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  1. There's only one poster on this website who can make Jet Nut the sympathetic figure in an argument...
  2. It's almost as if this isn't a real poll.
  3. If we hit Brady half as much as we hit Dak, half our defense will be ejected.
  4. I'm not sure this is the bellwether you think it is anymore.
  5. I’m old enough to remember a certain 2-Time AFC defensive bowling ball with butcher knives of the week cc: bitonti
  6. TeddEY

    JN Run Club

    Meh - Maybe. I think everyone who's interested knows this is a showcase, as you even allude to. And it's a phenomenal one at that, even with all the support. But, if he ever does it in an actual race, that will certainly dwarf this. He's only 1:40 away from that.
  7. It’s almost as if Francesca is smart and insightful when saying what we already believe and a dumb dumb Jets hater when he says what we don’t believe.
  8. There’s a middle ground between running every play and throwing every play.
  9. Pac’s always gonna Pac. Do we really need to wait on a unanimous decision to call this one?
  10. I've been firmly on the side of 'no coach could succeed under these circumstances,' but the irony of this victory lap, of course, is that not figuring out how work in the running game and better control the clock, up two scores in the 4th quarter, and allowing Dallas to come back, was not impressive coaching.
  11. It was a terrible decision, but today was literally the 1st time I thought he, at least, lived up to his draft position. The ship has long since sailed on it being the wrong pick over Mahommes/Watson.
  12. I hear ya, but today’s probably not the day to kill Adams. Dude was electric out there. Literally any other day though.
  13. Can we just hand game balls out one by one to the whole team, and then just stop before the offensive line.
  14. Jamal Adams played as well today as JN closes their eyes and pretends he’s plays every game.
  15. It’s almost as if not having Luke Falk as your QB changes things.
  16. With the long week, we get an extra day to enjoy what’s about to happen in this thread!
  17. You’re a Bills fan posting on a Jets website on a game the Bills aren’t playing. Your reality ain’t that rosy, I promise.

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