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  1. Would he have? I seem to remember a handful of TDs that ASJ did not score last year, that we probably could have said, "a random TE off the street would have caught that pass." Woody Johnson is listed as one of the 500 wealthiest people on the planet, as per Forbes. I'm struggling to buy this argument.
  2. When the job is available, the Jets will have Sam Darnold (I expect to remain a positive), a top 10 pick, and maybe the league most cap space. Lets discuss then who the "good" people are, if we want them, and if they turn that opportunity down. The Raiders gave Jon Gruden 100M. He has a Super Bowl under his belt. They are 0-3.
  3. ASJ was one of the bottom ranked TEs in the league last year. Johnson and Johnson is #45 on America's most profitable companies in 2018 and outperformed the S&P500 during the last two bear markets. Your data has flaws.
  4. There's a difference between spending money, and throwing it away. I applaud the team for not throwing money away, and signing bad contracts. These free agent signings barely ever work out, and there's simply no sense in giving out money because the money exists. So, it's not an oversight, it's me simply not wanting to make additional bad decisions. Hell, we paid Trumain Johnson, who a good football team, decided didn't want him anymore. There's no way that move pays off for the Jets. No chance. Also: This is all true. When the Jets have players worth paying, they pay them. When the Jets have players that kind of aren't worth paying, they still, often times pay them. What they're not doing, is paying players that aren't worth paying at all. This is an actual good thing.
  5. TeddEY

    KC — Prime example

    Maybe so. But, it's hard not to be impressed with Mahommes.
  6. Not only did you read it, you probably shaved your lower back in preparation to get it tattooed as tramp stamp.

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