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  2. Perfect. Now I can easily navigate to the only stuff I actually want to read anyway.
  3. The joewilly stuff continues at this point only because he responds to every single instance like it was the first time.
  4. That's Big Brother. Which, my wife still watches, so I guess I shouldn't be making fun of anyone.
  5. The real story is that it’s 2019 and someone still watches Survivor.
  6. I'm sorry for your experience in college, either to you or someone you care about. Truly. You've told me a bit more about yourself and I'm glad that despite whatever happened, you seem to have found a very happy and successful life post-college. Still, I imagine what happened was quite different than telling someone who calls themselves a "voice of reason" and then negative reps every post that disagrees with them, that their football opinion is not based in reason or reality, and using data to support it.
  7. Yes. "without setting his feet and delivering," yes.
  8. Darnold will get time. All of next year to be certain. I’m not even advocating giving up on him. I don’t think I’ve ever called him a ‘bust,’ though, it’s possible if motivated, someone could prove me wrong there. I simply argue the point, which ought not be so outlandish, that Darnold isn’t an obvious franchise QB if not for x,y,z. He’s an athletic kid with a lot of talent, but poor instincts, and who doesn’t have the mental aspects of QBing down. This actually explains why he’s better out of the pocket - less defenders to worry about, less decisions to make. And ultimately, for the sake of this thread, his floor is not a guy who’s worst years we’re significantly better than anything he’s done to date. I agree that there are other factors involved in why he’s not throwing lasers left and right, and I remember the throw you’re talking about well - even posted it was my favorite play of the game, because it’s an important weapon that you hadn’t seen from him. That said, it’s exceptionally rare that he makes that throw - enough so that we both remember it - so, it still seems like an outlier. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling his arm bad. I’m calling it an average NFL arm. Not strong enough to rifle the ball into a tight window without setting his feet and delivering, as he did in the aforementioned play. And the point I’m trying to make is that an average NFL arm is probably not be enough to compensate for a less deliberate, less cerebral style of play. I’ve said, Brett Favre without Brett Favre’s arm washes out of the league quickly.
  9. My offensive line isn't good, so let me throw the ball up in the air to no one. Indeed, I'm the one struggling to understand things. So, we're still going to push the Brady comparison? This seems like someone who understands football. Welcome Back, by the way, how long do you think you'll last this time?
  10. He’s also essentially tied for 1st in the league in INTs per throw, but no one was asking you anyway, nico.
  11. Sure, but that’s not the comparison that was made in the post I quoted. I’m not expecting Sam to have a very good statistical year under these circumstances, but I certainly expect him to do better than the copious inexplicably stupid decisions he makes. And frankly, under much more advantageous circumstances at USC. He undoubtedly turned the ball over too much. He doesn’t have Favre’s arm, or anything close, so he has to be much smarter. He’s not, and can’t be, a gunslinger.
  12. This ignores any contribution Darnold has to the pressure on him. Yes, the line is trash. Yes, it needs major upgrades. But, Darnold has yet to show he can quickly ID pressure and beat it with a quick strike. That’s something Brady has excelled at over the course of his career - His jersey is clean because he gets the ball out faster than anyone. Brady would look better with this offensive line for that reason, teams have to respect that he can deliver the ball quickly, and wouldn’t just be in attack mode.
  13. Something something Sam Darnold something drapes match curtains?
  15. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhh, sweeping generalizations.
  16. What, specifically, is there to discuss related to the notion that Sam Darnold is, at worst, Philip Rivers?
  17. Could have stopped here. We were specifically asked to look at River's early career. I did. Those were the results.
  18. In fairness, he's not comparing him to actual Philip Rivers. He's comparing him to a wildly off-base caricature of Philip Rivers.
  19. Floor: Christian Hackenberg Ceiling: Peyton Manning

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