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  1. "Here's looking at you, kid." Many returns.
  2. You guys are like jilted ex-gfs. Complain about how awful the guy is, and then get all misty-eyed over the good times. And repeat the cycle again every so often. The tension is palpable. Can't we all just get along?
  3. Well that's not very nice. I was trying to be helpful.
  4. You sure about that? I got rejected from every law school I applied to 5 years ago. Best thing that ever happened to me. I realized that I didn't really want to go to law school, I was just a poli sci major with nothing else to do. So I worked a few years, figured out what I really wanted to do, and now I'm on my way. Don't fret.
  5. Does throat cancer = esophageal cancer? I know that's a particularly deadline form of the disease. I saw a picture of him on the cover of one of the tabloids at the grocery store. He looks like he's in rough shape. That's too bad, it really is. Terrible way to go -- it's like getting sentenced with a 6 month long death penalty. Jets fan or not, he needs some well wishes sent his way.
  6. Those were some of the best threads in JI history. Oh, I'd love to dig some of those up one day.
  7. I am curious as to what kleck thinks is the smack that I talk about him on JI. I thought he doesn't read JI.
  8. lol, I got it. You know who I really miss? Super Newb. I don't know who he really was or where he came from, but every one of his posts was comic gold.
  9. You got to pick your battles. You learn to just accept that there's always one or two mods who will not see eye to eye with you, and move on. I figure, let the mods be uptight, I don't do anything to provoke them anyway. Life's short, you know?
  10. Since this whole thread is about JI, I'll add a brief commentary. The place has undergone a distinct change from 2 or so years ago. With the great migration and the establishment of the Hampur, it's become much more easygoing. All the regulars just shoot the breeze and jackass about in the Hampur, and leave the ridiculous baiting, noob-bashing, and tedious arguments to the main page. I rarely visit that part in the offseason. The politics forum is back, but I was promoted to try to keep a handle on the constant name-calling. And that's it. No real cliques to speak of -- who did you take issue
  11. Will do. Listerfiend is setting up a fantasy football draft and Mike D practically begged him to get you in the league, and therefore I implied that both of you are homos. Pretty much status quo over there.
  12. jeez, tough crowd. For the record, I always liked you Bleedin'. Remember the late night crew thread? I thought you were a cool dude. Sorry if I came off as otherwise.
  13. That's a tough one Hess, I'm very sorry to hear that. I've had a few dogs in my lifetime, but we had to put down one after a short battle with prostate cancer (yes, dogs can get that) about 5 years ago and it still bothers me a little to this day. We had him cremated and his ashes put into a little wooden box. Nailed his doggy tag to the box and it's still in my house. That is a tough one.
  14. Wow, great stuff. So you get to take a little vacation before starting your doctorate program. That ain't bad. Where are you looking go? I just finished my first semester at Rutgers -- it's actually an MPP program. I love it, it's an awesome curriculum with profs who really know their stuff. Three more semesters and I'll be a master at public policymaking, I suppose. Right now, I think I want to go into lobbying.
  15. Happy Birthday to you... now you get to hang out with Jets Babe whenever you want. So why'd you move to South Florida anyway? Besides the fact that you're a Jew from the NY area.
  16. He's pretty enthusiastic, you gotta give him that.
  17. Nah, I'm too loyal to defect. Or, too lazy to establish any clear loyalties. Or, I just don't really give a damn.
  18. They also let Hammer be mod. Just sayin'.
  19. Ha, I set 'em up and you knocked 'em down. Hey-Oh!
  20. Hey Zaius, I had no idea Sooth paid you on a freelance basis for the graphics stuff. Not that you didn't deserve it, but that's pretty nice of him. And you did do a great job. Which also makes it bewildering that you'd get permabanned for something so silly. Could Hammer be an even worse mod than Klecko? Is that even possible??
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