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  1. I know this is an unpopular response on the internet, but, I don't know. I don't know if Darnold will play.
  2. I can see the Super Bowl winning FG already.
  3. 4 years of undergrad plus 4 years of medical school plus 4 or more years of residency and having to listen to morons disagree and say, "actually, I read on the internet that..." all day long, will do that to you.
  4. So, what you’re saying is they’ll both go right before we pick and we’ll take BAP on defense?
  5. How about both? A 2-3 pick trade down should be enough to land a 1st if a QB is available and still take one of those guys.
  6. Because it's hard to imagine anyone not on a feeding tube listening to daytime talk radio?
  7. Sure - I just don't think he needs to look Pro Bowl caliber at this point for us to skip a QB next year. The team is trash. If he looks like a Pro Bowl QB, we should erect statues. Now, obviously if he looks like trash, you gotta move on, but I think we've seen enough of Darnold at this point to suggest a high enough floor that it's worth trying to add talent. Especially, if you consider the fact that having a Tua available when we pick, probably nets us some extra picks, and we can finally, maybe, add some offensive players on this team.
  8. It'd be nice to have a GM who could out perform any one of us with an ESPN Insider log in.
  9. We've got a guy. Someone at least worth building a team around. I think you build around him next year, and if it blows up, at least you've got some pieces in place and maybe a shot at Trevor Lawrence.
  10. I mean, Jamal Adams over Patrick Mahomes is probably going to be the worst decision of the Mac era, unless Darnold turns into Brady or Manning. Because, Mahomes comes with an additional 1 and 3 2s.
  11. TeddEY

    JN Run Club

    That's impressive. Good luck.
  12. Better players. Worst pick.
  13. In my mind Thomas is gone when we pick, but I’d be between him and the best WR available. Assuming Enunwa is toast, our top WR is Crowder next year.
  14. There's probably like 4 people on this website that know where a spleen is, what it looks like, and what it does, so lets just call it the football.
  15. Darnold's still an *if* more than a when at this point for me. We'll see. That said, should be some good WR talent, and unless you have an elite edge rusher, I'm all-in on offense this year.

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