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  1. Idzik blew 2 drafts to Macc's 5. Idzik didn't have any major missteps in FA. Macc didn't really have any good signings.
  2. The article compares the two. Not sure if you saw that.
  3. Let me see if I understand this. Darnold is compared to Favre. I point out that Darnold doesn’t have the arm to support being Favre. You post a picture of a QB with a strong arm who wasn’t good because in your mind, this somehow supports Sam Darnold?
  4. Ah, ok. So, that’s one post within an argument as I see it. I guess you’re calling that the entire argument against Darnold. Sorry for the confusion.
  5. First, the entire argument is not based on W/L record. But, you already knew that. Second, for a fanbase that's spent the entire week projecting future failure of an opponents MVP QB due to injury, you would think the fact that Darnold has been unavailable for 20% of his games would be considered part of the evaluation with him. Third, if you want to make the argument that Sam Darnold is more valuable to the Jets than Luke Falk, I can certainly concede the point.
  6. I'm not even sure what this means. Should we have traded away all our picks because Macc was bad? We should have fired Macc much earlier, he should have never been given the chance to trade up for Darnold in the 1st place. Once it was clear how big a mistake Adams over Watson/Mahommes was, he should have never been allowed another decision for this franchise.
  7. He's likely about to go 5-11 in year two, is in the bottom of the league in standard and advanced metrics, but it's the "haters" who have to do mental gymnastics to support their argument. Yeah.
  8. What if I told you there's enough mental head space to be unhappy about Darnold's performance relative to 4 high draft picks AND be upset about Hackenberg and Polite. Frankly, it's Where's ******* Waldo to find a Maccagnan Pick not to be upset about.
  9. Facts are not welcome in conversation about Sam Darnold. Only reasons why, despite facts, he's elite.
  10. I don't know if Adam Gase would build an offense around Lamar Jackson, because Adam Gase doesn't have Lamar Jackson. Today, the 2019 Jets, it really doesn't matter who the coach is. I said this before Gase was even hired, so it's not about defending Gase at all. I'm not a Gase supporter any more than I was a Bowles supporter. I'm a, Macc did such an exceptionally bad job that there's no coach saving this team. I think it's also silly to say that we had the same talent on offense as the past few years. Our offensive line is worse, our QB has more raw talent, but isn't as seasoned at the position as the past QBs, and our WRs are worse. We upgraded the one position that's almost fully reliant on the offensive line, and you're seeing why that wasn't a good idea. Anyway, if I'm wrong... Explain Schotty's current success, please. 5 wins is about what I imagined this team would have this year. Here we are. Most of the non-homers here predicted a max of around 7 wins. Now people are killing the coach for winning essentially how many games they thought the team would win in the first place.
  11. How, specifically, do you isolate a coach from the talent? Gase hasn't shown me that he's a good head coach, but he hasn't shown me that he's a bad one either. He's shown me that he can lose with a losing roster. As I've said before, I think there's coaches on both ends of the spectrum, but for the bulk of these guys, they're a product of their rosters. Schotty is a great example of this. When Schotty was here, Jets fans arguments against him essentially distilled down to the idea that he didn't understand how 1st downs worked. Now, he's the OC for a top 5 offense. Did Schotty suddenly learn to coach, or are the Russell Wilson led Seahawks meaningfully better than the Mark Sanchez led Jets. And, even if you want to make the argument that Schotty did suddenly learn to coach, why have two top tier QBs, Rivers and Brees, credited him with helping them reach their level of success. Play design and play calling look a lot better with proper execution. Was Darnold's bad INT a bad play call, or was the issue execution? I'd say Darnold blew it. Additionally, where's the credit for Gase on the Jets positive drives this game? That's how Jets fans evaluate coaches. Something goes well, it's the players, and a sure sign that Darnold is a FQB. Something goes bad, and it's Gase, who is, ruining a sure thing FQB. As for play design, there's not a lot of reinventing of the wheel, we like to pretend that there's a million secret plays, but this just isn't the case. As for development of a QB, what if, and I know this is crazy, Darnold just isn't that good, and makes the same mistakes he made in college? The overall thesis remains the same, fire gase, don't fire gase, it really is minimally impactful on the Jets vs. the difference in the team that will result from Douglas not doing the worst job in the NFL over the course of 5 years. Frankly, there's an argument to be made that Gase is getting more out of this team than could be expected, when you consider the last 5 drafts.
  12. I'm saying that Gase isn't the problem. Macc blowing 5 consecutive drafts, and doing even worse in free agency, while criminally neglecting the offensive line, is the problem. I'm saying that the roster is the problem, and there's not a coach out there that would compete with this roster. As far as HCs are concerned, the genius de jour is whoever's team is talented and hot that season. I'm not hearing McVay or Pederson in that way anymore. The only genius who's stood the test of time is belichick, and he's a rampant cheater. If Joe Douglas does a great job, Adam Gase, or whomever is the coach when this mess is cleaned up, will be the genius coach of the NYJ.
  13. Outside of Jets fans, and Manish Metha, I don't see the ROI on firing Gase this offseason. We're not the most attractive job this offseason and we're sending a message that in a year with this many injuries, and this little talent on the field, we'll fire you in one year. I just don't see how it makes sense to do it this year.

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