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  1. Where do you think they'd rank in the AP 25? Would they rank?
  2. How many points would you need to take the Jets next week?
  3. Did that OBJ TD remind anyone else of the time we drafted back to back safeties?
  4. How many points will the spread need to be for you to take the Jets next week?
  5. This is a Jets discussion forum. Not anyone’s real life. I’m not really hurt by it so much as I’m talking about the current state of the Jets, as impacted by the past. If we ignore all that’s happened prior, that’s led to this point, what’s left to discuss?
  6. They don’t have to be world beaters to be better than us. They were the last time we played and the team we are sending out there tonight isn’t better than last time.
  7. Because we're a dumb organization that does dumb things?
  8. Agreed, we won't lose because we don't have Mosely or Q. Williams. We'll lose because we're not a very good football team, and the Browns are better.
  9. Or, Gregory, they could place blame where you told us for half a decade we couldn't, on the fact that the guy building the team for all this time did a terrible job, and the 2019 Jets simply can't recover from 5 years of abysmal drafting and resource management.
  10. Our WR group is/was vastly overrated because despite not being very good, it's way down on the list of problems when you consider we have no pass rusher, no corners, and weaknesses all over the offensive line. It is, at best, our 4th most pressing need, and so, we tend to forget/pretend it's not a mediocre at best group.
  11. If only you could play a team that turns you over 4 times in a game and still manages to lose, and a team with a great running back and literally nothing else, every week.
  12. Why would you be a “new Jets fan?” What exactly is the appeal if a choice were involved?
  13. Eye roll, indeed. Who would wish for better players we could have easily had, when we can continue being a bottom 5 team for the better part of a decade.
  14. We could have Patrick Mahommes and Dalvin Cook but instead we have Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams and our pass defense isn't even good.
  15. As long as the best safety of everdom is still playing, how could we lose?
  16. Goddammit Gregory. How do you manage to always have an awful take on everything?

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