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  1. With the long week, we get an extra day to enjoy what’s about to happen in this thread!
  2. You’re a Bills fan posting on a Jets website on a game the Bills aren’t playing. Your reality ain’t that rosy, I promise.
  3. Even if he didn’t, you still ought to mix it up.
  4. Running doesn’t mean giving up. You brought in the top FA back. Use him.
  5. You have Le’Veon Bell and a two score lead in the 4th. Run the ball.
  6. This sounds like a lot of Jets fans re: Mark Sanchez when he was being carried by a great team. #JustSayin
  7. Of course. But only needing to go 30-35 yards at the end of a game or even half is an enormous advantage.
  8. Agreed. If you get guys who routinely make those, it completely changes the game.

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