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  1. All's well here... hoping some of my friends like the new home. How're things?

  2. Eh. I could do better.

  3. Ha... Thanks. I just found this whole 'uppity bitch' epidemic rather amusing. Training camp needs to get here soon.

  4. Hey man, glad to see you here. You're one of my favorites. Hope you stick around.

  5. Hey man, good to see you here, hope you stick around.

  6. Hey man... Glad to see you here. Hope you stick around.

  7. How do you even have time to know about Dawkin's selfish gene?

  8. I dont know if you read your rep comments, so I wanted to mention it here... Nice response in the gholston thread.

  9. i know, but I think you also know I enjoy banging my head against walls.

  10. I've barely posted. Life is pulling me away from this place, unfortunately ;)

  11. MS Paint brings the thunder!

  12. My feeling is, there are some people that are going a little over the line right now... and with that, comes the the reaction that takes it too far in the other direction. It started with Jets Babe's new boobs and headed through Faucet and Jackson... The middle ground will surface again, as always.

  13. No big deal... I figured you'd know I was kidding right off the batt, and the whole thing would be nonsense.

  14. Once I had your approval, I had no choice... Right?

  15. Totally serious. Wanna get married?

  16. Welcome to the terrordome.

  17. When you mouse over a 'newsfeed' update, a button shows up that says 'Hide'. This is where you can hide annoying people from your Newsfeed. I've done it to a few. If you do it over a farmville, or similar post, it gives you the option to hide all farmille (et al.) updates. It's a lifesaver.

  18. You may thank me mor when you see my new thread... or not... ya know... Ha.

  19. ZachEY

    You wont leave alive.

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