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  1. TeddEY

    2018 Road Trips

    I'm similar. I like to know. But, I've gotten to the point where I know that seats will be available, and good ones at a great price, so I don't sweat it. Honestly, it becomes kind of a game to see just how well we can do. Typically, I sit in the lower deck, between the 35s, for about $120/seat. Why not do both? If you're already going to be in NY, you're paying for travel and lodging already. Your only additional cost will be tickets. You can ALWAYS find a good deal here on JN for tickets. So, if you're planning to spend the money to travel to to chicago, it's only an additional $200 or so to see two games.
  2. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    NE getting out on top 7-0 may have changed a few things. Great Jets win but doesn't change my original point.
  3. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    I mean, they still were. That doesn't mean they won every single game. And, thank you Alge Crumpler for that game. 2-5-NYJ 7(1:49) 12-T.Brady pass incomplete short middle to 82-A.Crumpler.
  4. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    This was always a big part of the issue. While Revis could take away the best WR pretty consistently at that time, the Pats (et. al) were just running out 5 pass catchers and throwing to someone else. That's why turning the ball over matters.
  5. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    Did you eat avacado toast, snowflake?
  6. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    I don't think anyone solely faults Revis for maximizing his earnings. The point is more that we ought not be expected to love him, as his maximizing his earnings negatively effected the team we root for. The other point is that Revis was phenomenal for a very short period of time, very good for a slightly longer period of time, and then fell of a cliff completely, where other "all time greats" played at a very high level for much longer.
  7. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    So, what you're implying is that if this were Canada, Revis would have been a Jet for life and Walter White never would have cooked meth?
  8. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    Yup. Were I a fan Revis's bank account, I'd be ecstatic. Sadly, I'm not. Also, is there another example of a guy who was as good as him falling off a cliff so quickly and so dramatically as he did?
  9. TeddEY

    Episode 5

    This episode was pretty boring. Have generally enjoyed it thus far though.
  10. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    Nor fans. Not that we're owed anything by him. But, it's also about the only retirement release that didn't do that either.
  11. TeddEY

    Revis officially retires

    Seriously. I can't think of another retirement release that was this self-important.
  12. 2020: You have to respect Macc for getting a 5th rounder for Jamal Adams. Love his heart and attitude, but he just wasn't worth the money we'll likely have to pay him. Wish him well in Tennessee.
  13. Yes, I like how the guy who doesn't throw the football to anyone, throws the football.
  14. I just like that Bills players are "who?" as if anyone who's not a Jets fan knows any of these corresponding Jets depth guys.