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  1. That has to be like 14 years ago by now
  2. Holy throwback!!!! Hope you’re well! Joined JI 16 years ago. We are all so old.
  3. Hope all of my old JI people are well. Super excited about the season, the loss of Lawson really blows, but im hyped to see how Zach will do.
  4. Hell yeah, good for you. I have floor seats for the 29th and 31st of January.
  5. I didnt put the comma.. lol
  6. you're an odd lady. Always wanted to ask you this on JI.. are you a lesbian bisexual? Why are you obsessed with Mawae???
  7. of course. http://www.g4tv.com/attackoftheshow/videos/34616/Kevin_Pereira_and_Olivia_Munns_Halloween_Antics.html
  8. Gary Puckett and The Union Gap "Woman,Woman"
  9. SBIII

    My new tattoo.

    The irony of you being from France.
  10. SBIII

    My new tattoo.

    Not at all. Or something like this but smaller.
  11. SBIII

    My new tattoo.

    When I get it, if I do.. I want to base it around something similar to this, add some blue to the wings and feathers.. some other touches.. smaller inside my forearm.
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