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  1. Counter-counter-counter-point: I know where you stand on this overall. I was simply adding that I think the trade was good for the Jets regardless of the compensation, because not paying Jamal was a meaningful win. Whereas, I was responding to a post where you said you didn't want him traded initially because you were worried about adequate compensation. My personal position was that I would never have paid Jamal Adams what he reportedly wanted, regardless of what he could get back. There's room for minor disagreement amongst teammates, counselor!
  2. Any thoughts on why Sewell was lower? He was pretty much considered the consensus prior to the draft. Was it the opt out?
  3. Counterpoint: Not paying 20M (or at least 15M per), which represents a meaningful portion of your salary cap, to a liability in pass coverage, who is probably the biggest reason for his teams 1st round exit, was the value of the trade. The draft picks were just amazing bonuses.
  4. I liked Robby Anderson and all, but he scored as many TDs in Carolina as Braxton Berrios did for us.
  5. Come on... I really don't want to get excited for this team.
  6. If it's any consolation, I read the post you responded to and thought, "Warfish will be here soon."
  7. I, for one, will miss first round picks like Calvin Pryor, Kyle Wilson, and Darron Lee.
  8. The fact that the information is publicly available makes it no less weird that you know it.
  9. Maybe we can trade him to Seattle for 2 first rounders?
  10. Get them both. All these Elijah’s are too good to.... Passover.
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