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  1. When you saw @Mogglez‘s three day meltdown over JD not signing a RT, the family resemblance crystallized.
  2. Covid is nothing compared to what the Jets have inflicted on you. You got this. Rooting for you and your family.
  3. Jamal Adams now has more threads about how great he is than he did tackles in 2019.
  4. The reason to trade Jamal Adams is to build around Sam Darnold. I’d be much happier with Becton/Lamb than Becton/Adams right now, and I’m certain Sam Darnold agrees.
  5. Except... One of these QBs puts up top 5 stats, while the other puts up bottom 5. One of these QBs collects league MVP awards, while the other surely leads the league in excuses. One of these QB’s season would be a disappointment without making a deep playoff run. The other would be canonized if he goes 9-7 next year. To be clear, there is no window with Sam Darnold. Not yet, at least.
  6. I liked the part where it says the Ravens and Cowboys are in need of a "ball-hawking safety."
  7. That it's a bad move for the Ravens, but one that's specifically designed to exploit the likely, very small, window you have with Lamar Jackson before you decide what you want to do with him re: 2nd contract. So, at least there's a train of logic to follow.

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