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  1. Agreed, fully. But the issue is, he’s not really the type of guy you want to give a 2nd contract to. You want to have his replacement waiting. That said, I don’t think we can afford to let him go, and hopefully can craft a fair “2nd guy” deal.
  2. Ah, the old bad decision + bad decisions = good argument.
  3. Yeah, I wasn't sure how ECURB was involved in all of this.
  4. Plenty of "hybrids" fine. But, then perhaps we can look at this from the INT angle, if we want to see who's making a difference as a pass defender?
  5. Have you made the case that a guy with 2 picks in 3 years at a position that's one of the lowest paid in the league is worth 15M per year?
  6. 25% of the cap isn't what you think it is when consider Robby Anderson, Brian Poole, Jordan Jenkins, and Beachum, which still doesnt' fix the OLine.
  7. Cool. They all have different formulas to win, one thing they have in common is they all didn't break the bank for a SS.
  8. Because we suck isn't a strong argument for making fundamentally bad decisions.
  9. I don't expect Jamal Adams to single-handedly win games, but he also doesn't do the things that contribute to wins, outside of, incidentally, generating sacks, which, isn't really what you want him out there doing, because when he doesn't get home, like we saw in @Patriot Killa's thread, he leaves the whole defense vulnerable. I'll take my chances with Mack, Miller, or Watt over Adams in a heartbeat, and the thing is, so would you.
  10. Agreed. So, lets not allocate significant resources to a SS, who, as demonstrated above, the final 4 teams spend an average of a little over 6M on.
  11. The 49ers pay their SS 6.5M per The Packers pay their SS 9M per The Titans pay their SS 6M per The Chiefs pay their SS 4M per The most expensive SS in the league is employed by the team picking 2nd overall, at 14M per.
  12. 5-11, 4-12, 7-9. I'm pretty sure we can continue to lose without Jamal Adams. That your understanding of what makes a football team good is players who's name you recognize, doesn't really change that.
  13. But, what if I can make the payments. But, once I've done that, I can't say, get another quality car that has room for my children. Upgrade my apartment. Go on the vacations I want to go on. It's a percentage of resources. Jamal Adams' contribution to the Jets winning isn't worth the percentage of resources he will cost long term. We have actually seen that 1st hand, as three years of Jamal Adams hasn't produced a winning season. And, just because, today, we can technically afford to make a poor allocation of resources, doesn't mean we should.
  14. In your analogy, which comically misses the point, Jamal Adams is a Hummer H2.
  15. I could walk into a dealership and walk out with the keys to a Ferrari this afternoon. That I can doesn't mean I should.
  16. That is a lot of ******* words to say, "we have the money to pay Jamal Adams."
  17. Old millennial and I’d trade him for a 2 before signing him to 15M per.

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