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  1. You are stupid and big brother is gay...
  2. ...and give it to Brian Brohm when we draft him....all Jet fans will forget about Joe Namath after Brohms career.... He's a lock for the Hall of Fame.
  3. I dont know what you mean.. there is no point to my life anymore
  4. He will be better than Joe Montana....Hes that good..
  5. Even if it means taking him at 6....there is not a flaw in his game..
  6. I am thinking about killing myself. Is that a good idea. I failed out of fire school. My grand mother / girlfriend is not that into sex anymore. What is the point?
  7. I had to take my girlfriend/grand mother to the orthopedic doctor today. I am back home now and have plenty of time. She can't have sex with me because she said it is that time of the month. When do girls go through the change of life? I would think by mid sixties that the bleeding would have stopped by now.
  8. How do you know me? I don't remember you. I am Boom Boom. Hear me roar.
  9. Mayo is a reach in that spot. And they have no need for Johnson. Clemens is talented.
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