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  1. Running doesn’t mean giving up. You brought in the top FA back. Use him.
  2. You have Le’Veon Bell and a two score lead in the 4th. Run the ball.
  3. This sounds like a lot of Jets fans re: Mark Sanchez when he was being carried by a great team. #JustSayin
  4. Of course. But only needing to go 30-35 yards at the end of a game or even half is an enormous advantage.
  5. Agreed. If you get guys who routinely make those, it completely changes the game.
  6. Jeez. You’re always in the game if you have a kicker that can hit from 62.
  7. Please don’t.... We’ve already dealt with one STD.
  8. The was the ugliest most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!
  9. New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains (left) walks by Sam Darnold, (Right) who prepares to start his first game Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys after being out since week one with Mononucleosis, during Friday's practice session.
  10. Thought for sure the answer was score more points than they do.
  11. Classic example of conclusion first, then back-filling support.
  12. If the Jets are done with Leonard Williams, his underperformance, and don’t want to pay his outrageous salary, help us understand why the Bengals would?
  13. Very cool. Went like 4 years ago. Nick Mangold was a judge. I think Black Tap won that year. Great event. Talked about going a month ago and then kind of forgot. If anyone’s interested, it is unquestionably worth the price.
  14. Winovich now has a better career than Polite, Hackenberg, and Jamal Adams, combined.
  15. You're posting on a Jets message board, during a Patriots vs. Giants football game. I won't make fun of you anymore. This is just unbelievably sad at this point.
  16. So, you're not allowed to block Brady on INTs?

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