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  1. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Especially when you don't hit on draft picks.
  2. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Indeed, his best move was generally being in the right place at the right time and having the Giants make what we all believe is a mistake. The problem is, almost everything else he's done has been bad, and after 4 years, the team is still bad, and there's not a thing to support that young QB.
  3. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    He took a QB in the 2nd round who's never thrown, and will never throw, an NFL pass. How does that happen? Again, Kiper's big board does a better job than Macc.
  4. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    And out of 15 teams I looked at, not one did worse in this regard over the time Mac was drafting.
  5. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    What would a "bad job" look like?
  6. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    This take ignores that, while Mac may have had to hit big on every draft pick for us to contend, a point I disagree with, not only did he not do that, but he missed more than literally everyone else. No one was expecting perfection. However, we weren't expecting, nor should we tolerate, the NFL's worst performance in identifying non-blue chip talent.
  7. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    If you want to say the team he took over was terrible, that's fine. And, it's hard to find disagreement with that. However, after 4 years, how many points do you think the 2018 Jets would be favored over that team by? Would they even be favored? What exactly would our offensive line do with Wilkerson, Richardson, and Harrison at that point in their careers?
  8. Not seeing a trophy... pls advise.
  9. When you say "unspoken," do you mean that I've said this like a dozen times over the past few weeks?
  10. TeddEY

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Mike Maccaggnan has underperformed Mel Kiper's big board and is the worst GM during his tenure at finding talent. Prove me wrong.
  11. The NFL counts ties, whether or not you do. And, head to head games don't matter? Then, why do they play them? Seems like we could save all the trouble and just award the Super Bowl to whomever you think is the best, and designate the draft order based on what you think, too!
  12. I would call these situations totally analogous, yes.
  13. So, the Browns have more talent, a better record, and a head to head win against the Jets, but the Jets are better. Got it!
  14. There is not a team that's done a worse job of identifying talent over Mac's tenure than he has. Prove me wrong.
  15. How many times last season did you tell us that "at least we're not the Browns." How is that working out for you?

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