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  1. Not sure who you're talking about, because I never give Klecko73isGod positive rep!
  2. My favorite threads are the ones where someone tells you that now, today, is the day it's okay to think something that most people have known for a long time.
  3. People are way to quick to anoint Darnold a "true franchise QB and savior" but from what we've already seen, it's safe to say he's better than what we've had. He may never reduce the turnover issues, but he's also dealing with a disaster of a roster on the offensive side of the ball, so there's little reason to think he won't at least be solid. And solid is a monumental improvement over the past. Also, this feels different than the other times the "best guys" fell to us. The Browns took their top QB, which QBASE agreed with. I'd have done it differently, but you can at least follow the logic. The Giants took the top playmaker in the draft with the hope that between him, eli, and odell, they could win in the short term. I'd also have done it differently, but you can again follow the logic. In the past, the Jets took low-value position guys that were considered to be top guys, but other teams passed because they don't play positions that matter as much.
  4. It was an okay move to go up to 3. It was luck that Darnold was available. No one, including Macc (as seen by video and various print reports) thought Darnold would be available.
  5. They were 11th in the AFC last year in Rush Defense. 11th of 16.
  6. Go back to the part where he tried to convince me the Jets were like the 8th ranked rush defense last year when they were actually 24th.
  7. I've said this for years. Essentially, have the Jets ever just lost? It seems to me that the two options are winning or coming out flat. Jets left some opportunities on the field on Sunday, but the Dolphins looked like the better team. That's just something we don't want to admit.
  8. You:JetNation::Joe Klecko:Hall of Fame
  9. I feel left out. "I wish you posted here only as long as Teddy Bridgewater was a Jet" I'm going to need a new username.
  10. Said this many times, but the meaningful difference between last years Browns and last years Jets is that the Browns played their Christian Hackenberg and the Jets kept their's on the bench.
  11. So, if every game is a 'must win' and last week we lost, what now?

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