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  1. Said this many times. Wait till he's gone. The papers will run out of ink with quotes on this guy.
  2. Promising him they'd discuss it is not the same as writing him a check. Douglas: Hey, Jamal, I'd be happy to discuss a new contract with you. Jamal: Ok, great! JETS4LYFE. MOAR DAWGS. A few weeks later... Douglas: Hey Jamal, so we hold your rights for two more years, plus have the franchise tag. So, we're happy to offer you an extension, but anything we do has to keep that in mind. Jamal: I'll take 22M per year. Really, it's not about the money, it's about the respect. Douglas:
  3. Honestly, I'd just keep him on the bench for 2 years at this point. Or trade him to a city you know he'll be miserable in.
  4. Offensive line was 2nd worst in the league last year. While I believe they made improvements, there's nothing to support average until we see it on the field. We have a project LT slated to start, with no offseason. Not only is that not likely to go well, it's liable to be a disaster. The ceiling of this offensive line, is probably league average. I can't see how you can call the WR core "average" either... Is there a less inspiring 1-2 punch in this league than Breshard Perriman and Jamison Crowder? Mims, again, is a rookie with no offseason. He's not to be counted on this year. Lastly, I think it's hard to argue that in today's NFL, CB and EDGE are the two most important positions. These holes are significant. Lastly part two, this also ignores the purposefully ignored QB.
  5. Yes, lets all get riled up about the words of a guy who outwardly acknowledges he's trying to shoot his way out of town.
  6. Sort of funny as Jamal Adams is the "problem in the locker room."
  7. I'm not going to post the specifics, but his thoughts on more conservative thinking are out there, and not terribly flattering.
  8. Twenge is a good read too. I haven't gotten to iGen, but but her Generation Me was a very good read. Her work sort of distills down to the fact that it's more while pessimism is more likely to be accurate, it's also more likely to be depressing. Ultimately, people do tend to benefit from collective delusion.
  9. Very good book. Though, "former Democrat" may be a mischaracterization. He no longer works for the Democratic party, but that doesn't necessarily speak to his values. His take in this book is in no way a defense of conservatism, in fact, in many ways, it just assumes how problematic the view is, without venturing to further define that argument, and then presents the perspective that college campuses silencing that view is also problematic.
  10. So, you're suggesting quality is irrelevant and the perfect free market is actually just a fantasy?
  11. Nah, just the "very fine people" who were marching with torches chanting, "Jews will not replace us."
  12. Perfect. The free market will then open up opportunities for better made American products. That’s how free market worship works, right?
  13. Isn’t everyone to the left of Proud Boy, “far left” these days?
  14. Imagine not knowing that Owens vocation, for which she is well compensated, is to give people a defense for their racism, and thinking that she's a real thing instead.
  15. Things either happen, or they don't. The ability to legally prove them is an entirely different matter. The example is meant to be illustrative of that, but is actually irrelevant.
  16. Don't want to be a mood-killer, but this is actually a really sad, but illustrative, story of Bipolar I.
  17. A product of the 46th ranked education system thinks I'm ignorant. What will become of me?
  19. I'm not sure if you meant to leave out Angry, Biting, Volcano Otters, but I think it makes the list. https://www.sfgate.com/travel/article/California-lake-closed-after-angry-otter-bites-15380136.php
  20. Healthcare: 50th Education: 46th Economy: 48th Infrastructure: 45 Opportunity: 44 Fiscal Stability: 44 Crime: 26 Natural Environment: 11 Overall: 48 Fortunate, indeed.
  21. Prove it or it didn't happen? So, if I murdered someone, but left no evidence, it "didn't happen?" Is this an actual thing you believe, or are you conflating legal standards with reality?
  22. Tough spot here. On the one hand, I hate "cancel culture" and deny that anything short of a Klan rally is "racist," but on the other hand, I hate Woody Johnson. Tough spot indeed.

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