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  1. "Doesn't mind" is code for, "this will be gone in another year." Keep an eye on her pintrest.
  2. So, a woman doesn't currently live in this house, correct?
  3. So, we're all just going to ignore the innuendo of "pre-teen bean?" That's how we're going to play this?
  4. Can't believe they found the money for this guy - who's proven nothing by the way - but they refuse to pay JAMALPRO what he's worth!!!!
  5. The Rock was a champion wrestler and could never make the pros in football. Therefore, football is harder than wrestling.
  6. We haven't heard an actual "rip off" offer, so this is just a guess.
  7. Perhaps we're learning that market value isn't what Jets/Adams fans think it is. We've yet to hear a single rumor, even, of an offer since Jamal made his wishes public last week. Maybe teams just aren't that hungry for this player.
  8. I don't know what areas Gase excels at. I've only seen him up close coaching a near bottom of the league talent-wise Jets team. You've added a lot of conjecture and opinions into this narrative that you can't substantiate though. I don't know if Gase will be a good coach. I imagine he'll look like one if Joe Douglas does a good job and Sam Darnold gets better. I imagine he'll look like crap if both of those things don't happen. None of this changes the fact that Jamal Adams is a whiny bitch who's never actually won anything and who's claim to fame is based on 5 sacks on Daniel Jones and Dwayne Haskins.
  9. Could someone please speak to what they'd like Gase to do in this situation, being as specific as possible?
  10. I would start 10 players before paying Jamal Adams 20M per.

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