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  1. Are you really celebrating posterizing a guy who’s entire body of work is calling out fans who think losing consistently is... bad?
  2. The Cheeto Stains called Hackenberg “undraftable” whereas you called him a “franchise QB.”
  3. TeddEY

    Bell interview

    Ben likes being one of the guys in the locker room, too. The women’s locker room. Get it? Because Ben is a rapist.
  4. Posts have tapered off after those record breaking days, eh @Maxman?
  5. TeddEY

    Discussion on centers

    We have a strong history of having the “Best Center in the League.” Where has it gotten us? Let’s find an adequate center and invest resources elsewhere. Shame is the Jets can never find that middle ground.
  6. TeddEY

    The Giants rebuild

    In fairness to Gettleman, he’s got great draft capital and an elite running back, and that was after the competitive rebuild. He’s got another year before the REAL rebuild begins. Plus, how can we judge any of his moves as long as Ben MacAdoo/Pat Schmur are the coaches. Too soon to tell. Am I doing this right, guys?
  7. TeddEY

    Mike Maccagnan Appreciation Thread.

    It is good that, on a move that he probably shouldn't have made, for a player no one else wanted to pay, that he didn't bid against himself and pay Bell any more money. Then again, he paid CJ Mosley 85 million dollars to take a recent 1st round pick's job. So, maybe we can pretend he paid Bell more, and Mosley less.
  8. TeddEY

    Proposed Big Apple Draft Swap

    Sure, but only if you call it the Tim Apple draft swap.
  9. Don’t love it, but glad Macc didn’t bid against himself. Bell overplayed his hand here. Looks like pretty big mistake on his part. Still need an offensive line. At worst, should be entertaining to watch - unless of course he quits, which was my concern. But, not sure he got paid quitting money, so, we’ll see.
  10. TeddEY

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    And that worked out so well!
  11. TeddEY

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    If only CJ Mosely does the same, Macc may once again save himself from his own incompetence.
  12. TeddEY

    Barr Stays with Vikings

    I mean, if you’re a fan of necro-ing Pac posts.

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