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  1. Bottom line: Fans that leave early with the best part of the game still to come are not real fans as far as I am concerned. That includes a good portion of our current fan base and will be much the same, post PSL's. I would be freaking out if someone forced me to leave a game where the outcome is in doubt. These people must leave a good mystery movie just before finding out who the killer is.

    Not that I don't agree, but even when the Bengals were up 7-0, this game was never in doubt.

  2. agreed. still doesnt explain where he is on blitzes.

    As I said earlier in the thread.

    The safety blitz is a very risky play, one that leaves a team very vulnerable against the pass, ie a quick slant where the WR beats the corner and has nothing but sunshine ahead of him.

    When we blitzed him heavily, it was because we needed to take that risk, because he was our only option of generating pressure. Now, we can get pressure with our OLBs, which is what you're supposed to do in the 3-4, and there's no need to take a safety out of position 3 or 4 times a game.

    Less gimmicks means less #s for Rhodes, but a significant improvement for our defense, as is evidenced by the overall #s.

    -The defense rests-

  3. d. Uh, Jets? Don't go patting yourselves on the back too hard after that, ahem, uneven performance against the Bengals.[url=http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2008/writers/peter_king/10/12/week6/index.html]


    Lets form a lynch mob, Peter King doesn't think we should 'pat ourselves on the back too hard' after we beat an 0-5 team who was missing their best player at the most important position, a team that we should have beaten, and had some trouble putting the ball in the endzone, also threw two interceptions deep in their territory.

    This was a good win, and we did what we were supposed to, but he's right, all we know from this game is we didn't do what we as jets fans always fear we will do, play down to the opponents level.

  4. What a conundrum...

    When the PSLs hit, the real fans will be disenfranchised and the stadium will be 70% filled with 'fans' who don't make noise, who spend little time in their seats, and are not 'real fans'. But, right now, according to everyone, the 'real fans' don't show up to fill the stadium, who arrive midway through the 1st, who spend little time in their seats, and don't make enough noise. :confused:

  5. Me, 4Hcrew and 124 had this conversation after the game yesterday. What bothers me is that you go to bat for this guy and claim he got the raw end of the deal for two straight season with not making the probowl but again like last season off to a quiet start. You sit there and just wait for him to make a play, right now minus waving his hands in the air on third downs he has been a non factor, now on the other hand I am a HUGE Rhodes fan so I'm willing to say that he isn't be utilized now to his strengths and that falls in the lap of Mr. Bobby Sutton. Plain and simple he is farrrrrrrr from being overated he is filled with talent and a impact player for us we have seen this but 5 games in you just need to ask yourself where is he and when will he show up...

    After Troy Polamalu had his big year in 2004, he's never touched those numbers again. Why?

    Because teams scheme away from the better players on your team when they can.

    Kerry Rhodes will make his plays... Anyone killing him should answer this, if you're going to throw the ball down field, and you have the choice between throwing at Kerry Rhodes or Eric Smith, which direction are you calling the plays?

  6. list of biased statistics

    You forgot to add all of his stats when he played behind the bears offensive line, just 2 years ago.

    2006: 1200 yrds, 4.1 YPC, 6TDs, 1 FUM

    That's playing on a team with another 1st round RB.

    Unless he left his ability/heart in Chicago, our run blocking has something to do with it as well. And again, I'll repeat, I'm not exonerating Jones, just saying he's not horrendous like many Jets fans claim.

  7. Are you serious? Yesterday this guy had only 2TD's his last 20 games. When have you seen this guy "explode"?

    When did we ever see Curtis Marin "explode"? Some guys just aren't built that way. (Oh, and I'm not comparing the two players, just making a point)

    It's not like we see Leon Washington making his way through huge holes either. The point is that it's not all TJ, he's mediocre, but he's not exactly being given gaps like some of the other comparable backs in this league.

    If you want to blame our lack-luster running game all on him, go ahead, but that's ignoring the reality as no one else behind our line is making huge strides, including Leon, and while the sample size is small, Chatham didn't exactly do anything with his carries today.

  8. Thats exactly what makes it worse for Thomas Jones. He's not even that highly rated and yet he cant even live up to that. Some Jet fans will let this 3TD day fool them....but not I. He still only has 5TD his last 21 games as a Jet. While other RB's in the league are getting 10 to 20plus in a season. This dude had a good game today, but it in no way erases his start. Hopefully he'll capitalize on this. I really dont want to say that I doubt it but I really do. I used to be a believer but even outside of scoring, there has been so many situations where he could have came up big for the team on just this ONE PLAY to secure a victory or help run the clock but instead he cant do it.

    He's overrated.

    We could definitely upgrade the position, and we will, eventually. But, for now, he's what we've got, and our line has really yet to assert itself in the running game.

    Jones is average, but his pedestrian numbers (at best) are not all on him.

  9. I like our chances of stopping the run. I can't get over the dominance up front from our front 7 when it comes to run defense, it is so ****ing sweet to watch. Especially after all the years of watching Robertson get pushed around like 7 year old schoolgirl. Jenkins and Pace were absolutely brilliant signings.

    It's just as a Jet fan, I've never really rooted for a team that could stop the run, so this is all kind of new and different to me. Still not sure I believe it. :bag:

  10. What has Rhodes done wrong? That's the question you should be asking.

    Lets see, our running game is rated 3rd in the NFL, that means the guys upfront are getting the job done. Meaning, not a lot of opportunities for a safety to make big plays against the run.

    Meanwhile, no picks yet, but have teams been challenging him? Has he been out of position? Missed making big plays?

    Oh, and not getting sacks is fine by me. We don't blitz him nearly as much, because we can actually generate pressure now without a safety. Bad for Rhodes numbers, good for the Jets defense.

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  11. Well since we are talking about 401ks, my company just started one last year. So I didn't have that much to lose.

    I was broke before being broke was the cool thing to do.

    Is there a vBroker?

    I think I could index my vCash at huge discounts today and be a wealthy vMan in 2-3 years as the vDJIA rebounds.

  12. I don`t think corporations will be spending the big bucks on these seats. I also don`t think Giants fans are going to spending the $20,000 for each seat either. Not at this time in our history. Don`t forget, these "prime" seats will cost $700 each ticket for each game. Who in their right mind will spend the $20,000 PSL fee plus another $7,000 for the ticket? You also have to double the cost if someone purchases a pair. I doubt anyone will be going there by themselves. It`s going to be a minimum of $12,000 a year for the next 4 years if one does the finance plan. For that kind of money one can get a top of the line HDTV system and enjoy the games in the comfort of their own home, which will have a roof over it, air conditioning and heat when needed.

    Don`t think I`m not a fan of the Jets, but I sort of hope none of the seats sell at all and the games will be blacked out around here. I hope it happens to the Giants too. That would surely teach the greedy bastards not to mess with something that wasn`t broken. No one wanted this new stadium. I don`t know of any Giants fans or Jets fans who wanted this new stadium(I know all Jets fans wanted their own stadium). They should have simply invested in a dome to cover the old one and refurbish it some. This was all the Giants fault. There was NO TALK of a new Giants Stadium being built until Woody pursued the WSS. The Giants would have none of that and along with the Dolans and Silver(who I`m sure will get the best of the best seats from the Giants along with the Dolans)royally screwed the Jets and us fans. There was no way the Giants would ever let the Jets upstage them in any way.

    So I`m hoping this PSL fiasco for both teams falls through and they are forced to scrap the entire PSL deal and eat the loss themselves.

    I bet you the execs at ticketmaster have the same wishes as you. I'm sure they'll happily pay the PSLs and hold these tickets as long as possible.

    They could even hold them for 10 years, sell their tickets at a profit, then resell the season rights, w/ the original PSL, a reap a nice profit when the market is more stable.

  13. Among the 10 worst days in the S&P 500's history (1962-present), the market bounced back and resulted in RETURNS over the next 3 months AND over the next 3 years (SOURCE: https://401k.fidelity.com/static/dcl/shared/documents/MKTG_Volatility_Worst.pdf ). In 1987, when the market dropped by over 20 % on 9/19, the next 3 months yielded 11 % returns between that day and year's end.

    The stock market will bounce back, and people will be buying PSL's, possibly in droves. Just need to be patient.

    The market will indeed bounce back.

    But this is a timing issue.

    Many forecast that the market will not be back so quickly. Could be years until we're 'even', and by then, the new stadium will be in full swing. With or without you in it.

  14. but if all this team can do is beat the dregs, and can't beat a winning team, what will they do in the playoffs but break our hearts again ?

    the season starts when they beat a "legit" team

    You're right to an extent.

    But, you have to beat the teams on your schedule first. Let's not make ourselves crazy about the playoffs just yet. Even if the Bengals are a bad team, there's still a lot of improvement and strides this team can make in the game.

    You don't make apolgies for wins.

  15. Now we have absolutely no excuse to lose this game.

    Except the 'Same Old Jets' excuse. :bag:

    Seriously though, Mangini better have learned his lesson from the Patriots loss and not get complacent and just wait for Fitzpatrick to make a mistake... it still may not come.

    We need to assert ourselves on defense and force Fitzpatrick to beat us, something we didn't do with Matt Cassell... More than that, we can sit back on offense either, we still need to attack. The Bengals have a lot of weapons and if we try to sneak it out, we could end up losing at the end.

  16. Jets will have their work cut out for them.

    Would not surprise me in the least if the Bengals win.

    I'm horrified about this game. Downright scared.

    They're going to pass on us, without question... we should be able to stop the run and certainly move the football.

    What scares me most is that we're playing an 0-5 team. You do not want to play on 0-5 team.

    The bye week should help us though, it's a short sample size, but Mangini's never lost after a bye. ;)

  17. Hello GJ&H,

    the internet name dropping is most impressive. But, for now, we need to focus on your deep seeded personal issues, this thread shall be the beginning of your moral rebirth.

    Now GJ&H, immorality is not a trait we are born with, such as homosexuality. Immorality is learned. Immorality can begin in the home, with an abusive or neglectful father, a whore mother, or even a small pecker. Do any of these apply to you? That is a rhetorical question, please do not answer in this thread.

    The causes are not what is important here. The cure is what we are looking for.

    I will show you the way to higher ground. The bitterness will cease.

    Warm Regards,

    Mister Morals

    I'm going to have to nominate this for POTW. :)

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