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  1. Welp, thanks internets.

    I'm here too I suppose. A lot of posters that I respect jumped ship so here I am too.

    Anyone who can PM me whatever info they got on the full metal poster holocaust that happened over there I'd appreciate just so I can decide whether to be a multi-site user or a full-on emigrant.

    Sorry that those things happened to you, EY. To be honest I'm surprised. Ham was always very classy to me and even congratulated me on some personal issues, but what he said to you was inexcusable.

    Thanks, and welcome. Hope you'll stick around, and get posting on the football side of things, after the sting of this loss disappears.

  2. We should be able to run all over the Chiefs. Then again, we were able to run all over the Raiders and that didn't do us much good.

    Will we come out with another baffling game plan next week? Apparently the trend is to come out in a shotgun 5 WR set against a poor rushing defense. Great thinking Mangini and Schottenheimer.


    Yeah, we should be able to do a lot of things against the Chiefs, but we should have been able to do them against the Raiders too.

    I'm really at a loss, I mean, I know the gameplan was weak, but so was the execution, were there never WRs open? What was the deal there?

    I'm not confident in anything anymore, except that the Bills are probably going to smack the crap out of us, and Faneca is being highly overpaid.

  3. Speaking of which, what is this Vcash stuff? Can I use my $530 for two hours with one of SAR's lady friends? :P

    VCash is what I lost on the Jets.

    Basically, it's virtual money that you can use in the 'Nick Ferraro VBookie Forum', to bet on games.

    You get a buck for each post, and if you don't bet on the Jets, you can make more an more. Just fun stuff.

  4. I can vouch for that at least. It went down kinda fast and ugly. I had no idea about the back story though and what was happening in PM land. It really sucks man because you were a great poster there but I certainly understand your reasons for not wanting to be there anymore.

    Thanks. I left knowing I'd be leaving a lot of great posters behind, but Max was incredibly welcoming and cool to me... I knew my story there wasn't completely over, as evidenced by today, but I wasn't coming back if I was the only guy from JI to come this way.

    I'm very happy here, and hopefully most of the posters who've joined today will stay, and we can keep having a good time on this side of the Mason Dixon.

  5. That's what was so funny. It literally takes 10 seconds to change a users name. Sooth made it sound like they didn't have time to answer the hundreds of requests for user name changes.

    All you have to do is ask. Nicely.

    For $55, can I get other peoples usernames changed?

  6. had to come over as i was a ji member. missed a lot today but got caught up a little on what happened and saw some of my favorite posters came here. so i look forward to lurking here now. will contribute here and there. wanted to say hi to the ji converts and the glad to be here to the jets nation crew. :cheers:


    I don't know if you speak spanish, but I've said 'welcome' a lot today.

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  7. Is JN officially our new home?

    I've known there was something wrong with GJ&H for yeeeaarrs. I used to die laughing inside when people would list him as "one of the best," or "one of the most knowledgable posters on JI."

    Dude is an overreacting loon and has been long before this whole EY drama. But needless to say, that whole ordeal was *****ing AWESOME! LOL

    Holy crap!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you here.

    JN is my new home, and I hope you'll be around.

    As far as Ham goes, it is, what it is.

  8. TX unbanned = fuel to the JI fire

    Fuel to the JI fire = more controversy

    More controversy = more JI website hits

    More JI website hits = more $$ for Sooth


    Wayyyyyy too convenient to be a coincidence.

    Tx has been unbanned for a while. He chose not to return.

    I don't think he'll stay, he just had something to say in response to paulie, he said his peace, and I think he's done.

    I could be wrong.

  9. wow Kleck, that is really screwed up. I always liked Green Jets, he was a great poster. Where did this come from?

    And there was just a thread on JI that was for us to "get it out of our system" about what happened, but nobody would answer the question of what happened if you didn't already know....very weird stuff.

    In that particular thread, it was said that the post doesn't tell the whole story.

    Well, I'm an open book, and if there are any holes in your mind, feel free to ask and I will tell you the truth to the best of my ability.

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