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  1. That has to be like 14 years ago by now
  2. Holy throwback!!!! Hope you’re well! Joined JI 16 years ago. We are all so old.
  3. Hope all of my old JI people are well. Super excited about the season, the loss of Lawson really blows, but im hyped to see how Zach will do.
  4. Hell yeah, good for you. I have floor seats for the 29th and 31st of January.
  5. I didnt put the comma.. lol
  6. you're an odd lady. Always wanted to ask you this on JI.. are you a lesbian bisexual? Why are you obsessed with Mawae???
  7. of course. http://www.g4tv.com/attackoftheshow/videos/34616/Kevin_Pereira_and_Olivia_Munns_Halloween_Antics.html
  8. The irony of you being from France.
  9. Not at all. Or something like this but smaller.
  10. When I get it, if I do.. I want to base it around something similar to this, add some blue to the wings and feathers.. some other touches.. smaller inside my forearm.
  11. The phoenix is also known as a "firebird". According to ancient Egyptian lore, this mythical creature is said to choose its own moment of death, create a funeral pyre, and then rise from its ashes to live again. The phoenix is unique among mythical creatures; only one can live at any time. This bird has become a symbol of overcoming adversity, of renewal, and of courage. Now i'd love to get it for the simple fact, that I have totally changed my ways over the past few years. From failing, and almost dropping out to starting college in Sept. I have become more of a man since a certain event almost 4 years ago now. Almost like a rebirth of my NEW life.
  12. But im not sure I totally believe in what it stands for, so I don't know. I have time, and certainly don't have the money now, but its good to plan.
  13. Im not sure, If I want the Carpe Diem, or wait a bit longer, and get a Phoenix on my arm.
  14. Two years later, u still cant get it right.. JETSRULE
  15. Yea, the reason for the carpe diem is basically a thought I have every day after seeing how young my father went. Smile, laugh, be happy.
  16. Inside left forearm: RIP Dad Inside right forearm: Carpe Diem Yep, totally getting it after X-mas.
  17. lol, I remember you calling her all "coy"
  18. I'd like $1,000. lol.. we played a joke on my uncle a while back, he went nuts, and read the back..
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