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  1. Baker Mayfield is just like Jamal Adams, except that he matters.
  2. The Jets were trash last year. There's a good chance they're trash again this year. I acknowledge that. My point is that you, somehow, every single year, think that the Raiders aren't trash, when in reality, they've had one winning season since 2002. They likely remain trash, regardless of your 2019 list of names who can't be stopped.
  3. Considering we have the 3rd highest paid CB, the best safety in the NFL (possibly ever, but too soon to tell), and a VERY GOOD 2nd round safety, I'd say we have this pass defense thing covered.
  4. Did I make it in before apache posted his grainy photo of a 1 jets drive street sign?
  5. Seems I landed a direct hit, eh @jetsons?
  6. I’m not sure you’ve heard of it, but there’s this thing called ‘the internet’ where you can see titties for free, and the plots are equally compelling.
  7. Maybe audiences have grown bored of secret agent goes after bad guy, gets into trouble, escapes in the nick of time, thwarts plan that bad guy over-explained, gets the girl? Maybe they’re looking to inject some kind of life into a franchise that no longer resonates?
  8. TeddEY

    JN Run Club

    Don’t run at effort. Just get out there, and get your body acclimated to moving in poor conditions. It’s awful, but will undoubtedly make you stronger when things feel better.
  9. Title is pretty accurate when you consider that the thread is just largely incoherent whining based on laziness, all about a movie.
  10. Before this news, I didn’t care about the next James Bond movie. Now, I still don’t care about this new James Bond movie but will take some small pleasure in the fact that a bunch of sun-downing geriatrics are getting bitchy that James Bond, perhaps the most one dimensional character in cinema, actually remains a middle aged Brit, and only his position, 007, is being replaced by a female, black, millennial, but they’re too lazy to read an article to know that they’re actually upset by a fictionalized spy organization’s hiring decision subsequent to the retirement of a longstanding employee.

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