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  1. Whoever is #1 is taking Lawrence. Barring some weird sh*t going down. Why? We're not winning a Super Bowl this year. Hunger at the deadline likely produces a better return for us. They'll be good players to be had next year too. On his current deal, and the desire to earn no more than 10M per in an extension? Sure! Let him hold out. Do you care? Of course if he's given 16M per, that's the Hindenburg, but lets see Douglas seppuku his career for an overrated box safety before we assume it's done.
  2. I see a deadline trade making more sense for another team re: Adams. Maybe that's because we're only an hour or so away from the draft and it hasn't happened, but why not see how weeks 1-6 go, and if you feel like you're a safety away from contention, you try to get Adams on this year's contract for next years, hopefully later, draft pick, while this years #1 helps you get there. If you trade for him today, you're committing to extending him, and losing that additional asset.
  3. So, humor me here. I'm not sure a trade will happen, but lets say that Jones is planning on doing so. What would he say before it happens? Keeping in mind that tampering is a thing.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't take less than a 1 for him this offseason, betting I could get a better deal at the deadline, maybe. But, I wouldn't renegotiate with him either. I have no problem with the hold out. Next offseason, I might consider a two, depending on where in the 2nd, and what the team needs shape up to be. But, I'm pretty sure I could get a deal at the deadline this year.
  5. I think that's probably true. Personally, I'd be okay to take less, because in the end, I would not extend him, as I think it's a terrible value play. And, my feelings is better to get something than just let him walk.
  6. Unfortunately, I think it's the massive package of super valuable draft picks part. I sure as hell wouldn't trade a one for him and then pay him 15M+, as I wouldn't pay him that to keep him.
  7. Stans: Jamal Adams is so good he transcends the safety position he’s a game changer. Also, Stans: How can you expect Jamal Adams to make THIS defense better?
  8. I think, and voted Romo as ceiling. The Rodgers people are drunk. All of them.
  9. This is what so many fail to acknowledge. How many plays are made against our secondary when Jamal Adams is playing LB? It doesn't look like Jamal's fault because he's not near the play, but a traditional safety would have been. I'm not even sure the juice is worth the squeeze.
  10. I think he's sort of a good extra linebacker that occasionally drops into coverage, who makes his name on social media and on QBs who struggle to adjust to his "versatility." He's a fine player, a prolific phony and whiner, and while he may make the defense better, not at the level people around here act like he does, as evidenced by the fact that the defense still isn't very good despite him 'making it better' for 3 years, and he's absolutely not worth the resources you have to devote to him down the road, so you should get the most out of him you can, which is to say, via trade.
  11. Missed a few pages... for an update, we can’t be critical of Jamal Adam’s because Stans Wins Championships grandmother? Is that where we’re at?

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