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  1. https://www.nbcsports.com/video/zach-wilson-plagued-interceptions-jets-week-2-loss-patriots Never mind, this appears to be it.
  2. I hope this is true, but I'm really not sure we have any evidence to suggest this. Also, it's very possible that Zach's overaggression is cluelessness. Knowing vs. not knowing what to do with the football is actually a huge part of the job. Most of it, even.
  3. ZachEY

    RIP Savage69

    Going by the pictures BP has posted, you're drinking sh*tty beer tonight!
  4. ZachEY

    RIP Savage69

    Well stated, and agreed. Between the anonymity of the internet, and maybe just the make-up of this community, it's sometimes easy to forget that there are real people and real lives outside of Savage69, Jets Voice of Reason, ZachEY, etc. on Jet Nation Dot Com. I posted here through a tremendously difficult time in my own life about two years ago, but to this site I was just teddEY talking sh*t about Macc, Adams, and Darnold. This is a reminder of the lives behind the avatar. I believe his name was John. I hope John led a full and fulfilling life.
  5. ZachEY

    RIP Savage69

    Guy was an icon on these boards and an encyclopedia of football history. Sad news. Glad he got to see a Jets Super Bowl. Awful that he didn't get another one.
  6. I agree that they are "building correctly," but the truth is, so was Idzik. It's about execution at this point. And so far, as hopeful as I was, it's hard to say Douglas is executing. Round 1, pick 11: Mekhi Becton, OT, Louisville Round 2, pick 59: Denzel Mims, WR, Baylor Round 3, pick 68: Ashtyn Davis, S, California Round 3, pick 79: Jabari Zuniga, DE, Florida Round 4, pick 120: Lamical Perine, RB, Florida Round 4, pick 125: James Morgan, QB, Florida International Round 4, pick 129 (from Patriots via Ravens): Cameron Clark, OT, UNC Charlotte
  7. It’s more like year 10. Firing someone may reset the clock for the organization, but football hasn’t been fun for a decade - save maybe Fitzmagic Year 1. That’s what this is supposed to be, right? Fun? A hobby? Something we enjoy? So yeah, it’s not year one for my hobby not being fun at all. And thus far, there’s not much reason to think that will change.
  8. It’s not just competitive at this point. When was the last time this was fun? This is a a hobby. None of us get anything tangible from this. Problem is… It’s just not enjoyable. Hasn’t been for 10 years. A bit like social media. I want to quit - know I should quit - but just can’t escape.
  9. Absolutely we’re drafting a QB if this doesn’t change dramatically.
  10. Doesn’t matter who he or anyone wanted. Wilson is horrendous at the moment and shouldn’t be on the field. This is, in fact, a disaster.
  11. Is it encouraging that the two biggest issues may be Douglas’s two 1st round picks?
  12. Envious of those at the stadium today. Beautiful day. Heading to wife’s friend’s new home where I plan to not talk to anyone and sit and watch the game.
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