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  1. Why? If you're using PEDs, you're cheating at football. If you're using cocaine, you're getting high. PEDs are obviously worse, in football terms.
  2. As he should. One has nothing to do with football. The other does.
  3. Perhaps it was a..... Symbolic Penis? cc: @Jetsfan80
  4. But whose penis was it? Thats the real story.
  5. You missed my birthday, and I will never forgive.
  6. If @LemonTree ever logs on, there’s going to be a lot of notifications to sort through.
  7. The Baker Mayfield thread is 36 pages long. The Antonio Brown thread is 4. And, the Antonio Brown story is actual, current NFL news.
  8. Saying we need better players is also saying the players we have aren't good enough. But, that's hardly the point... I'm not pretending that what Mayfield said isn't worse than what Jamal has said, but I'm also not pretending that it's the words, and not the jersey, that's the actual reason why what Mayfield says is bad and Adams says is good.
  9. can you imagine if this a$$ clown was our strong safety with one career interception and talked too much?
  10. Breaking News: Guy who’s been wrong about everything for a decade plus, proclaims, “This time it will be different!”
  11. What can we do about this, you guys?
  12. I don't believe the NFL measures it, but there's definitely ways to do so, and I imagine we could probably find meaningful correlations from it.
  13. This is Joe Douglas's master work. I don't know who we're tanking for, but you go out, play good football, lose anyway because you're never winning missing most of your kicks, and get a top pick!
  14. First off, the numbers you're calling good aren't actually all that good. They're still well within an SD of the mean. Also, bombing probably isn't the right way to think about this. They aren't scores. They're percentile ranks. Jamal may have jumped only one inch less than most safeties, but that could have been enough to put him in the 8th percentile. As for vertical jump, considering it's different than running, perhaps, and I know this might be crazy, but, perhaps, Jamal Adams does not jump very high. As for the 60-yard shuttle. I couldn't say with confidence, but I'd imagine the difference between the 20-yard shuttle and the 60-yard shuttle is that perhaps he's got a decent 1st step, but over time, isn't all that fast. Which, is sort of evidenced by his 40-time. Honestly, I wish I could compare his numbers to LBs, because, that's kind of what he actually is.
  15. Believe in whatever you want, as long as you can appreciate the absurdity of saying, everything is a conspiracy created to control people and everything I can’t personally verify is made up by powerful people, but god/religion... that’s totally a thing.
  16. I think we've reached the singularity here. Everything is a conspiracy, except god. That's definitely a real thing. Also, this thread is like being raped by the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  17. I couldn't care less about the cornerback position. I just want to kiss you.
  18. Great athlete? Not so sure. But, at the very least, he's got the arm length to give you fan boi's the reach-around.
  19. If I made 113M to do something that literally destroys the human body and brain, and managed to do so without my body and brain being destroyed, you can bet that 3 years later I'm going to press my luck for another 8Mish.
  20. The question isn't so much about is Dak worth 40M per year. It's is Dak worth 21% of your yearly allocation. I'm probably a no on that.

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