3rd - TRADED for Braylon Edwards 4th - TRADED for Lito Sheppard 4th - Acquired for Kerry Rhodes 5th - TRADED for Santonio Holmes 6th 7th If you have additional information please post and i'll edit
  2. I'll call my shot like Joe Namath and the Babe - Leon gets dealt for a 3rd round pick and Marshall becomes a Jet with a 2nd this year and conditional next year based on performance. You heard it here first....
  3. I would take the colts and hope the ravens can win 2 and set us up for a home game championship sunday!
  4. If you play Bar Trivia check out www.NationalTrivia.com they run a game in 50 venues in New Jersey! Mark Sanchez was the answer to this week's first sports question Name the only QB to start 3-0 in his first three NFL Games as a rookie. Another one from this week i liked, name the only NFC team to win the Super Bowl in Miami Florida, The 49ers are the team, there have been 5 super bowls and only 1 NFC winner.
  5. I have 2 of 4 losses to Indi, New Orleans, Atlanta and Tenn and Two out of 5 games against either buffalo miami and new england. I think we take down everyone else, 12-4 should win the division and hopefully give us a bye. God, what a year it would be!
  6. Anyone else remember dancing at the fact that we got a 4th rounder for Herm? Can you think of a better trade that we've ever made?
  7. Here's another prediction, people with no NFL credentials will make random guesses at things they have no insight on and may or may not be right based on pure luck. Thats something you can bank on while you think about making more pointless predictions.
  8. Hopefully this cat does better then Anthony Schleggal (however the hell you spell that scrubs name) BEREA: When the subject of hunting was broached to Browns rookie linebacker Kaluka Maiava, he wasn't sure how to respond. ''What do you mean, on the field or actual hunting?'' Maiava said. That's because the fourth-round draft pick from USC honed his skill for chasing down opponents as a teenager, hunting wild boar in the the mountains of Maui. And there were no guns involved, just a of couple dogs and presumably a long knife. ''We don't use guns, that's cheating,'' Maiava said Saturday after practice at the Browns' rookie minicamp that concludes today. ''Anybody can shoot something. ''It takes the fun out of it. It's the rush to chase something and tackle it, just like football.'' Actually, there is no tackling involved, either. ''You don't grab 'em, you stick 'em a couple times,'' he said. Maiava acknowledged he gets nervous every time he goes. ''Sometimes I run into a big one, they've got tusks that can hurt you,'' Maiava said. ''We lost a couple dogs; he stuck the dog with his tusk. I never got hit.'' The next chance for that might not come anytime soon. Since NFL contracts prohibit such activities as motorcycle riding and sky diving, Maiava's might include a clause on boar hunting. ''No comment,'' he said, hinting that subject already might have been brought up. Maiava (pronounced my-ava) started boar hunting with friends around age 15. Tradition requires the youngest hunter to carry the boar, so it was Maiava who packed it on his back and hauled it home to be roasted. ''I got lucky, it was only like 150 [pounds],'' he said. ''It was a small one.'' The subject of hunting came up before the draft when Browns coach Eric Mangini visited USC before the Trojans' pro day. Mangini met with the USC prospects individually, and Maiava said Mangini asked about his hobbies. Surfing and hunting are his favorites, and Mangini remembered Maiava's disdain for guns. Even if his quest for boar has been indefinitely suspended, Maiava said his hunting days can translate to the football field. ''Say you're on kickoff team and you're chasing down the kick returner . . . '' Maiava said. That might help explain why Maiava was USC's two-time special teams player of the year. Overshadowed by Trojans linebackers Rey Maualuga, Brian Cushing and Clay Matthews III, Maiava started only one season and finished 2008 as the third-leading tackler with 66 (41 solos), 71/2 for losses and five pass breakups. He was voted defensive player of the game in the Rose Bowl with four solo tackles and two passes broken up, one on the opening drive, in a 38-24 rout of Penn State. ''It was a shock to me. I was on the way to the locker room when they stopped me and told me I won the award,'' Maiava said. ''It's a blessing . . . to [go out] with a bang in my last game at USC.'' Maiava will move inside with the Browns, but he sees no problems with the transition. ''At SC I was called outside linebacker, but most of the time I was stacked over the center,'' he said. ''It's not a big change for me. I'm very comfortable in that position.'' At 5-foot-11 and 226 pounds, Maiava might seem small, but Mangini said Saturday he will stay at linebacker. ''He was an outstanding fourth-down player at USC,'' Mangini said. ''I thought he played extremely well in their defense. I was really impressed with his intelligence, his recall of the system, the way he played, his temperament. He is a tough, tough guy.''
  9. I'm going to go out on a limb and say 4-7 guys from this list make the team. My bets are Brannon Sutherland first and foremost - Both Safties have a great shot at it. Britt Davis is an interesting guy as are both Tight Ends. I also like the Punter and i'm very high on Zach Potter. How many rosters spots do you think our UDFA rookie class takes up?
  10. The idea is for better or worse the core group of Jets moving forward are Drafted players, they make up the core of the team and there are subsequent fill in players that have been added to plug the holes, i see the approach as balanced not desperate or crazy (i.e redskins/raiders).
  11. As much as we are criticized for being a team that hits big FA players that outprice their old team, we have a solid core of players that are pure Jets, with Sanchez leading the way, all of these guys (except Moore and Thomas) are under 28 years old, that should give us a nice 5 year window to keep the core in tact and be a successful team. Now the real question, since i won't ever wear a #6, whose jersey should i get? Offense: Sanches, Washington, Greene, Cotchery, Smith, Stucky, Mangold, Ferguson, Moore (UDFA), Keller Defense: Ellis, Harris, Revis, Rhodes, Thomas, Lowery, Gholston. (ST) W. Wright (UDFA)
  12. Al Davis was confused, he thought he was getting a crack at Johnny Lam Jones, not Darious Haywerd Bay. You can see where he'd make that mistake. I just think McCoy and Maclin will be great NFL players and if before the day you told me we'd add those two for Kellen i'd have been thrilled, especially without trading up. I agree the 3 players mean nothing especially Ratlif in lou of Sanchez. I just hope the kid is what we think he is.
  13. Honestly, that is the trade based on what could have been taken in our spots. Is it worth it? I'm not saying Sanchez can't be great, but so can Maclin and McCoy and the other 3 guys are contributors at the very least
  14. The USC Band plays the song El Matador in honor of Mark Sanchez. That is his new nickname. Mark "El Matador" Sanchez, if he stinks he'll be "Dirty Sanchez".
  15. Here we go gentleman, will he be the Franchise?
  16. route running of Marvin Harrison with the explosiveness of Steve Smith, Just 2 elements of those guys games, clearly Harrison and Smith are different but they have smilar elements and i believe Nicks contains elements of both players
  17. Hakeem Nicks is a special talent. Hands, speed quickness, selflessness and modesty. He is a Steve Smith / Marvin Harrison type player who will be doing nothing but making plays on Sundays for years to come. He is soft spoken and a solid teammate and would be a perfect fit for the Jets. Comments?
  18. Its cute you have a football opinion although it is a lousy one. QB is the hardest position in the NFL to come by and you don't trade an undeveloped guy for a low round pick if he has potential to be a good player and all 3 backups have potential. Favre might be one and done and then next year you won't have to worry about carrying 4
  19. Ocho Cinco is NOT 85 its 8 - 5 Ochenta Y Cinco is 85. He is funny though i'll give him that...just don't plan on seeing chad ocho cinco on my team, thats for damn sure
  20. Do you know the guys that own this place? Ive been looking for a place in NC to get our pub trivia game Quizzo and that looks like the perfect spot. Whats your email i'll send you a note off the board. Thanks! "The Dude Abides"
  21. Someone must know where to find the conf online. Please advise
  22. Any links would be helpful i'd like to here the conference live
  23. How did he break it he missed almost half the season the next year, if anyone broke the "curse" which is nonsense it is Eddie George
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