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  1. I'm a fan of whoever plays the Jets. I'm a winner.
  2. Has anyone actually taken the position that drafting Lawrence is the only thing this team needs to be competitive?
  3. Talent-wise, Darnold is not the #1 issue, and he's probably not top #3, as you say. However, when you aren't set at QB, QB is always the #1. So, I guess what I'm saying is, Darnold is the #1 issue, despite not being the #1 issue.
  4. Is this about the intentional penalty, or about coaching a team to be within one score with 3 minutes left? Because, the latter sounds nice too.
  5. You will watch as I torture an entire fanbase to cause you pain you thought you could never feel again. Then, when you have truly understood the depths of your failure, we will fulfill Woody Johnson’s destiny. We will destroy the Jets. And when it is done... when the Jets are ashes... then you have my permission to die.
  6. The narrative that Tannehill was hapless under Gase doesn’t hold up to even the laziest perusal of a box score.
  7. It’s almost as if it’s intelligent to continue to refine/adjust one’s opinion as new information becomes available.
  8. The Big Macc Paradox. GM who got literally every other draft pick wrong, definitely got this one right.
  9. Elaborate on “and such,” because in the final 8 games they played 5 of the bottom 6 defenses, and one of the non-bottom 6 was the Bills resting starters.
  10. In the same way we just needed to get rid of Herm. In the same way we just needed to get rid of Hackett. In the same way we just needed to get rid of Mangini. In the same way we just needed to get rid of Schotty. In the same way we just needed to get rid of Rex. In the same way we just needed to get rid of Bowles.
  11. Yes, the Bills have done a better job of building a team around Allen, and they also had a better team in place when the drafted him. I did not like Allen. At all. But the difference between these two young QB is clear. Allen has two skills that separate him, his arm and his legs. They make him a weapon in his own right. The Bills have a good team and maximize those two abilities. Darnold on the other hand, doesn’t have any skill that stands out. None. So, there’s nothing to maximize. And without that, he needs to have sound fundamentals, be smart, be accurate, and protect the football. Guess where he’s deficient? I’ve said it many times, Sam is Favre with an average arm, and Favre with an average arm isn’t an NFL QB. Sam Darnold easily could be better than Allen. But the reasons why he’s not are not simply Bills Good, Jets Bad.
  12. Unless this is coincidentally your last name, kindly step aside in discussions of NFL Quarterbacks.

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