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  1. Yeah - Can we ask the question of, "Are we concerned about Zach being ready to be the day 1 starter" without it being twisted into a conversation about career projections?
  2. This is copyright infringement. Eerily similar to my I WAS TOLD NO ONE COULD THROW A COMPLETED PASS TO BRAXTON BERRIOS trademark.
  3. Team that went 2-14 the previous year ranks low in following years video game, film at 11.
  4. I’ve always pronounced it add-olf, not aide-off.
  5. I’m always open to an education… Would love to learn how making fun of his 6th grade level writing on Jet Nation dot com is translating to dollars?
  6. You're implying that I think I can independently control his employment with my clicks, which is so obviously not the point, nor the case. Weird hill, Jeremy.
  7. They monetize by me thinking he's worth reading. The tweets are advertisements for his articles. I read his tweets and want more, so I click on monetizeable content. His sub grade-school writing makes that unlikely for me.
  8. He gets paid to get attention that NYDN can monetize. His awful writing insures, from me at least, that he won't. I've yet to click a link, I haven't subscribed to anything, and I certainly won't based on his skillset.
  9. I mean, sure. I expect them not to be terribly good writers, but I also expect them to have basic mastery of the language.
  10. You guys are getting hung up on errand/errant and no one's gonna mention, "an actually pick."
  11. I kind of just went about living my life.
  12. Understand the need for a wake up. Must be exhausting being this big of a baby on the internet.
  13. Matching Jets green Apple Watch band? Dude doesn't even need the money!
  14. Can't wait to start worrying about his first incomplete pass.
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