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  1. Yup. And, even Vernon Davis probably didn't live up to his draft slot. At least not over the span of his rookie deal.
  2. Yeah, so, now it's laziness or lack of motivation that is the reason Darnold sucks... Is someone keeping a list?
  3. Who wants that uncomfortably attractive woman when we already have this: And she's got a $25 gift card to Applebees after giving the manager a piece of her mind because she asked for dressing on the side, and as you can clearly see, it was mixed in.
  4. Fair enough. I stopped scrolling at 1978. So, it's been just under 50 years since a TE was drafted top 5. http://www.drafthistory.com/index.php/positions/te Vernon Davis was the most recent #6 and that was 15 years ago.
  5. There have been two TE's drafted top 10 in the last decade, and both were by the Lions. No TE has ever been drafted top 5. This seems unlikely.
  6. We can comprehend what you're trying to sell. The problem is, you're trying to explain his situation as to why he's the worst QB in the NFL, yet still has huge upside. This isn't a mediocre player who appears poised for a breakout, if he weren't routinely limited by those around him. This is a terrible player, who, frankly, is probably making his situation worse, rather than the opposite. Sam also played all of FO's bottom 6 defenses, including Miami twice, and a Bills team resting starters, on his way to his heroic 6-2 finish. That's why it's obvious he didn't regress, he just
  7. I'm not going to make you any list of names, because I'm not the one who needs comparisons to support my argument. I'm making the exceptionally simple point that apparently is hard to grasp, that the QB who was not good his junior year of college, that QBASE gave a high bust rate to, and who was not good for three seasons in the NFL, is in fact, not good. Mind blowing stuff, I know. You Darnold Stans are the ones doing the mental gymnastics and in need of huge reaches of logic to defend a guy who's been the NFL's worst QB for three years. If Darnold were good, we'd have seen it by now.
  8. This is how you draft Jamal Adams over Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, of course. Also, I'd hardly call Chad Pennington going to the Dolphins and them introducing an offense the NFL had never seen before to mask his deficiencies and then him throwing 4 picks in one playoff game, coming back to bite the Jets.
  9. Can you name a player who was the worst QB in the league without elite talent, and then got better talent, and became great. Both Gates and Tomlinson were around before Brees's breakout year. So, maybe, just maybe, Brees was a talented QB who got better while Sam Darnold, who yes, doesn't have great talent around him, sucks anyway. You know he was a turnover machine at USC too, right?
  10. I'm shooting it down because they've already had the same amount of starts, and Brees was already good, and because Sam Darnold is the worsts QB in the league, for starts over the past 3 years, something Brees never was. Bringing up Drew Brees is just a desperate attempt at optimism about the leagues worst QB, who shares very few, if any, attributes with him.
  11. I would just think if a number of big institutions refuse to adopt, it may stall. I don't know a ton about it, but seems like there are going to be some major players invested in not letting bitcoin become an easily proliferated currency. No idea. And, if I can get back in cheaply, I will. What the **** do I know? It's been good to me so far.
  12. If there's a meaningful dip, I'll get back in and hold. I do however, have some reservations about believing BTC will become a meaningful tradable commodity. Too many people with lots of money who didn't get in early enough will fight that, no?
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