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  1. If I made 113M to do something that literally destroys the human body and brain, and managed to do so without my body and brain being destroyed, you can bet that 3 years later I'm going to press my luck for another 8Mish.
  2. The question isn't so much about is Dak worth 40M per year. It's is Dak worth 21% of your yearly allocation. I'm probably a no on that.
  3. Agreed that ticket prices are a problem and long term engagement will drop. However, do you think player salaries are the problem here? The NFL brings in about 7B in revenue per year from media deals - they could play the games in front of no one and it wouldn't really make much of a difference in their ability to pay the players.
  4. It’s a shame that on a website called JetNation, the username WayneChrebet80 will eventually be banned.
  5. Watch out DLJ, the sun-downers are coming for you. Led by jetsons!
  6. There is, I think, a mile wide gap between overreaction Monday, and saying, "the offensive line is struggling to hold it's ground in preseason and I think this may prove to be a problem going forward" and then, it proving to be a problem going forward.
  7. I just think it's too simplistic a view. There were seasons where the 1st team offense ran the ball into the line and couldn't get any push in the preseason, and drives stalled immediately. Here on JN, people expressed concern about this, and were told, preseason is meaningless, lets see what happens in the games. And, wouldn't you know it, we couldn't generate any push, and our offensive line got beat up badly, stalling the offense in general. Yes, there's "vanilla," but losing at the point of attack isn't about gameplan. It's about ability. And for many years, we haven't had the ability, and we saw that as early as preseason.
  8. Too funny. So, when exactly did you change your mind? The day he was fired? Like, if Macc were still the GM, he'd still be good? Why don't you just say, "I liked him when he was a Jet, but now that we have Joe Douglas, Joe Douglas is definitely better."
  9. So, the guy was busy doing something, you asked him to stop doing it to do something for your children, he said no, you were rude to him, and he responded back about being prideful in his team. Got it.
  10. I'm talking about 1st team vs. 1st team. Of course which backups excel against other backups isn't relevant.
  11. I actually don't agree that preseason is meaningless. Preseason results are generally meaningless. But, in the last decade, we've seen our offense be ineffective in preseason, and then surprise, they couldn't move the ball consistently in the regular season as well. I'd love to see an example of a team who's first string completely floundered in preseason and then was great in the regular season... Barring that, I think you can get a bit of a feel for what you're looking at.
  12. Jets Fans: Preseason is meaningless; you can’t take anything away from it. Also Jets Fans: ZOMGGG!!!! SAM DARNOLD!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT OPENING DRIVE BABY!!!
  13. Finally, someone with the courage to step up and tell the hard truths... That Macc, maybe didn’t do such a good job here.
  14. I watched the video and thought, there's no way this guy is still alive.
  15. That and now-a-days, it seems like most young families are two income. At least those of us dealing with cost of living in ny metro. So, without someone to run errands during the week, there's just a lot to do in two days. Prime Whole Foods delivery has been a life-changer, ha, but that's just one of many things.
  16. Frankly, I can't imagine a lot of Sundays where I'll be able to carve out 3.5 hours to sit in front of the television. So, not really sure how big a role this will play in their lives.
  17. This actually reminds me of a funny story. And by funny, I mean, not. In expectation of my daughter being born, I buy a green and white wool cap for her. Figuring, things are looking good and I’ll get to sit and watch a Jets playoff game when she’s a newborn. Great feeling for me... Great Instagram photos. The cap comes in the mail, it’s adorable. You probably already know where this is going... My daughter is born on Jan 7th, 2016, just four days after the we headed to Orchard Park to face Rex Ryan’s Buffalo Bills in our heavily favored win-and-in game.
  18. I’d like to think if it were 2002, his first words would be, “Noodle arm,” and he’d learn about how the Raiders exposed him in the playoffs. If he was too young then, at worst he’d learn to say, “Doug Brien is a scapegoat,” and then spit up enfamil on anyone who dared to say otherwise. 2009, he’d quickly understand that while dropped interceptions aren’t a true stat, they are predictive of future interceptions. He’d learn that the ‘09 team was Super Bowl caliber, and that the QB would have to get much better when the team couldn’t stay that strong. Ultimately, I’d bond with him over Mark Sanchez ruining one of his 1st Thanksgivings and he’d giggle to the word “buttfumble.”
  19. Surely true. That’s okay. I’m: Jets/Rangers Mets Kni- (jk) Knicks

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