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  1. Hey Jets fans!!! Haven't been on here for awhile. I remember in 07 when we were up against the patsies for the AFCCG you all changed your avatars to Colts pix! I loved it and thought it was very classy and cool! If you would like to meet some fun Colts fans, come to our tailgater. We are very welcoming and always have food and drinks to share. We are the Coltpower gang and we tailgate just south, across the street, from the Hurst Bean field. We used to be in the Bean Lot but after the Luke went up it got too pricey. So we are in the Hurst annex lot. It is on McCarty St. just across from the Hu
  2. We at Coltpower are changing our avatars for you in thanks for your support last year before the AFCCG. Go JETS!!!
  3. Thanks to all of you here at Jetnation! You're awesome and it DID work last time! I need that avatar of Brady in a sports bra. Anybody got it? Smizzy?
  4. Just stopped by to say hi and wish you all a fun draft day! We will be having a great time in Indy.
  5. Thank you to Smizzy, his magic 8 ball and all of you here at Jetnation who supported us!!!!!! It worked. Can you all keep those avatars for two more weeks?? What an amazing game. The dome was so loud I think I've gone deaf. I saw a guy on the news last night who had made copies of Tom Brady in the sports bra and was passing them out all over town! You guys (and gals) ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Have you seen our Tom Brady Can Bite Me thread at Coltpower? It's highly amusing.
  7. Oh you and your magic 8 ball are definately heroes.
  8. We appreciate it immensely. And everyone thoroughly enjoyed the picture of "Sports bra Brady"!!
  9. This thread is hilarious! Thanks for your support Jet fans!! You are all welcome to visit us at Coltpower.com GO COLTS!!!!!!!!
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