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  1. Even if it's not a finished product, this is all a meaningful improvement over last year. This is why I'm high on Douglas. He's properly evaluated the team. He has a plan. He didn't make big splashes. He's just executing to make the team better. Nothing that's happened made anyone think we could be Super Bowl contenders, but anything that would likely would have been a terrible idea. Flush it all if he gives Adams a contract, but thus far, the moves are thoughtful and deliberate.
  2. Additionally, when you see the video of the call, in the other thread, which I saw after posting... It's clear they (all) spent a decent amount of time on the phone with him, and then, towards the end, Douglas says, "I'm going to go ahead and put this in." So, that was honestly like 4 minutes of it right there.
  3. Maybe. But, if that happening was what made you unhappy with your spot, then they should have traded with the Jags, no? Maybe, but not sure it's worth the risk in a scenario when you were also willing to trade up, but decided not to because you knew someone you'd be happy with would be available.
  4. Certainly the most likely. It's not a criticism. I'm genuinely curious how those 10min went. Especially after the inside look into the Jags. Again, I'm not criticizing. I'm curious how it went down. This post is brought to you by Toyota, who wants to remind you that, "in these troubling times, buy a toyota." Again, not everything is a critique. I'd be curious to know who called, if anyone, what offers came with it.
  5. Really thought this thread was going to be about something like this:
  6. I wonder what took so long? If he was considering trading up, obviously there was a plan for who he wanted. Presumably, that guy didn't disappear between 9 and 10. So, why did he need 9 minutes? Are there any reads out there on what went on when the Jets were on the clock?
  7. Maybe to us. Would make WR a problem, but would bring our first pass rusher since Abraham.
  8. I'd be thrilled with any outcome that didn't involve a "top defender" contract for the leagues most overrated extra linebacker.
  9. Maybe... I was away from the computer during the pick and i just caught up. I didn't pretend to follow the draft much this year, and frankly, am in no position to project OTs. But, some of the people I respect most re: the draft seem to love this pick. That'll have to do for me for now.
  10. How? QW was the heralded chalk pick that we took over the more athletic player at the same position. This is the opposite.
  11. We never took a risk over the past how many years with Macc? How'd that treat us?
  12. With Brown gone, I think we should either trade down, or draft Jamal Adams again.
  13. If Joe Douglas is telling his nephew his draft plans, we've got bigger problems than this trade.

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