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  1. This was so obviously a recently banned poster. I'm guessing the Giants fan one that was WayneChrebet80 and a bunch of others at some point. Honestly, @Maxman ought to close out registrations for a while. It's not like anyone on this planet would join a Jets website right now with good intentions.
  2. Meh - Woody Johnson is worth like 4B whether he gets my couple hundred bucks or not. This is about my time and frankly, Jets sort of get Marie Kondo'd if we're being honest.
  3. Like I said to southpark, I've been doing this for a decade. The game is secondary. When I started doing these trips with my dad I was single and had darker and more hair. Now I'm married with two kids. We'll sit in a stadium for a few hours and complain about the Jets, but otherwise, just take the time to reflect on life, as we always do. We'll also share a cheat meal (both on statins) at St. Elmo's. I understand not spending the money on the team, but that's sort of the least of where the money is going. Any other recommendations while I'm there?
  4. I was at the titans game, and it was a ton of fun. I'll have fun at Indianapolis because it's a road trip with my father, and I believe the 11th year (last year was the the first miss, for obvious reasons), but if it weren't for that trip, I'd be out already. There just isn't anything fun about this team.
  5. So, next week I'm going to Indianapolis. In all likelihood, it'll be the last game I watch this season. Not gone forever, but the only thing interesting in this season could have been the development of Wilson. Sadly, he sucks and is (as predicted) so obviously not ready. Not quitting and will still follow, but no chance I can justify 3 hours on a Sunday to be made unhappy.
  6. Terrible team, on Halloween. Stadium will be empty.
  7. Yes, that’s the point I, and anyone else who responded to you, is making. Wow. Seriously, wow.
  8. I mean, yes. This all definitely happened. I only entered the discussion when the victim blaming happened.
  9. A good Shane joke is always funny, still, I don't want to make light of the fact that, so often, people make this accusation of women - they're just in it for the money, they have no integrity, because things go civil and/or there's a settlement. The fact is, it's a virtual certainty that these women don't have physical evidence of these crimes, and therefore, would lose in a court of law, and so they're rightly advised to seek whatever justice they can get. The problem, as in the post I quoted, is when people conflate "innocent" in the legal sense, to "innocent" in the 'didn't do it' sense.
  10. This is a good take, though I'm not sure Jones is "smarter" than Wilson. I do think he's more polished a QB, by a lot, right now. Zach wasn't ready. This was obvious. I was bashed repeatedly for suggesting it. But, he's not an NFL QB today. Maybe he will be one day. Maybe he won't be ever. But, today, he is not.
  11. I realize I'm late to this, but what would evidence that would withstand a criminal case look like? Do you expect the women to have video taped the interaction? Should they have jerked him off and kept a semen sample? Specifically, I'd like to know how this would go?
  12. Are people actually calling him a bust, as of today. I haven't actually seen that, and it didn't happen in this thread.
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