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  1. Well, the 3rd-and-1 deep pass to a double-covered Cotchery with SEVEN offensive lineman on the line of scrimmage was one that stood out... I'm curious how many other times they passed when Turner was on the field.

    Yeah, I mentioned that one in the OP, none other stand out in my memory. If it's a 50/50, or even a 70/30 Run/Pass breakdown, then my concept and memory is flawed. But I'll trust my memory unless someone actually has those breakdowns to debunk it.

  2. Here is your answer to the #75 being eligible EY:

    Bubba Franks was deactived and Chris Baker could not go with an injury after trying to go in pregame warmups. Therefore the Jets had no blocking TE as Dustin Keller was their only active real TE (James Dearth is nothing but a LS) so they used #75, Robert Turner, as their blocking TE. He is supposedly the 4th TE on the depth chart.

    I'm not asking why he was eligible... I get that. I'm asking why, every time he was eligible, we ran the ball. IE, telegraphing everything.

  3. OK, let me help catch you up.

    The whole post had nothing to do with chad. We all love brett, INTERCEPTION machine and all, but if you've been here since day one, everytime chad has a nice statline and someone mentions it(which, by the way is perfectly legitimate football/JET talk, considering the circumstances) a million excuses come as to why he did it, rather than, he had a good game.

    Somewhere that was lost in translation 80 posts later, ever play telephone.

    everyone here loves Favre. We also,however upgraded Miami, no big deal, but worth a mention.

    This thread was not made because it's 'worth a mention'. The title would have been something along the lines of, 'Chad has solid day for Miami' if it were. Instead, the thread was made antagonistically, hence it's title, which kind of blows your explanation about being 'worth a mention' out of the water.

    Also, I was going to address your above post, but I'll just do it here.

    For his career, the 'interception machine' only throws a pick 0.6 percent more than the guy who you claim 'doesn't turn the ball over'.

    The stats that back that up are:

    CP: 2121 attempts, 58 INTs

    BF: 8993 attempts, 299 INTs

    Now, Favre throws a TD (457) 5.1% of those passes, Chad (89) only 4.2%.

    Let's look at the splits. TD/INT Ratio... I bet you didn't know that they're both 1.53:1. If you look at the actual number, Chad has a slight advantage in the thousandths decimal place.

    Now, what's funny is that the guy who's known as the 'interception machine', the gunslinger, the mistake prone guy, is throwing TDs to INTs at the identical ratio as the guy who's known as 'mistake free', 'doesn't turn the ball over'. There's a level of dissonance here, no?

  4. "A flatbed truck was brought in to tow his custom-made bed decorated with a canopy, flowers and gold-trimmed bows to the wedding at a local event hall. Two police patrol cars escorted him ahead of a long line of traffic."

    :rl: Was that part really necessary? A flatbed truck? Wouldn't it have worked to just say the bed had to be towed? "Mr. Uribe was transported to the ceremony via a livestock trailer."

    I customized 'lazy-susan' was built at the reception hall to aid in the first dance as husband and wife.

  5. Use running plays and short, quick routes (ie. slants) to setup going deep using play-action. It's something that has worked for the QB's 15+ year HOF career.

    The talent is there. The gameplan is not.

    Was thinking the same thing as far as the quick slants go. They've worked well this year in the few times we've used them.

    I don't get it, it seems so counter intuitive that things that work well for us, never seem to be built upon, and that which doesn't work, is recycled constantly.

  6. After yesterday's unprepared, unmotivated near-debacle, it's painfully obvious.

    I wouldn't want Edwards back in a million years. Hell not even in a billion years. But yesterday was a pathetic display of game planning, game preparation, and game execution by this coaching staff.

    I'm holding this coaching staff personally responsible for this soon to be 8-8 season unfolding before us.

    I hope Eric Mangini woke up this morning and was sitting on his throne, taking a morning deuce, and realizing he basically got out coached by Herm Edwards and nearly got beat by a 3rd string QB from Coastal Carolina.



    The irony is, of course, that the only reason we won this game is because of the player we drafted with the Herm Edwards compensation pick.

  7. I'm sure the following is wrong, I mean, it just has to be, right?

    It looks (sounds?) to me like EM and BS are just spitting in the face of conventional wisdom for the sake of saying 'you can't tell us what to do, we'll call the game however we want'.

    I mean, it seems so obvious what should be done, and then it isn't. Worst run defense in the league... let's spread it out, 5 WR sets, empty backfields... not so much as a draw, a playaction to be found...

    It's almost like they're saying F-U to everyone.

  8. Never in my life did I think I would witness a game-winning drive by Brett Favre playing for the Jets... then that huge defensive stop! However many thousand people breathing a collective sigh of relief all in unison!

    Yes, this team's got problems. No, the defense doesn't attack. No, the offense isn't clicking and Brett is making mistakes on routine plays. Yes, the coaching staff's inexperience is becoming more and more of a liability... BUT yesterday, yesterday wasn't about all those things.

    A win is a win. Yesterday was about the single game experience, taking it all in. The drive, the tailgating, meeting Mark Gastineau, participating in my first "J-E-T-S!" chant where I am not on the sofa by myself... the whole experience. NOT the doom-and-gloom of what barely winning this game against KC's 3rd string QB and 2nd string RB means going forward.

    I got to see Namath and Maynard, and all the surviving members of the SuperBowl III team. I met Mark Gastineau in the parking lot. He over-heard me telling my girlfriend (from Lafayette, IN) that Mark Gastineau is number 99, the old jersey her father (who was born and raised in Lafayette, and just happened to like the Sack Exchange when he was younger) gave me the first time I met her family. When Gastineau heard that he stopped in his tracks, because we had just asked to get our picture taken with him and were walking away, but then he wanted to know the whole story, so we talked for a while and then signed the back of my shirt shoulder-to-shoulder... Then he talked on the phone with my brother's girlfriend's brother... He just sorta hung out with us for a while, it was really cool.

    I was seated 11 rows back from the endzone. I am trying to find a way to see if the game will be replayed, because we most certainly have a shot of being on TV. Easily the best seats I have ever had to any sporting event. I had an aisle seat, and on every defensive stand I stepped into the aisle turned to look back at the 2 sections I was between and went crazy trying to start and keep the "D-FENCE!!!" chants going. It was pretty much amazing.

    I've got pictures, I've got a signed shirt and tickets and some other things to frame. For a Jets fan, it was a nearly perfect day.

    I'll spend most of today trying to get my voice back - and erasing the mental images scarred into my mind from the port-a-pots!

    Glad you had a great experience!

    Unfortunately, for those of us who've been to a bunch of games this year: @Miami, NE, ARI, & KC... this game was agony. :Nuts:

  9. For me it's the overall feel of this team to me. You can tell me if I'm wrong here but I posted this in another thread and feel it's the best way to illustrate how I feel about this team.

    We are the little nerd who gets slapped around by everyone and we never fight back on either side of the ball. On offense we seem entirely predictable and we never impose our will on any defense, you start on the ground and we have yet to really do that. On defense when we start getting carved up it seems everyone gets tense and we go into a shell. No matter how bad a team is, they seem to have no problems bullying us up and down the field. That's what bothers me.

    In short, you're saying this team has no heart.

    I'll reserve judgment for another week on that.

  10. I honestly didn't expect this from you, just because your a much more intelligent poster than a lot of people here.

    We win next week, and we'll be right back in it. Yes we barely beat the worst team in the league but I don't give a ****, last time I checked a win is a win.

    In my opinion, the Bills got better but they are getting rated to high.

    Grand scheme of things, with either a win or a loss, we can still be a playoff team.

    I think people are more upset with quality of play than with the record right now. If we managed to win in OT against the Raiders, I'll still be very weary at 5-2, as we still would have looked bad in back to back weeks.

    A more cohesive unit needs to show up in Buffalo, a team that makes less mistakes, and can be more efficient. Without those things, we will lose... And even if we manage to win, without those things, long term, it's still not good.

  11. You're not one of those JI people that start a thread about how to approach you girl, or how a girl broke your heart, or how to be more than friends with a girl, are you? Those threads are brutal and further proof that people are :confused0058: Never understood asking your fake internet freinds for advice on a real personal matter.

    That said, here's my two cents:

    You sound like a coward. Just what the world needs....another one. Tell her you do not want to see her anymore and be done with it. Don't worry about looking like a d*ck. You're going to anyway...and much like your internet friendships ....it won't mater.

    Nope. Never started a thread of the sort. Just some BS in threads like this.

    And, I should add, I don't really listen to the responses I get, I just enjoy reading them.

  12. I think the majority of this board would goo in their tighty whities if they had our coaching staff.

    Oh would you guys shut up already.

    You're staff looks solid, you've achieved a modicum of success, but you're sitting on this board acting like you've really accomplished anything as opposed to being 'better than last year'...

    I'm sorry, but I think it's time for a reality check. Your a decent team, who's winning some low scoring games with a gimmicky offense that may or may not work forever.

  13. now that i've seen the interception machine that is brett favre, nobody turns the ball over. lol the whole team sucked last year because our defense was pathetic.

    and still, i take favre and his 40 game tying/winning drives anyday, i'm just saying, we have seen the ultimate in interceptions.

    ask Suggs and the entire league.

    The difference is, and it's been a bit excessive this year, and Favre is at the end of his rope, if not beyond, but you can get away with throwing more picks when you make up for it with TDs.

    Chad rarely makes up for his mistakes and he needs to be perfect. When was the last time you saw a Chad Pennington led team win where he didn't have a near flawless game? I've seen many from Brett Favre over the years.

  14. there are posters on this board who are suicidal when they see chad throw up a line like yesterday, especially when our guy threw 3 picks(yes he added a game winning drive, great! not the f&^kin point.)

    let penny have his games. HE DOESN'T SUCK! NEVER DID! these are the people who need to let penny go, the one's making an excuse for every good game he has this year. the wildcat, ricky,ronnie, th playcalling....the dinks and dunks, whatever, he was a SIGNIFICANT dolphin upgrade,. we got the better,except ours comes with 30 int's a year.

    Again, I'm new here...

    But all I see is your thread on Chad. Not a bunch of people ready to jump...

    He had a solid game, where he threw for a bunch of yards and 1 TD. I fail to see how this is relevant to anything, and as I said, fail to see anyone getting worked up over this but you.

    As far as the wildcat, you cannot discuss the Miami offense without discussing it. Considering in prior games (I didn't see a second of yesterday's game because I was at the Jet game) a large portion of the Jets offense came with Pennington at WR. Those plays are not a success because of Chad, they're a success because of Ronnie Brown, nothing more, nothing less. Was it Brett Favre who propelled Leon Washington on his 60 yard TD, or should we be considering ourselves fortunate we have Washington who made that play and Favre just handed him the ball.

  15. The answer to this is as follows.

    Baker injured a hip before the game, and as result the Jets needed a body to fill the gap.

    But, Bubba Franks was inactive today, and Keller, I'm not sure, but the CS probably has little faith in his blocking ability or playbook knowledge in the set.

    So in essence, their last minute adjustment was to stick another Tackle in there.

    Enter Robert Turner, specifically game-planned into week 8 as Chris Baker in lieu of a real TE. Note, that the CS chose overtly not to have receiving option in there, eg Keller.

    So, I don't think this is indicative of the CS using generic sets from game to game in the offense as a whole (although they do do this), but it was definitely an indication of the CS's tendencies in decision making. It was an obvious tell. I don't see how you don't use Keller there at ALL.

    There was simply no back-up plan in place for the "regular TE" today!!!!!!!

    Not that this doesn't make a lot of sense.

    But can we not run out of a formation that doesn't include a TE, or fake TE?

    Or pass out of one that isn't a shotgun, empty backfield?

  16. If you want to cut ties with a girl, who you were never officially 'dating' (as evidenced by my post a few pages back), but had been hanging out with for a while, is there any good way to do this without having 'the talk'. I kind of want to let this fade into obscurity without so much as a word from me.

    However, much like Terry Schavio (too soon?) she just wont take a hint, and keeps on dragging this out.

    If it's not official, do I really need a break-up speech/explanation?

  17. Holy sh#t. You mean to tell me I can predict 99% of the time if the Jets are going to run or pass is NOT because I can read minds???

    Excellent post. We are the joke of the NFL. Thank GOD we have a pretty fair amount of talent or we would be winless.

    Unfortunately, your telepathy is based more on Brian Shottenheimer and Eric Mangini rather than any sixth sense.

    Your future as a telephone psychic looks bleak. Very bleak.

  18. RB Danny Ware is inactive for today's game against the Steelers


    I'm going to skip the obvious question, 'why would any of us care?', and jump to the 2nd one of, 'why would you post this after the game was already over?'

  19. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say if you watch the game over again, you'll see more than 3 formations ;), and you have to also factor in personnel packages

    as far as predictability goes, everyone was predicting the jets to pound jones, and they came out passing with favre

    my problem with shotty is he seems to never attack a weakness like the NFL's worst run defense

    I commend him for trying to pass to get a lead, but when he had a lead, he still kept passing

    I am sure I would. And I thought I alluded to that in my original post. The point was, there were 3 that were used primarily, and when used, there was almost no variation in the simplest form of run/pass.

    I'm not talking about pregame predictions at all. I'm talking about lining up in a formation that screams run, and running. Then, lining up in a formation that screams pass, and passing. The overall philosophy is not as important because they have all game to adjust to it.

    And again, I'm not even saying we passed too much (though I believe we did), I'm saying it was painfully obvious when we were going to pass, and painfully obvious when we were going to run.

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