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  1. You may want to check out the "other sports" forum...
  2. If there's a better voice for thoughtful trades and strong resource management, I haven't heard it.
  3. I agree with all of those things. And the rest of us calling this team 'out of contention' this year do as well. However, keeping the kicker, drafting Ed Oliver (I don't believe a trade down was happening and there was no value in offense there, unfortunately), and not hiring Gase may make us 1-0 when spotted 4 turnovers. It doesn't make us a contender in 2019. And, I wasn't questioning your right to be critical of the product. That's not what I responded to. I responded to you commenting on Jets Fans "giving up on the season" at week 2.
  4. My line of thinking isn't that the draft is a science. My line of thinking is that trading for a player costs money, draft picks, and you get a guy who's older. So, yes, you may be more likely to succeed on a case by case basis, but that doesn't mean overall it's a good strategy. And the results across the league prove this. And, no, we are not a #1 CB away from a good defense. We're probably 3 CBs and an OLB away from a good defense. We're also about 4-5 guys away from a good offense, so, basically, we need resources.
  5. Even if any of this were a good idea, you do understand that the Jets would have to pay even more to acquire a player within the division, right?
  6. I understand that. However, if this were a 10-win team, the over would be an easy bet. And, the results would be lopsided. Vegas tries to get equal on both sides. And, the way to do that, is to make a line that's damn close to what public perception of the team is. If you think it's a 10-win team, you'd also take the over on 9.5. I'm now asking if you're willing to put down money on that?
  7. So, what is your solution? To trade away 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round picks right now?
  8. Ah, so Vegas is the one with bias, not Jets fans, related to the Jets. Does this extend to all teams/fans? Or just you? Like, is that raider guy also right about how dominant the raiders will be? Meanwhile, if this is a 10-win team, if healthy, what bet would you be willing to make at O/U 9.5? I'm interested in the under.
  9. If the league protected me like they do Brady, if my wife was worth 100M, I could get the team to pay my BS nutrition company, and I could sit in a holiday inn express and sign autographs for kids and slobs for 8 hours if I ever needed to make a million, I'd take the 20M. If I couldn't, I'd probably take the money. That's me though. I think Luck did the right thing, and I'd do the same. Get a huge contract, make 100M, and bail out before my body and brain gets wrecked.
  10. No, you don't do whatever it takes to fill them. That's not how consistently good franchises win. They win by drafting well.
  11. You get 7 draft picks per year. We can't afford to lose them now. I agree, bring in another kicker. I don't agree with trading anything. You could not find an unbiased source call this a 10-win team. Vegas sure didn't.
  12. There may be some truth to that. Unquestionably, the Pats are circumventing the cap by using his snake-oil nutrition company. But, between his wife's net worth, and the fact that Brady's earning's potential is greater anyway by winning, then by a few million more from the Pats, he's actually smart to do what he's doing, with or without the side payments.
  13. People are really going to bug the **** out when we have to play teams without a QB who'll spot us 4 turnovers.
  14. A winners mentality, in your view, is a guy who has 10/4 off-suit and goes all-in. You should really change your username.
  15. For what it's worth, I'd sign Carli Lloyd. Who cares at this point? At least it'd be fun to watch some of the boomers on here hang themselves.
  16. You spelled it wrong 4 or so times in this thread and multiple times before. Forgive me for thinking it might have been intentional. I have 0 evidence that Douglas is some "sort of draft wiz." But, why should that change the appropriate strategy? I had a lot of evidence that Macc was the NFL's worst drafting GM, and I didn't want him to trade away draft capital. Free agents are a different story, as you don't give up picks for them. That said, no, I wouldn't have signed CJ Mosely or Leveon Bell. Not just because we weren't competing for a championship this year, but because RBs and ILBs aren't positions to invest heavily in.
  17. Because I'm a delight. And, because I hope Sam Darnold is good, I'm even mildly optimistic he may be, but that's far from proven.
  18. Nothing you just said is rational. "This team is very close to having a roster to seriously compete for a playoff spot." 1) Evidence suggests you are wrong. Your feelings are the only counterpoint. 2) Seriously compete for a playoff spot isn't a mark of success. Mediocre teams often make the playoffs. "Douglas is getting paid big bucks to fill the roster before the season starts so we can win games" 1) Says who? You? Who said his mandate was to improve the team this year? The only evidence we have, that he was signed for 6 years, actually suggests otherwise. "With people like you" 1) My opinions have no bearing on what happens on the football field, where, we consistently lose. "a real GM can draft real football players" 1) Your horse was quantifiably worse than any other GM at drafting over a 5 year period. There is no counterpoint here. 2) Acting like drafting players who actually remain on the team/in the NFL isn't the best strategy is certainly not rational. "I don't like Gase. As a coach, or as a person." 1) Who cares about him as a person. That's irrelevant to his on the job performance. 2) This isn't about Gase. Gase won't succeed this year, just as Bowles couldn't succeed, because, the team is full of bad football players at important positions, and decent to good football players at positions that don't matter.
  19. And the way to do this is by mortgaging the future via trading away the ability to add young talent, with the hope that we can turn this 4 win season into a 7 win season? No. No more trading away resources for bandaids. Stop being the worst team in the league in the draft and we'll perform better. That's it. That's the whole strategy.
  20. Also, there's only one S in Douglas. What's wrong with you? Unless you're calling him an "ass," which is wildly clever.
  21. He's right. All we need is a #1 WR, a few offensive lineman, a pass rusher, two corners, a kicker, and hopefully not, but maybe, a quarterback. ALL TEAMS HAVE HOLES JETSFAN80. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, A PRO BOWLER AT EVERY POSITION. SMDH.
  22. You're such an irrational Macc homer. So, Douglas only gets a half of an offseason to right the league worst drafting that Macc gave us over half a decade?
  23. The problem, kevin, is that you didn't JetUp hard enough.
  24. Just wait until I pen this thread, come the week 8. "Hey Guys - So I guess maybe it wasn't Todd Bowles' fault after all!"

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