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  1. How is Mahomes when it comes to leader of mens? Because I don’t know if you’d heard, but we got the leaderest leader whose ever leadered in Jamal Leadership Adams. Is Mahomes going to revolutionize the position there, Chief? See what I did there with that last one? I called you Chief. A colloquial salutation but also the name of your leaderless team. Do you get it?
  2. $550 doesn't seem like enough... Would you accept more?
  3. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    I don't even need words. I transcend language.
  4. Kiper's Mock 2.0 (2/21)

    More likely, Darnold falls and we still draft Minkah Fitzpatrick because we have 180M locked up in Kirk Cousins.
  5. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    If we go defense, at 6, I'm hoping to change it to ChubbEY
  6. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    If @LemonTree plays, I'm in. But in reality, I think I'd rather drink sweat out of the bitchy fat chick's folds, after she walked up 3 flights of stairs on a hot day, with a crazy straw, than do this right now.
  7. The evidence is nonsense, but the conclusion isn't wrong. The only thing that would make it in Cousin's best interest to come here is money. Every single other option is better. The most (only?) attractive on field thing about the Jets for Cousin's recent pronounced he would nut in a cop's wife's eye.
  8. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    I hope that @LemonTree signs up though.
  9. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    I feel like this post took a long time to make.
  10. I Promise You. Just Watch.

    Your promise means a lot to me. Thank you.
  11. Around week 4 of the season, someone lit into me about how Stewart was on his way to being a special player. Anyone wanna take credit for that one now?