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  1. **** 450$ jackets, plane tickets to FL are cheaper then that.

    My friend was doing promotions for Bombay Saphire where they teamed with a designer (don't remember who)... but I went to the event and tried on a $2,300 coat. It was awesome. But, global warming and all, I really couldn't justify that.

  2. These 300$ jeans, do they come with fleshlights in the crotch?

    jackets are the only thing I would spend that kind of money on. I really wanted this $450 one I saw today, but couldn't justify that much money.

  3. EY cares. If he sees you on the street wearing your inferior threads he will mock you out loud. :lol:

    I never, for the life of me, will understand when/how dressing well became something to be embarrassed by.

  4. Isn't this a little contradictory? It's cheap because it's last year's merchandise, but it's all crap? It's crap at Kohl's, but it wasn't crap at Macy's last season?

    Not everything is last years merchandise. And that stuff is the better stuff they carry. But it's often the lower end cuts of those lines as well. Companies like Dockers make way to much volume so you'll find things there...

    You're not, however, going to find anything new or any of the higher end quality merchandise the manufacturers cut.

    I'm not saying that everything there is crap, but if you were really shopping for quality, Kohls isn't the place to look.

  5. If your a suit and tie kinda person - which I am not than I would not shop there - but I wear polo shirts with jeans or slacks at work so Kohls is up my alley - also I am incredibly cheap when it comes to buying clothes -- unfortunatly my wife isnt

    Well, that's it. If you're cheap when it comes to clothes, it's fine. But there is absolutely a difference between the 'Polo' shirts you're buying at Kohls and the actual shirts made by Polo that I get. The quality is completely different and so is the material.

  6. They are sold stuff at basement prices because it's last years merchandise, and excess stuff that wasn't sold to the department stores.

    Also, you can find some quality stuff there, but the majority of it is crap.

    There is an unnecessary extreme in menswear, but on the average consumer level, you absolutely get what you pay for.

    And to answer the original question, they stay in business because today's consumer is not nearly as concerned with price as they are with sales. In fact, most people get off on the idea that they are saving something. Kohls, like many others, take advantage of this by listing something for a price they never intend to sell it for, and giving you the illusion that you're saving 50%, when in reality, you're paying exactly what they'd initially intended.

  7. Ben is also equipped with Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes and Heath Miller.

    Remind me who Flacco's top 3 targets are again.

    And yes, rookies will have bad games as Flacco as had, but he is better than Roethlisberger. Stats do not tell the entire story and I really hate people who believe that they do. I really hope you arn't one of those people EY as I thought you joining JN was a good thing.

    I don't think stats tell the whole story at all.

    I do however, think that saying a rookie who has been ok at best in 8 games is better than a guy who has a Super Bowl under his belt, also, that has great career numbers, and perhaps most telling, only one bad(losing?) season, which came after he nearly died shortly before the season began.... I believe that saying that is 'a bit premature' at best, and laughably wrong at worst.

  8. anybody? bueller?

    I may be wrong, and I work in TV and haven't done math since Senior Year of HS, (2002), but I think about half of your info is there to throw you off.

    I would think that flexible budget is 105 per unit, and you produced 74 units. Therefore, the answer to flexible budget for 74 units would be 74*105, or 7770... C.

    From a logic standpoint, I also like the answer because there's one, 15,770, which is 74*105+8,000. But, the 8K is 'fixed per month', and that is not what your question is asking, but clearly in the answer choice to throw you off the trail.

    Again, could be wrong, and no math in 6 years, but it makes sense to me.

    EDIT TO ADD: I fully expect Aten to make me look foolish within a few minutes here. But hey, JB, at least then you'd have your answer.

  9. Flacco > Roethlisberger, and it isn't even close.

    My $ is on the Ravens since the Steelers have a tougher schedule. Their rematch in Baltimore will be huge.

    You're hatred of Big Ben is absurd at this point. Flacco is better? Ben has 2x as many touchdowns at this point, and a positive TD/INT ratio, as opposed to Flacco's negative one.

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